Trump Threatens To End Press Briefings

Obviously upset by the media coverage of his firing of FBI director James Comey this week, President Trump has now taken to Twitter to threaten to end all White House press briefings.

Yes, really.

Now, Trump is right that the media and Democrats are way out over their skis on the Trump-Russia collusion question. We have seen no hard evidence whatsoever that Trump was colluding with Russia to sway the election; while both former campaign manager Paul Manafort and former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn had some ties to Russia, no evidence of election collusion has been presented on either of them, let alone Trump.

But then Trump goes off the rails. Why would it not be possible for his surrogates to “stand at the podium with perfect accuracy”? Isn’t that their job? Was Trump too busy to inform them just why he’d fired his highly controversial FBI director? And if your communications team stinks, why not fire them and replace them with people who can do a better job?

Instead, Trump threatens to basically close the press room and start issuing talking points from the White House. This neglects the fact that the American people deserve answers from their executive branch. Imagine if President Obama had done the same thing. We’d be talking about the crackdown on fundamental press freedoms.


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  • John Gasper

    Had Obama, Setoro, soebarkah or Whatever his name is, had done that the media would have supported the move 100%! So, that Bullsh** scenario doesn’t work. Do whatever is necessary president Trump!!!

    • Rick501

      John Gasper: What in the world are you saying? Just look at the present situation; not the players from the past

      • Artemis

        He IS looking at the existing “situation”. When members of that peaceful “religion” walk into a Night Club, or any other place with guns ablating, what do you think they will do to any Liberals that are present? You should all consider wearing tee-shirts that identify you as Liberal (as if that is going to make a difference). One add on comment, If you think for one minute that Obama isn’t involved in the “current” asinine Liberal Behavior, then you real are out of touch with reality!

    • Artemis

      Illegal immigration Is the main problem we the people face John, I suggest you ignore the Pro-Illegals because they are Anti-American, and are no friends of America. We need to remove the “so called” judges that have interfered with the President so badly. They all took oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and just like Obama, they need to be REMOVED from the “Justice”???system, and be brought up on charges! The only “people” that don’t support what you said are common enemies to all loyal Americans. Hear this Donald Trump, why don’t we deport those among us that appear to dislike America so intensely!!! Where’s the backbone America?

      • rex ames

        Every year the embassy in Juarez Mexico legally processes 70 + thousand Mexicans to the USA. But we need to build a wall to force others to do the same. Its our fault for never protecting the border effectively.
        I agree the judges need to be removed because they are trying to make laws, instead of enforcing laws for their face value. We have one fucked up country right now, and we have to stick together and vote more democrats out in 2018.

  • Ginny D’Antonio

    If there is no “hard evidence” that there was collusion between members of the Trump team and Russia, why is the president so eager to end the investigation? After all, his presidency would be on much stronger ground if an independent investigation concluded that the allegations are baseless.

    • John Flynn

      trump’s eager to end the investigation so the investigating “bodies” can get on with their respective duties.

    • Artemis

      Duh…do you suppose that it’s possible that he as President, has more important things to deal with, other than Liberal lies?

    • Tracy

      There Is NO investigation for 1, #2 There NEVER was One !!! Ok, Comey Got AXED Because he is an Incompetent Idiot Bank rolled by the Clinton’s !!! He Knew his Days were # the Day he decided to Roll the Dice with those 2 !! Greed will for Surely Getcha, Everytime.
      Btw, I Heard him Myself telling Trump over & over that He is, Nor EVER Was Under investigation.
      Ok, That’s the Truth, idk Where Your getting your Resources from, but you should do your Homework, Get off Your Couch, because it’s Not on Your TV Set. Ppl are only just coming to Realize this fact. Western Journalism today is Gone, it’s Owned, bought & Paid for ok, They are Not Reporting the Truth, as they are TOLD what to Report. They have Miserably Sold themselves Out to the highest bidder, once again, GREED.
      It’s Incredibly Irresponsible for Journalists to so Disgustingly Misuse the Very Platform in which they sought out to become.
      They Owe it to the American ppl to be Forthright in their Narrative.
      It’s Nauseating, they have so very little Regard for Us, We the ppl, much less, themselves . Total Sellouts !!!!

  • John Gasper

    Seriously! Are you people THAT absolutel naive and totally brain dead??/WOOPS, Excuse me, I suppose you are! Your comments dictate your feelings!!!!!

  • rex ames

    I think its a good idea. The press will never give Trump a free pass like they did Obama. Trump made everyone look like Bafoons just by winning the election. The press was wrong and so were all the web sites, but of course the web sites were mostly polling the east and west coast liberals.
    Getting back to the press, they wont let Trump govern, and never will admit that he could be good for the country in some ways.
    I’m convinced also that its the immigrants fault that he got elected. Think about it, if they came here legally, no one would have a reason to complain.
    Look folks, my wife is Mexican, and it took me one and a half years to legally get her immigrated here from Mexico.
    The USA legally immigrates over 70,000 Mexicans annually through Juarez Mexico every year. I think that’s a pretty fair number.
    Look folks, I understand why people come here illegally, the average Mexican makes less then 50 dollars a week, and can come here and make 7 times that much on minimum wages.
    I think its time to start building a wall a patrol the border better. The actual reason these people are here is our fault because the border was never protected well enough.

    • John Flynn

      “immigrants” DO come here legally. illegal ALIENS and the “refugees” are the problem. my asawa is ALSO an immigrant and had to remain in the Phils due to an x-ray on her chest of a childhood injury. next week, May 22, to be exact, will be her 4th yr in the country. BUILD THAT WALL!!

  • vaquero711

    Fak fake media. He should do that long ago. And he should go only on Fox and even over there he should speak only to handful people.
    People like Tucker Carlson . Period.

  • biilyjoe

    Obama’s lackeys in the press and left insurrectionist- complicit mainstream media would never question a word that came off of their Caliph’s teleprompter. The questions which they did pose to Kindergartner Josh Earnest WERE A JOKE !!! No comparison to the pure BS emanating from these left loonie tunes today . The garbage anchors on Hillary/Obama complicit indoctrination centers like CNN and MSNBC spend all their time on sedition against our nation with their lies against President Trump and this administration.

  • biilyjoe

    This article IS FAKE NEWS–who wrote it ?–Al Sharpton , John Podesta, Donna Brazile , or Susan Rice ?

  • lightingengineer

    Unfortunately firing Comey will not end the stupid FBI investigation regarding the big Democrat lie about the Russians making me vote for trump. Trump was elected because of millions of concerned citizens like me who see the real unemployment rate, who see the exploding national debt, who see the crushing growth of anti business regulations, who see the exploding cost of health insurance, who see how Obamacare is reducing the hours and income of millions of employees, who see how Obamacare was insidiously designed to lead to more government intrusion and control with a single payer system that would inevitably disincentivize healthcare providers and cause rationing, who see the record number of people on food stamps, who see the decline in home ownership, who see the growing cost of education, who see the student loan totals growing without jobs to support graduates, who see the world’s highest corporate tax rate providing less than 5% of Federal revenue by driving taxable value creation off shore, and who see that the only important issue for many “progressive” socialist obstructionist politicians is to gain more power and be re-elected and to hell with the country. We all came out of the woodwork and voted for libertarian change and against debilitating concentrated government socialism. Liberal socialist progressive democrats are lazy egotistical corrupt lying fascist bullies. They do not care about facts presented at the press conferences. The only thing they look for are “gotchas.” The press conferences simply provide them with more contrived “ammunition.” The media simply does not deserve the press conferences.

    The following graph was created using tables from the U.S. Census Bureau. It scares the hell out of me yet no one is reporting this information. I have provided it to Senators Brown and Portman and Congressman Joyce without any acknowledgement. If the trajectory of the Federal deficit is not changed, we will all be living in a economic implosion brought on by a freeze on bank liquidity that starts with massive inflation. This will include martial law, FEMA camps, and worse. It seems that the swamp simply does not care about this obviously most important condition of our economy.

    To turn around the Federal Deficit trajectory we need to drastically reduce the annual U.S.Trade Deficits from more than half a trillion dollars to less than 100 billion dollars each year. The 2015 trade deficit was 500 billion dollars. The 2015 trade deficit was 50% with China, 10% with Germany, 9% with Japan, 8% with Mexico, and 23% with other countries. By commodity the 2015 U.S. Trade Deficit was 43% clothing, 23% automotive, 19% energy, 11% electronics, and 4% steel.

    The difference between ignorance and stupidity is choice. Given this information from the U.S. Census Bureau data, you have the choice to support reducing the trade deficit or choose to be stupid and obstructionist like Charles Schumer that could result in economic disaster for us all. This information has been faxed to all nine of Senator Schumer’s offices. What is needed is a three to five year schedule of increasing tariffs on all goods coming into this country from importing countries that exceed our exports to them. Trade in services is not an issue because it has a much lower multiplier than manufacturing. We must get our trade deficit in goods down to below ten billion dollars per month as soon as possible or risk inevitable economic disaster.

    Right now we need a Congressional investigation into the fake news media to find out who is orchestrating the blatant collusion between the networks that violates objectivity, the moral charter for factual news reporting, and abuse of the First Amendment that we depend upon. With today’s technology, this network collusion is in fact unconstitutional suppression of free speech. It is in fact “a true act of war” against the American people.

    Is this media perversion being promoted and financed by the major importing corporations? Is it the 1% on Wallstreet that the Democrats keep demonizing yet are actually their main support in blatant hypocrisy? Is it that slug George Soros who makes fortunes by tanking currencies? Is it the socialist globalist deep state? Something insidious is going on here and the media is not reporting it. Apparently the media represents those socialist global interests who want to continue the decline of this nation. I find it depressing how many intelligent people in the media continually choose to be malignantly stupid and work against the best interests of our nation. They are much worse than fake news. They are maggot news. They are maggots crawling over and feeding off of the wounds they create by the slanted lies that they perpetuate.

  • VirgoVince

    President Trump SHOULD SHUT DOWN the press!! WHAT good are they; liberal fukturds can’t report the TRUTH,
    they have no idea what TRUTH is, since they LIE about everything, or spin it to suit their agenda!!
    The BEST news coverage is right here on the net, but BEWARE, the liberal idiots that pop up, unexpectedly!!
    WE the people NEED to see some evidence that WE can trust media, TO REPORT WHAT IS, NOT what they think,
    then they’d have to GET THEIR ACT together, but NOT too likely!! Someday, they might SURPRISE US!!

    • Artemis

      Hey John, did you hear the one about the “Liberal” Brain Surgeon that operated on himself?

    • Tn DogHerder

      He’ll always have his tweeter which is from the horse’s mouth! Who needs the drivebys taking shot after shot at not only the Donald but at us, his base, as well?

  • lojo40

    Might as well end the press briefings – neither Spicer nor Trump have a clue what’s really happening in this big political world anyway – Trump just muddling his way along, hoping nothing too horrible happens to our country as a result of his blunders. The fiasco going on in D.C., has us all awake nights – not just Mr. Trump ~

  • caroleaus

    I agree with Trump. The media twists everything no matter what. I know that from personal experience. One can go to the various Trump websites to get current info and as far as I’m concerned, reporters can do the same. Then they can discuss the news of the day to their hearts’ delight. 99% of the time, it is unnecessary to listen to them since they have abandoned most of the rules of journalism. This is a very open administration and I have often sent emails to the President with suggestions. He has actually followed some!

    • Tracy

      This is True !! Amen Girl….
      I get the daily White house, hr by hr Schedule of President Trump’s day.
      He is very transparent ,as you say.
      I would rather hear from him directly addressing the Nation, than to Ever watch the Fake News Media.
      They have Lost all credibility with the American ppl.
      And Yes, he constantly sends out Q&A”s asking What I Want to see done, as an American Citizen.

      • caroleaus

        SO thankful I’m not alone in recognizing these facts! Some times I feel as if I’m all alone in a sea of intolerant, irrational, hostile and lying liberal piranhas!

        • Tracy

          Oh Nooooo,
          You are Far from Alone. More & More ppl are waking up to Liberal Owned, bought & Paid for Media !!!
          But Unfortunately, there are Those who Absolutely Refuse to Listen to Good Reasoning & believe We are a bunch of Conspiracy theorist !!!
          Actually We all the Informed Realist, Who Choose Not to Bury Our Heads in the Sand !!!

  • Tracy

    I Know Our President will appoint someone with the passion & backbone to go After the Clinton !!
    I think Trey Goudy amount others are just the ppl to do this.
    Our President is a Rockstar, I Could be more Proud of him, if he were my own Father.
    You Go Mr. President.

  • Barbara Harris


  • Tracy

    For those of you that Still Believe the Hogwash about Trump’s ties to Russia & this election are very Sadly Misinformed.
    Think about this Senario for a Moment…
    When Exactly Did this Narrative regarding Trump, Russia & this election come into Play…… Exactly, Right as Hillary Clinton was under investigation.
    Ok, So keeping this in mind, if You Still Believe that what You are Watching on Your Television Set is Truth….Again,
    Sadly Mistaken !!!!
    The Media is All About Smokescreen’s & Mirrors, Spinning the Narrative, to Spoon Feed the World that has Yet to Catch on to the ” Fake News ” they are hoping to Spew out. Please, for God Sakes, Stop Watching !! There are Plenty of very Reliable sours out there on the Internet, Do your homework to find them & the Truth.
    Remember, Donald Trump, gave up a lifetime of achievement’s to Work for YOU & Donating quarterly his earnings for the greater good. Not to mention, who in their Right Mind, Spends upwards of 180 Million of their Own hard earned money, if Not Truly invested in the American ppl & ole Glory herself !! He did More in his 1st 100 days than Obama did in 8 yrs.
    Please Do Not drink the Cool-aid the Media is Feeding you.
    Tonight NBC airs the interview with President Trump & Leste Holt, an interview I already heard days ago. Watch Leste Holt, continually Disrespect our President by constant interuptions & Extremely Rude, Asking questions that he will Not allow him to Answer. Lastly, insisting our President has been under investigation, which couldn’t be further from the Truth.
    Comey himself told President Trump in an interview ( I Listen too ) That He Was NOT & NEVER has been, under investigation.

  • Tracy

    BTW, Trump Absolutely Should Stop ALL Press briefings, because they Lie about what they are Told in the 1st place !!
    It is Highly Irresponsible for Journalists to Lie to the American ppl. Their Job is to inform & to do So Truthfully, which they Do Not !!!!
    Our President can address the Nation Straight Up. Then you can be Sure it is Truth, from his lips to Your Ears.

  • gypsy314

    I say allow only questions of topic listed . stop the day after day same questions. NO more two questions and quit allowing liberal commies to have first question from the start - 2015 | Privacy Policy