University Will Now Issue ‘Trigger Warnings’

Snowflakes are now too sensitive to suffer through a performance of Shakespeare without being given a trigger warning first.

According to The Telegraph, students at Britain’s prestigious Cambridge University are now being warned of “potentially distressing topics” in plays by Shakespeare, with English Literature undergrads being cautioned that lectures about Titus Andronicus and The Comedy of Errors include “discussions of sexual violence” and “sexual assault”.

The U.K.’s Independent noted that some professors have not exactly welcomed the new change in policy, arguing that the trigger warnings will not do the students any favors when they graduate. Others claim that it will help students who may have a panic attack should it remind them of a personal traumatic experience.

Even so, Mary Beard, a Professor of Classics at Cambridge, called it “fundamentally dishonest” to allow students to skip out on learning about uncomfortable parts of history and literature.

“We have to encourage students to be able to face that, even when they find they’re awkward and difficult for all kinds of good reasons,” she said.


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  • Tired…

    It appears that Cambridge is transitioning from a world class university to a daycare…nicely done!

    • Sanjosemike

      Perfectly stated. Sanjosemike

  • Ischgabibble

    Dig the little turd flakes a hole in the ground and let them go hide in their safe place. I guess Romper Room is still in session.

  • jon

    Looks like a generation of children still crawling into bed with mommy and daddy when the bad thing in the movie or play goes bump in the night

  • Marty Koval

    Students or faculty that would need tiger warnings to inform them they might be exposed to topics that they totally disagree with must be mentally weak, over sensitive and narrow minded. These people become horrified with people who has an opinion about something and expressing in a way that’s is not the mirror image of themselves are unable to deal with it. In other words, they are sniveling little weak-ass narcissists and snowflakes that often are seen congregating in “safe zones” on college campuses to shield themselves from views they disagree with.

    Any employer who would hire these people would regret their decision quickly. They are not team players, but people who will tear an organization apart because of their narrow views and attitudes.

  • missourisam

    The young people of today are so protected that they can not face reality. This nation in my opinion could not win a war like WWII. The citizens are so politically correct that they would not condone the acts needed to win. I twas not until the war came home to the homeland of the Germans and the Japanese that they were willing to surrender. Now our enemies hide among civilians and we won’t even try to take them out. I have yet to see anyone in the middle east that wants a rifle that doesn’t have one. If they wanted, they could resist the terrorist. If we would attack the enemy where they hide, the people they hide among would fight them rather than hide them.

    • vpats

      … the enemy is not at the gate, any longer, they are in our Congress and in our governments at every level .. and in the words of Reagan .. “Government is not the solution to our problems .. Government is the problem”.

  • vpats

    Just another example that you can’t survive on your own without Government intervention, you MUST be dependent on government …..

  • Kim LaMela

    Liberalism is a Plague across our Country and the World, Trump is the only antidote.

    • Wendy Haynes Phelps

      your joking ,right ?

  • David Mallory

    Just confirmation that we are screaming towards a global dictatorship, where the triggered snowflake masses are “taken care of” by the government. No responsibility, no confrontation… a pure utopian society because the masses desire it and the “wolves” will be happy to give it to them… Thank god for Idaho! - 2015 | Privacy Policy