Trump Jr. Slams The Left

In a tweet posted after the Alexandria attack on Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr. slammed the liberal elite for glorifying violence against Republicans in general — and against his father in particular.

The tweet came after House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise was left in critical condition and several others were wounded by an attacker during baseball practice. According to The Daily Caller, the gunman was pronounced dead at George Washington Medical Center later in the morning after being taken down by police and security.

Trump Jr’s posting was a retweet of conservative pundit Harlan Z. Hill, which referenced a production of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” in which the titular ruler is meant to represent President Trump (and is stabbed to death on stage). Hill felt that the outrage over the production was muted by the media, which had pretended to be confused about why Trump supporters were angry:

Trump Jr. had previously tweeted about the play, asking “I wonder how much of this ‘art’ is funded by taxpayers? Serious question, when does ‘art’ become political speech & does that change things?”


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  • cp123

    Any play that promotes the death of a living President needs to be avoided. This is not art.

    • mallen11

      Actually, brought down.

      • Gen11American

        Actually, not just brought down, but the Federal Government should cease funding the Arts since it was taxpayer money which funding that Trump Assassination Play. And since the vast majority of Americans don’t condone rampant homosexuality in our society, I fail to see why taxpayers should have to be subsidizing LGBTQ artists as we’re doing!

        • mallen11

          I agree.

  • VanceJ

    If that is art, then so is a turd in a punch bowl. sip on that libby’s.!!!!

    • EdWatts

      Or a crucifix in a jar of urine.

      • RightVote

        And that too, was financed by the AMERICAN TAX PAYER and GOONS who think that this is ART !

  • Shar

    I can hardly believe all the hatred coming from the Left. It’s an awful thing for our young children to see. I am embarrassed for our country that we would take and vilify the POTUS. We must come together to be a successful nation.

  • Philomena

    Sick minds will call it art.

  • lorna shores

    Ignorance knows no bounds!

  • Greg

    Stop crying snowflakes, it’s just a play. Grow a thicker skin.

    • Edward Perkins

      This is not just a play. It is provoking an evil spirit of destruction and mayhem. Anybody who calls this a “play” needs a mental adjustment.

      • Greg

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