Trump will “revisit” DACA

The onus is now on Congress to determine the fate of Obama’s DACA recipients, the undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children.

But on the same day Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was being phased out, President Donald Trump said something in a tweet that may indicate Congress won’t necessarily be where the DACA story ends.

The end of that tweet, “If they can’t, I will revisit this issue!” What does that mean? It’s unclear. But it seems to open up the possibility that the president will act on behalf of DACA recipients if Congress doesn’t legalize DACA, or something similar.

Trump has expressed some sympathy for the DACA recipients’ situations. And, as Sessions’ speech earlier Tuesday made clear, the decision to end DACA is primarily about reaffirming the scope of the executive and legislative branch roles.

“Well, I have a great heart for the folks we’re talking about — a great love for them,” the president told reporters Tuesday. “And people think in terms of children, but they’re really young adults.  I have a love for these people, and hopefully now Congress will be able to help them and do it properly.”

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  • rick meek

    For decades we dealt with anchor babies and now DACA…….It’s child abuse – prosecute the parents – and deport —— besides – the ones I’ve seen protesting aren’t kids or even parents…..

  • suzy2


    • sandraleesmith46

      NO anchor baby is truly born a citizen; their mamas are illegals, so NOT under US jurisdiction, therefore neither are their kids; they’re all still under the jurisdiction of whichever nation mama came from!

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    America is not a dumping ground for the world.
    We cannot be expected to pick up the slack for everyone in this world.
    Obammy created this mess by illegally signing this into law.
    NOW everyone blames President Trump (surprise) for this fiasco.
    Obammy is probably very proud, sitting on the sidelines laughing
    at the rioting. Put the shame where it belongs, Mr Schummer!!

  • metheoldsarge

    Many are quick to blame Obama for the Illegal Alien problem we have now. The illegal alien issue isn’t just Obama’s fault. It is an issue that has been ignored by both sides of the aisle for decades. This is a problem that could have been squelched a long time ago. The blame can be shared by the past ten Presidents and all the politicians who served in Congress since 1961. There are just as many Republicans as well as Democrats in that group. In my opinion, they were all derelict in their duty and violated their oath. Trump is trying to pick up where Eisenhower left off 56 years ago.

    Eisenhower tried to nip it in the bud with his Wetback program. With just a hand full of agents they were quite successful. They were finding and deporting illegals by the thousands every week. Just as they were getting the situation under control the Eisenhower Administration came to an end. That program started to slack off during the Kennedy Administration and continued to decrease. They could have continued to seriously keep the situation under control but chose not to. As a result, we have the situation now facing us.
    We need to secure our borders first. Give all illegals a deadline to leave willingly. Anyone caught after that date should immediately be arrested, prosecuted and given a prison term. Then transported out of the country permanently. Those who leave willingly should be given the opportunity to re-enter legally. Make the standards more realistic and easier with much less needless red tape than exists now. Allow them to have working visas so they can earn a living and contribute to rebuilding this country. Perhaps eventually become citizens.

    I have no problem with any aliens who come here legally. Most of them work very hard to build a life here and help to make the United States into the great country it became. Most respect our laws and customs and pay taxes. They never ask for anything in return other than that which they had earned. That is a big difference from those who come here illegally, burn our flag, refuse to respect our laws and customs, sponge off our welfare system, form gangs, terrorize and rob from our people and businesses, and demand we give them everything they want without giving anything back. That I have a problem with.

    We need to stop sending the billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that hate us. Why pay them to hate us when I am sure they will be happy to hate us for nothing. Just to name a few countries, Mexico, Guatemala El Salvador, Honduras and Belize come to mind. The leaders of these countries are transporting people to our borders to cross over as illegals.

    The money for foreign aid we give them is supposed to help the people and the children. I doubt that any more then a few cents on every dollar (If that much.) goes to the intended recipients. Their leaders live in palaces that dwarf the White House. Look it up yourself and check it out. Makes me wonder how much of our tax Dollars go into the maintenance of those palaces. How much of our tax Dollars go into maintaining the lavish life styles of those leaders?

    Put a freeze on all their financial assets and holdings in this country. Impose sanctions. Put those countries off limits to American tourists and businesses. Start to seriously gather all the illegals and deport them and make those countries reimburse us. Send them the bill for the freebies. If they don’t pay, take it out of their frozen financial assets and holdings. Impose serious fines and punishments on all States, cities, businesses and people in this country who harbor illegals. Hit them in their bank accounts where it hurts. That is the only language they will understand. I’m not saying anything new. Just the things that need to be said over and over by a lot more people.

    We need to make it crystal clear that Mister Nice Guy is no longer in charge.

    • sandraleesmith46

      ANYONE who broke the law to come here; or stayed here past the achievement of adulthood if brought as a child, has already demonstrated contempt for our laws and should be immediately deported with an “undesirable” label attached; meaning they can never come here legally! We need and want IMMIGRANTS who follow the laws and assimilate to our culture and become good American citizens too; not those who came to steal from us and hold us and our culture and laws in contempt while stealing the dreams of our own children out of their parents’ pockets before their eyes. EVERY amnesty over the past several decades has only resulted in an INCREASED influx if illegals; not stopped or even stemmed the floods. NO AMNESTIES any more; send them all back wherever they came from, and do not allow them to return and be rewarded for their illegal behaviors.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Nothing to “revisit”; these “kids” are all adults now who have demonstrated NOTHING but contempt for America and American citizens; for our laws and culture. SEND them home and let them fix their nations; we can take the “bill” for the years of their care and education out of foreign aid to their homelands. They have no right to be here and never did have. Give the American dreams back to AMERICAN kids; all of them!

  • Carole Nargi

    End DACA NOW, not only is it illegal to begin with, it’s a farce; phony applications, no vetting and it’s just a democrap voting base, which is why they are protesting to keep it.. check this out:

  • Bogiewheel

    If your illegal, there is a price to be paid; That price is never, ever, will you be eligible for American citizenship. I don’t know where this Anchor baby law originated. The Senate in 1868 never applied citizenship to illegal entry or birth through the 14th amendment. The two Senators’ that introduced the amendment expressly so stated. - 2015 | Privacy Policy