Trump Endorses Senate Health Bill

President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday that he was “very supportive” of the Senate health care bill unveiled that morning.

The text of the bill, titled the “Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017,” was made public Thursday, more than a month after the House passed its own bill, the American Health Care Act (AHCA). The two bills closely mirror each other, by the Senate version includes a slower rollout and a potentially “more generous” tax credit regime.

As Speaker of the House Paul Ryan also expressed a positive view of the bill on its release, it may stand a good chance of becoming law if the Senate, where Republicans hold a slim two-seat majority, votes for it. According to a report by Axios, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is urging a vote before Congresses 4th of July recess.

Despite leaders’ enthusiasm, public support for the House’s version remains weak.

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  • MEDAN1040

    A great big tax break for the wealthy, a great big FU to everyone else.

  • sandraleesmith46

    ANOTHER broken promise! HE, like all the Repubs in Congress (both houses), ran on REPEAL; NOTHING about “replace” let alone “tweaking” the unfixable mess that was obamacare, to make it WORSE!

    • greg

      I agree, they should just repeal and let everyone worry about themselves. As selfemployed I bought my own at $800 a month, that was just for myself, summers i would work up to 80 hrs a week. But i used my health insurance a lot, Duel hip replacements cost a lot of money. Dr’s said not to work and climb ladders for a yr and 1 month later, well, I tied rope to my ankles and put the ropes in my pockets, then when I needed to climb I pulled the ropes out of my pockets and picked up a leg up one at a time. People can buy their own health insurance, I’ve been doing it for over 40 yrs when I was paying $25 a month.
      I think for people who can’t afford it, community services would be an offer. But it should NEVER be free. But this sounds like a tweak of Odumbacare for sure.

  • Jm

    Until you address the economic monopoly of healthcare providers where Americans pay 4 times more for the same healthcare as other countries, you will not address the problem. Trump either is a fraud or he is inept at addressing that problem. Forget draining the Swamp. It has engulfed us.

    • mike

      Not trying to be a wise guy, Jm; but which other countries? From my understanding, most other countries have socialist gov’t health care.

      • pappy450

        AND most DIE before they can be “looked at”. (why do you think Canadians come over HERE for ‘treatment”) I am not pleased with some parts of this new bill, BUT you have to start SOMEWHERE!

      • Jm

        What the ultimate provider of the services is paid has nothing to do with whether it is a socialist system or a socialist monopoly like the USA system . I am saying that the payment to doctors, hospitals, clinics, pharma,health management companies, insurance premiums, etc is 4 times more than other countries . Who pays it does not matter. What is paid is what matters . We are not more healthy than other countries but the providers get paid 4 timers more money for their services. That is the definition of a monopoly. Trump is not addressing that matter while he knows it is true. It is a scam on the people. He should address it. Why he does not is for you to decide

  • VirgoVince

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