Trump vows to cut waste in first budget

Confronting a national debt that nearly doubled under President Obama, President Trump said Wednesday he inherited a federal budget “mess” and vowed to force Washington to stop wasting taxpayers’ money.

“The finances of our country are a mess, but we’re going to clean them up,” the president told reporters. “We won’t let your money be wasted anymore. We must do a lot more with less.”

Preparing for a prime-time address to Congress next week, Mr. Trump met with budget officials and said he will unveil his first proposed budget, a retooled plan to replace Obamacare, and a tax-reform package over the next two months.

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  • Christian_Patriot7

    Government MUST NOT replace Obamacare! Let the free market insurance companies deal with health insurance but to include that pre-existing conditions be covered and not at an astronomical premium!

    • Pat Flowers

      I agree

    • Fortuneless

      Teeel the illegals to get their own insurance. We the American citizens do not need to be paying for these scumbags and low lives. Trump is right, these sorry bastards need to be deported, women children and all. If they are not American citizens or do not have a greeen card they need to go back to wherever the hell they came from.

  • Jorge Rivas

    I agree with Trump. Our country’s budget & finances are a mess. The numbers make no sense! Before I retired I managed a mere $100 million budget for a school district. We learned to do more with less. However, there is a lot of waste in school districts’ federal funding. Anytime the federal government gets involved, there’s big waste & no accountability. Add the corruption of the Federal Reserve & the banks and it becomes an existential problem.

    Trump also needs to look seriously at overhauling Social Security as is being proposed by CPAs across the country. This solution would end the fund deficit, end the federal deficit, fix Medicaid & create individual accounts transferable to dependents. It would replace a wasteful, corrupt transfer payment system with one that is collateralized with payroll deposits and function in a manner similar to that practiced successfully in the insurance industry. Cutting benefits & raising taxes are no longer viable options for fixing Social Security. Anyone who believes they are options has no clue about sound economics, finance & governance.

  • Mynickelsworth

    I firmly support cutting federal spending. Much of the government is not supported as Constitutional.
    Article I, Section 8 lists areas in which Congress can legally make laws. You will not find any thing there that authorizes Health, Healthcare and/or health insurance, Education, Energy, Housing, Urban Dev., Agriculture, Transportation, Labor, Medical Drugs, Environment/Earth warming, Alcohol,tobacco, firearms and explosives.
    Mr. President I propose that All those functions in the Executive Branch be defunded and removed by the end of your first term. That will give States, which is where most of those functions belong, time to prepare and take control, if control is really needed.

  • Lisa Millar

    Obamacare has put a hardship on many middle-class familes. He needs to minimize healthcare for illegals, immigrants and many welfare recipients who are able to work. They need to pay taxpayers a percentage when they report healthcare abuse. People who get pro bono healthcare and can’t afford it, should be made to work at hospitals, etc., to help pay for their free healthcare. Women can do laundry, change sheets or bedpans, etc. and the guys be made to do maintenance. It would help offset the cost of their medical care and cut costs of the hospitals. - 2015 | Privacy Policy