Trump’s “Small Base” Under Attack By The Left

Former ABC News anchor Sam Donaldson proclaimed that President Trump’s “small base” of voters was “not going to run this country.”

Donaldson stated, “Well, the president seems to believe that if he wants to do something, it should be done, Constitution aside, Congress aside, certainly other than his base the American people aside. And it doesn’t work that way. And he’s not going to get away with it.”

“I think it ends with a change in I hope the president’s attitude. I believe in forgiveness and redemption of sin. But it’s going to change because he and people who enable him to do what he’s trying to do and has done so far are not going to be able to prevail.”

“His small base — and I think they’re a minority who believe if the Nazis and the protesters are on both sides that there are good people on both sides. His small base is not going to run this country. They don’t now and they never will.” - 2015 | Privacy Policy