Trump Blasts Merck Pharma Executive

President Donald Trump criticized Merck Pharma’s Kenneth Frazier after the pharmaceutical executive resigned from Trump’s American Manufacturing Council in protest of his response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday.

“Now that Ken Frazier of Merck Pharma has resigned from President’s Manufacturing Council, he will have more time to LOWER RIPOFF DRUG PRICES!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Frazier resigned from the council, citing his disappointment with Trump’s response after an alt-right rally erupted in violence in Charlottesville.

“America’s leaders must honor our fundamental values by clearly rejecting expressions of hatred, bigotry and group supremacy, which run counter to the American ideal that all people are created equal,” Frazier said in a statement. “As CEO of Merck and as a matter of personal conscience, I feel a responsibility to take a stand against intolerance and extremism.”

Frazier’s decision earned rave reviews from Trump’s critics, including former National Security Advisor for President Barack Obama Susan Rice.

“Thanks for standing strong for principle, Ken,” she wrote on Twitter.

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  • dcwc16

    Expressions of hatred, bigotry and group supremacy, on both sides. Actually there were three groups to blame. The Unite the Right Group WHO HAD A Permit, to assemble and express their views, then there were the ANtiFA who did not have a permit and showed up with masks and ball bat’s primed for violence against others who did not agree with their views, then there was the City counsel, Mayor and Police Chief who allowed the two groups to come together knowing violence was sure to occur and stood by till it escalated to the death of one woman. One question to ask which side were the City leaders supporting? It is clear the City leaders knew and allowed the free speech of one group (again who had followed all the requirements to assemble peacefully) to be interfered with by a group who did not have a permit and assembled illegally with the police being told not to interfere with either of the groups even during the violence took sides in this dispute with an illegally present group. Remember the ANTFA at Berkley and how destructive and violent they were? The Pharma Exec is now taking sides and providing moral high ground for a violent and equally immoral group, this has to be for political and anti Trump purposes which is itself immoral and divisive.

    • 7littleangels

      Well said!!!

      • Willie Reeves

        Having a permit and to express your view does not mean one should have the ability and or opportunity to make your views in battle attire. Were they really wanted to express a view or come to battle. Personally I think they came to battle and they will get what they desire want and need to feed those empty desires. Yes you are a MORON with a FOOLS OPINION AND CRAZY MANS IDEAS IF ONE CAN CALL YOU A MAN.

    • rick meek

      Very Well put —– Like CA – NY – MD – Missouri – IL — Cops should be prosecuted under several sections of law for their part at the orders of politicians – MALFEASANCE – MISFEANCE – UNDER COLOR OF LAW….Sorry folks – but they were complacent and derelict in their duties……..

  • bearass

    Natural remedies are well known and currently illegal by design. If Trump was truly upset with these pharmaceutical companies he would declassify cannabis as well as mdma, dmt, mushrooms, and LSD. All have value as anti-depressants, anti-neoplasts, and adjuncts for therapy.

    • georgi

      No way should trump declassify LSD as useful to the public. Timothy Leary misused this drug and so did all the other acid idiots. I saw firsthand what that crap can do after my neighbor tried to fly off a rooftop with a superman cape on. LSD. Riddlin, mushrooms and any other bullshit drug coming down the pike is just to get the public zombies in order to take them over. ADHD ON THE MOST PART IS BS that schools don’t want to do their jobs and teach a real education to these kids. Anyone that says that kids should not get a break every 2 hrs are idiots and I will stand by this fact. How come we had such intelligent people that a 14 yr old can become and ambassador to France and yet you cannot even get a University student to even know what a Civics class is and how to balance a bank account and cannot even write their own name.

  • Charles Girard

    The guy must have been looking for an excuse to quit, Trumps response to the riots was perfect. The guy can do nothing right. The left picks him to death. You Hillary commies can all go to hell. Most of the decent people in this country hates you anyway.

  • ReaperHD

    What President TRUMP said as to a reference to the both sides being at fault was correct, we had this but wipe Juan Williams this morning saying that because the ALT Left Protesters showed up with clubs and bricks and other weapons was alright because they were protesting the ALT Right Protesters. It’s incredible how IGNORANT some people are and JUAN WILLIAMS heads the list and I’m pretty much done with FOX NEWS and I did find OANN One America News to be really good with just giving you the facts as they happen and your not getting some MORONS OPINION.

    • rick meek

      Man – Juan Williams is on the PAYROLL…..come on – he’s an idiot but he’s black and on FAUX news…..a puppet if ever I saw one…..better yet – one of Jeff Dunhams undiscovered in the box backstage…..

      • ReaperHD

        I think his best statement was on the Five when Pres TRUMP was elected, he said “He had to worry that White People were coming to get him”. WOW and they keep bringing him back.

    • k9maiden

      I saw Juan and Jesse Watters go at it on video on the net as I don’t have cable any longer. I wanted to reach in the computer and slap the shit out of Williams, what an IDIOT! No wonder his sons are Republican!

  • Ray

    I don’t agree with the Neo Nazi and White supremacy groups but they had a right under the constitution to be there protesting they also had a permit to be there protesting.
    I also don’t agree with the Antifa or Black Lives Matter groups and they didn’t have a permit to protest and the police should have made them leave.
    So it begs the question how was President Trump wrong in his assessment of the events?
    He is the President of all the people even the ones he may not agree with or truly despise.
    The Trump haters will find fault no matter what he does and the Fake media will go out of their way to try and make him look bad by not reporting all the facts and always taking the side of the left right or wrong.
    As for these cowards on the manufacturing advisory boards they were looking for an excuse to leave and try to put the POTUS in a negative light to justify their quitting
    It is quite obvious as Trump has been beating them up for sending jobs overseas and not protecting American workers. I hope he makes them pay dearly for their unAmerican actions

    • georgi

      Terry McCauliff’s Mayor and asst Mayor told the police to step down after they ordered to police to not let the marchers disperse normally and led them into the lion’s den of evil violators of peaceful exit without harm. Just like Rome and the Christians at the Roman Collesium

      • rick meek

        The Cops were complacent and obedient to politicians —– They and their badges need to be separated….They are NOT COPS…

    • k9maiden

      Great comment Ray! Thanks!

  • Bob Mac

    Merck practices deceptive, exploitive, and abusive business practices, including pushing opiates from Afghanisten into the minority neighborhoods. Hypocrisy is the one unforgivable sin.

  • robmusser

    If you think Trump was wrong on this one, you obviously have no idea of how our laws work. As such, please keep your opinions to yourself because no one cares to hear a clueless moron speak.

  • BBush0712

    Trump just hit another layer of the Swamp Kingdom! Off with their heads.

  • Willie Reeves

    Yes he did blast this CEO and why because he could not control him and he did not believe this crazy mans BS. Only the fools who have supported this clown and jack in the box president is the ones he can BS.

    • georgi

      Bull, Big Pharma controls our Government and Trump is trying to equalize and kick their Price gouging butts our of our government. It takes both sides to have a fight not just one side.

  • Let all real Americans know that they must vote and elect Democrats out of business. The damage done by so called progressives (i.e. socialists, Communists, etc) is enormous. This has to stop NOW. Law and order. Jail for lawbreakers. Jail for those who promote rioting, hire rioter thugs, etc. Where is the Justice Department. Work overtime to prosecute the guilty. NOW

  • rick meek

    The look on the guy’s face says it all – Looks like cory booker when the congressional black caucus told him he’s on the out’s…..

  • rick meek

    Just another EXCUSE – Trump did was right on and needed facts before attempting to make an A** of himself like obozo….The Swamp – sewer and the turds contained will attack trump at every turn……

  • k9maiden

    What President Trump said was absolutely right, and it was PRESIDENTIAL to boot. It doesn’t matter what he said anyway, you will never hear the real truth from the Communist News Network and the rest of the Marxist Media, they will spin, twist, and embellish everything and liberals will believe them. What the HELL was he suppose to say?

  • Steven Gobble

    Juan Williams, look him up in a dictionary and you will find a picture of a liberal Democratic ass. I can’t watch the five anymore because of that butt wipe. I don’t care who say’s something about the Democrats he will come back at you with something stupid and unjust. He can’t see beyond his racist views. He’s really ignorant of the truth and would lie to his mother to protect a Democrat. I hate what his racist ass stands for.

  • Ron C

    Kenneth Frazier no doubt doesn’t see any problems what so every with the fascist Antifa & the BLM thug’s…to Kenny they are pure as the driven snow…Kenny Frazier is just another Globalist hack, hoping for his police state. - 2015 | Privacy Policy