This One Question To Hillary Shows Media’s Absurd Bias

When explosives hit New Jersey and then New York, the press went immediately to the two candidates for a comment. But after hearing Trump’s statement, the media wanted to help Hillary nail him, so they went with the perfect question – does she think that Trump overdid it by calling the attacks “bombings”?

But there’s one problem – listen closely to what Hillary said right before she answered that question designed to damage the Donald:

In case you missed it, Hillary literally calls BOTH the attacks in Chelsea, New York City, and in New Jersey “bombings.”

BUT because the reporter has the question already loaded up and she doesn’t listen closely to what Hillary says, she actually has the gall to ask her to critique Trump for calling them “bombings”!!


It’s utterly incredible and it shows just how much the media is trying to help Hillary nail Trump, and just how terrible they are at it.

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