Trump to reverse ban on police using military gear

President Trump is planning on reversing a ban on allowing local police forces to use surplus military equipment, according to a new report.

The Trump administration will now allow local police forces to take and use armored vehicles, high-caliber weapons and other kinds of heavy equipment that were once used in the military, USA Today reported Sunday.

The Obama administration initially banned the practice after police in Ferguson, Mo. were heavily criticized for using the equipment against protestors in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown three years ago.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is set to address the Fraternal Order of Police Monday, where it’s believed he might unveil the new policy.

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  • Shar


    • cathy


  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    I’m hoping there’s going to be a big smack down on all of those rioting terrorists groups. Thanks to Obama ! The enabler.

    • Gen11American

      And Soros (who apparently cheated the IRS out of $7 BILLION IN TAXES BY ABUSING A LOOPHOLE) pays the anarchists $14K per year to create havoc in our society, and Hillary Clinton, who just contributed $800,000 to the Anti-Trump Movement to encourage them to keep up the constant attacks against the man SHE LOST TO IN 2016 ELECTION! When the dust finally settles, hopefully Soros will be $7 BILLION poorer as he languishes in prison for inciting rebellion against this country, hopefully Hillary Clinton will be languishing in a women’s prison for providing weapons to the ME terrorists, including ISIS, and hopefully Barack Obama will be formally declared the worst president in US history, and his presidential legacy totally erased and scrubbed!

  • Paul Kalmakoff

    Great decision Mr. President!
    YeeHaa, MAGA!

  • Lori

    Good, It’s time the police have some backing.!

  • Lori

    Hope to see Antifa put on FBI’s most wanted list- dead or alive, unmask them give out their pictures and information, send Dog after them .

  • The new Reich has come to America. God help us.

  • Mark Stern

    Hey when are the soros fat fuck pig tags coming out ! I hear they are pre packed with shit.

  • gunnygil

    Just getting the police that will fight for the nation ready for the new civil war brought on by the god damned democrat one world order pawns. exactly what the democrats since 2008 and Soros’ commanders in the dark legion of world dictators has planned and are winning with the help of perversion and hatred in the so called under dogs who revel in their crime and hatred

    • SmithWinston6478

      Gunny, Hoorah! The libs call anything conservative fascist, yet it’s THEM who do all the attacking of free speech, vandalism, and the 2nd Amendment. They are the ones backing unlimited abortion. They seem to be itching for civil war against the principles of our Constitutional Republic. Trump’s astute advisors are counseling him to prepare for it. Adequately preparing the police is a good first step.

      “It is time we take political correctness and throw it in the garbage where it belongs!” ~ Bridgette Gabriel (former muslim) speaking about the lack of reponse to radical islam in the U.S.
      “Let us move forward steadfastly together into the storm and through the storm.” ~ Winston Churchill
      “Anyone who has proclaimed violence his method inexorably must choose lying as his principle.” ~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn
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