Trey Gowdy Obliterates Harry Reid Over FBI Investigation

Trey Gowdy had a great interview with Bret Baier tonight on Fox News where he responded to the insane letter that Harry Reid put out trying to rip into FBI Director Comey for re-opening an investigation into Hillary’s weinergate.

You have to hear how Trey Gowdy responded:

LOL!!! Wow, he straight up accused Harry Reid of being under the influence of drugs, based on how he tried to intimidate FBI Director Comey!!

What he’s referring to is Reid accusing Comey of attempting to influence the outcome of the election by announcing that he was re-opening the investigation into Hillary’s emails.

Of course, this is all an absurd smear.

The rest of the interview is worth watching, especially when he explains why Harry Reid is on drugs.

Watch below:

Isn’t it funny how he wasn’t interfering when it helped Hillary but now it’s interfering and illegal when it hurts Hillary? Big shocker!!! - 2015 | Privacy Policy