Trump’s Last Vacant Cabinet Post

Three days before Donald Trump is to be inaugurated as America’s new president, just one Cabinet agency lacks a nominee to lead it: the Department of Agriculture.

The pick has become mired in politics and drama, unsettling the agriculture industry and potentially imperiling Trump’s standing with some of his most ardent supporters—the residents of rural America. In the process, it has become a case study in the difficulty Trump will face as he begins to govern, as his sweeping promises and catchy slogans run up against competing interests.

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  • Robert Baker

    Probably just more people that don’t want to lose the government handouts. Like paid not to plant while the world starves.

  • mowmtn

    I believe I can handle that job easy enough.. its a simple process. farm all you can sell at curbs or farmers markets. Kind get things where they once were. If a farmer wants to grow beans then grow them we can stock pile some or grow corn, every person on this earth has eaten corn or drank it one way or another. just about anyone can tell which crop will grow best on a piece of ground.

  • The Redman

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    • Lilly Putney

      This guy needs to be locked up.

      • Lovette Bennett

        Locked up and put out of “our” misery!

        • The Redman

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      • The Redman

        U should have been 4 killing dem babies. devil-lilly. hahahahahhahah - 2015 | Privacy Policy