Veteran converts to Islam, then commits HORRIFIC crime

While concern grows about the potential for foreign terrorists carrying out attacks here in the U.S., homegrown terrorism continues to be a problem. Attacks like those at the Pulse nightclub prove that the threat of terrorism comes in many different shapes and sizes. Although making sure we prevent foreign terrorists from entering the country is vital, the fight against domestic terrorism is equally important.

One of the greatest challenges in defeating homegrown terrorism is it’s difficult to predict who might be radicalized. Typically, when we think of our military veterans, we think of people that protect the people of the United States. But for one Army veteran, the opposite was true. Instead of seeking to protect the people, he was arrested in connection with a disturbing plot.

Robert Hester’s time in the Army was short and tumultuous. He joined in 2012 and faced one disciplinary issue after another, court documents say. By 2013, after a general discharge, he was back home in Missouri, well below the government’s radar.

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  • Old goat

    Juice him now!

  • Alan404

    Sounds.ike “religion” had little if anything to do with circumstances here, though no doubt some would have it otherwise.

  • He was tainted before he was in the service…One sick puppy !

  • shamu9

    Another Gay-Boy, by the Look of him!

    • Debbie D

      Moslems use women for procreation and boys for recreation

  • ConservativeMe

    NOT a “homegrown terrorist” or so called “copycat” … THIS IS SIMPLY ISLAM

  • Stan Joy

    It’s one thing to allow everybody to have their own believes and faith, with the the exception, that if there is ANY faith that advocates ill will or the overthrow of our government, then they must be either interned or expelled from our country. What really concerns me also is that this young man converting to Islam, why?? We are in a huge amount of trouble, there is a lot that Trump can do and is doing, but he can’t do it all. Folks, I don’t understand, is it because our school systems have become so liberal that they don’t want to teach their students that actually this country, that they are a part of, has been and is perhaps the greatest country the world has EVER seen?? Statistic’s just came out that we allow more foreigners to move to our country than all the countries combined, we are the most giving, caring, and so many other good things that we do and have done. To my knowledge, they don’t teach that in school anymore, why?? If they do, they certainly have no problem telling students(especially in college) how bad our country is. If we want to bring our country back, all that I have mentioned here has to be addressed. Tghanks a lot and God Bless you all.

    • James Harris

      The # 1 terrorist group in the USA is COMMUNISM why is every one afraid to face this?

      • vanessa drazich

        Do you even know what communism is?

        • Edward Perkins

          Vanessa, are you able to read peoples minds?

        • Debbie D

          Go back to the Huffpo

        • Jim

          Bet you don’t. Typical leftist blowhard..

      • sargentrage

        1 terrorist group in the USA are liberals

    • vanessa drazich

      You are so right

    • Ana Calderon

      Bagan at hippie era!! Began by stopping prayer out from School!! Continued with ireverant to God and turning to other Gods! To being your own God and FAKE $$loving Pastors!!

      IF YOU WERE BORN IN A WRONG BODY … problems are real… but
      Others … pervert for curiosity.. without needs for it !!!

      OUR VALUES, which are based on FREEDOM TO WORSHIP THE true GOD!! And to live free from falsehoods, manipulations OPPRESSIONS UNRESTS



      Se knew the Glory of God!!! We were number 1 !!! Richest and best country in the World!!
      We didn t have visitors

      We got people barging in using abusing demanding!! Saying accusations lableingc gringo! Laughing at us!! BURNING OUR FLAG! STANDING UPON OUR FLAG???!!!!!! Acting as IF WR HAVE TO LIVE OBLIGATED TO ACCEPT

      Ended our Flag was restricted

      IN order to avoid OFFENDING OTHERS!!!!! Insane!!!!!! That is totally MORONIC IDEa

      No!!!!!!! GOD IS A GOD OF ORDER



      … Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and
      seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will healltheir land

      Second Chronicles 7;14

    • sunandfun

      Toy hit the nail right on the head. This country is committing SUICIDE! We had better WAKE up SOON!

      • Myke Smith

        NOT gonna happen!
        As long as sheepeople like those in San Franciso keep relecting the likes of Pelosi and New Yorkers do the same with Shummer and Derbin, the leftest influence will continue. One only has to look and see the problem… Conyers, AGE 88 and both the LONGEST and OLDEST member of congress (that is until his BS words were shown) is the poster child for implementation of term limits as were orginally set forth. Each state elected their representives forTW) FOUR YEAR terms. PERIOD.. No getting there and spending 40 years plus. The legistures of each state elected two senators for ONE SIX YEAR term and could FIRE them if they failed TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE. This was BEFORE the so-called “servants of the people” managed to changes it all to the misable mess in rxistence today.

  • PPTA

    When I seen Washington (Lying) Post, , I read no farther. they hate Trump, America, Americans and American Minorities. They also are liars. and the two principle owners are both Globalists that want a one world Government with open borders. (The Bilderberg Group) They are just as bad as MSNBC and worse than NYT or CNN when it comes to fabricating news tat we are suppose to read and believe.Think I am wrong? Ten use your own search engine and look up the Bilderberg group and who belongs, look up and see the phony news articles.its all there. Instead watch foreign news.

    • sunandfun

      You have just showed this country why we are going down hill very rapidly. The people that have seen this country grow greatly are dying at a rapid rate and the ones growing up have no idea that the country is failing. I have said before that this country is NOT the same country I, and MANY of us elderly, grew up in.

    • Abby701

      Also look up Soros and his background. He is using his money for the One World Power scenario., That’s fine if you want to become serfs, loose you rights and freedom.

  • Dan Menard

    Better this way for all of us then he take out numerous innocents people with him.
    Still though, he was a troubled person in need of serious help and nobody seemed
    to have cared or could help.

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    One disciplinary issue after another, then a general discharge? This man is NOT a “veteran” but a misfit/ mental case. Do NOT give him the honorable title of “veteran”.

    • usmcSergeant

      Amen. I feel insulted that that POS is labeled a vet!

      • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

        Semper Fi, Sarge……..My marine buddies used to run my shoes off around Arlington. Miss those days back in the early 70;s.

      • Roger

        What is Bowe Bergdahl?

        • Gerry Costa

          A deserter who should have been executed already.

    • mallen11

      Apparently, the military has gone soft and allows their malcontents out to do harm to our Nation.

    • Ed Park

      He is not a Veteran, he is a reject. The Military has standards, he didn’t meet them!! He gets a release, and those that do usually want them. That is not a trait we recognize in our Veterans.

  • Eevie

    it’s called mind control….hello? a patsy…a manchurian candidate….and they have no memory of what they have done. Happens to us milabs all the time. Memories locked into alters.

  • 4grands

    Why was he labeled a veteran? He is no more than a common terrorist… sounds like not even the enemy wanted him in their terror group. He needs to be behind bars for the rest of his sorry life.

    • Terry Butts

      Unfortunately many simply consider anyone that was in the military a veteran regardless of how they act or why they were removed from service.

      Most look to the word as meaning someone who honorably served until they retired from the service but the media simply uses the term for anyone that was ever in the military regardless of time, actions, or reason for discharge.

      • sunandfun

        Correct but, America is going down hill rapidly.

        • ken becht

          We’ve got a new sheriff in town, thank GOD

  • coolman11

    Is it me or do all the terrorists including mass shooters have crazy eyes?

  • William Meekins

    Just another example of an Islamic scumbag. Disgusting!

  • James V. Burnette

    Unless we come up with a machine that can read someone’s mind, their ideas and their interpretation of the world around them, we can vet and vet and re-vet until the cows come home and not identify them all. The only way to keep terrorist out is to turn their attention and focus on someone else to vent their anger and hatred. There problems are internal not external. They have been fighting against their own differences and beliefs for the last 1,400 years. (since Mohammad). They haven’t been able to agree on their own differences so, I guess they want to pick a fight with someone else.

  • Dave Campbell

    Sounds to me like this guy was just a misfit whack job in search of an excuse and found it in Islam.

  • edorr1atcoxdotnet

    All references to this scum of being a veteran should be erased from his records, and label him for what he is SCUM.

  • grin-n-barrett

    When I saw one disciplinary issue after another followed by a general discharge, I realized this was NOT a veteran. This article gives this man a standing he does not deserve. He isn’t a veteran, he is a mistake who should never have been allowed into basic training in the first place. Our military deserves better. Our actual soldiers and veterans should never have been subjected to living, working and or associating with this low quality person in the first place.

  • ken becht

    As a Vietnam Veteran whose father, all my uncles and 3 brothers served in the military I am proud of all who served our country “honorably.” The Fort Hood murderer of defenseless soldiers is an Islamic terrorist who yelled Allah Achbar while he shot unarmed soldiers. This coward was a military officer. Is he a veteran? I don’t think so. Veteran connotes honor and respect which he had neither. He is not a veteran but he is a MURDERING COWARD & should be dead. If someone serves our country then goes wack later after he’s discharged, he’s still a
    veteran by definition. I don’t know him and his problems.

  • Jim

    Execute this asshole and feed his sorry ass to pigs.

  • JeanneD

    It is fairly evident that Rober Hestor was really a poor choice to be in the armed forces. He obvopusly had mental issues from the “getgo.” It is too bad that the doctors didn’t pick up on his condition before he was allowed to join. He will need to be watched carefully the rest of his life. Although he is not worthy of being considered a veteran he will probably be eligable for VA care.

  • KingDon

    With his disciplinary record, this airhead in no way qualifies to be called a veteran. - 2015 | Privacy Policy