Trump officials urged Tillerson not to quit

Key Trump administration officials urged Secretary of State Rex Tillerson not to resign this summer amid increased tensions with President Trump, according to NBC News.

Vice President Mike Pence, along with Trump’s then-Homeland Security Chief John Kelly and Defense Secretary James Mattis worked to reassure Tillerson, sources told the network.

Pence reportedly asked Tillerson to remain at least until the end of the year.

Tensions reportedly came to a head in late July after Trump delivered a highly controversial speech to the Boy Scouts of America, which was once led by Tillerson.
The secretary of State also referred to the president as a “moron” a few days earlier during a meeting with key Cabinet officials, according to NBC.

State Department spokesman R.C. Hammond disputed the report, telling the network that Tillerson never called Trump a “moron,” and never considered quitting this summer.

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  • Mary Parry

    Are these same Trump officials preventing or allowing Tillerson and Sessions from giving Judicial Watch what they need to prosecute Hillary and Obama? If so, Trump needs to fire them all and get someone in office who will do their jobs!!!

    • pmbalele

      Wait a minute- how can you keep somebody on your payroll for a responsible job and then turns around calls you a moron? The Secretary of State called Trump names. We are also hearing Sessions is working on his own without Trump’s endorsement. Sessions thinks he is now the president-that is why he is touring all states as tourist to lobby for votes for his 2020 WH nomination. Sessions is using government money to tour all states. I am asking Trump to fire both – Tillerson and Sessions. They do not respect Trump at all.

      • Mary Parry

        You are repeating the lies of CNN and other MSM. If you are on the Trump Train, do NOT watch MSM!

  • Willie Reeves

    He should quit along with the others from the top down. A host of misfits in this government. All are out for themselves all are insane and following an insane crazy man with ideas of the 1950’s and you who support this clown and jack in the box president should be tar and fathered and run out of this nation on rails. This moron, congress and administration is destroying this nation along with his hate group followers and who he also think is such good people. Having a military background and never thinking I would ever talk about a commander and chief no matter who he was or his party has really engulfed me and the once pride I had in this country and the willingness to fight for her and her people and surrender my life if necessary I now wonder why, for what surely not to have a clown and moron head this government. If I had it to do again I would think very hard and through many nights if its worth my willingness to give my all for so many selfish and hypocritical racist individuals who call themselves fair who live by God in the land of the free, those words are not and have never been shown not to me or my people yesterday or today. Its not shown to those who come for freedom .this is something which will follow me to my grave I am sure.

    • db

      Well, if you are honest and fair, you will realize that it was the hijacked democrat party that was taken over by the communist party decades ago, that have led us down this path to destruction that this president is now trying to get us turned around from. It was the socialist party that robbed the coffers of the social security funds that now leave us bankrupt due to their greed and avarice.

      • Willie Reeves

        db i guess that mean ( dead beat ) which you are for sure if you believe what you are saying, you and your kind picked the wrong one to make any changes at all which would be good for the American people. You and your kind are so blind, if it bit you in the ass you still would not see the truth in plain sight. If that did happen like you say and think you have seen nothing yet with this clown and insane moron you seem to love so much. The blind leading the blind, which is a natural thing for this nation when one is in power who no nothing but self.

      • Willie Reeves

        db greed when you talk about greed take a look at his list of advantageous ride so far along with his family. Greed i am sure

  • Redfray

    Tillerson and Sessions are members of the RINO forces wanting to keep control of power and money. So far we have watched each person appointed by Trump turn on him. The forces controlling the republicans called RINOs are using our monies to make them selves powerful. I hope people are paying attention to how the RINO republicans are turning away from conservative principles. - 2015 | Privacy Policy