This Anti-Trump Celeb Is Leaving The U.S.

On Monday, extremely vocal anti-Trump celebrity Madonna announced that she has left the United States to “conquer the world from a different vantage point”: Portugal. The performer said she’ll be in the European country working on the set of a new film called Loved and writing music.

“The energy of Portugal is so inspiring. I feel very creative and alive here and I look forward to working on my film LOVED and making New Music!!!” wrote the superstar on Instagram. ”This will be the next Chapter in My Book! It’s time to conquer the world from a different vantage point!!”

We’re sure Trump supporters are not exactly distraught over the news.

As you might recall, Madge has frequently become unhinged over Donald Trump. When the POTUS was the Republican nominee running against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, for example, Madonna offered up an oral sex act known as The Lewinsky to anyone who would vote for Queen Pantsuit.


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  • glenda lafont

    great be sure and stay

  • Barbaracvm

    Deepest sympathies to Portugal

    • Holy Joe

      In this case our gain is Portugal’s loss.

    • Gen11American

      Any country which wants their society to be totally degraded and their young people over-sexualized in the shortest possible time, all they have to is invite Madonna into their country. I wonder if Madonna was actually invited to Portugal, or if she’s just going on her own volition. Hopefully we’ll find out the answer to that question eventually. If she gets kicked out, I’ll cheer for Portugal!

  • bobvelon

    A great move on her part, now I hope she stays there….

  • dennis w

    have you received the dollar I sent to help pay your moving expenses…..??????….LOL…LOL…

  • standforfreedom

    Good riddance, and take the rest of the celebs who said they would leave if Trump became President! Why are they still here?

    • Jim Misaros

      I agree, rent a cruise ship or a 100, and take everyone that feels like you. I’m sure that you’ll get a big beautiful send off..

      • Tony N.

        How about a Garbage Scow? After all, they ARE trash!!!

        • Carolyn DeVoe-forrest

          your kind are the trash, you all should take tat sexual assaulter, fraud, thief who stole money from children with cancer and the veterans, totaling 17,5 million from them, TRAITOR and many more con bullshit, so you supporting that nasty fat disgusting pig, sure speaks volumes of all of you.. you see we were totally happy with our America so why did you assholes not move to Russia and take that disgusting pig with ya, we are not afraid of your kind and we will stay to fight you to take back our once great Country and salvage our lives and quit being the laughing stock that pig has brought upon us by other Countries, we are a disgrace made by your kind.. we should never let your States grow and prosper, you people like living on tobacco road, now it is too much for your illiterate minds to accept…STFU AND ESND

          • Bill

            Who are you talking about? Nancy or Chuck.

          • MamaJ

            What the heck are you talking about? How about writing in complete sentences so we, the trash, per you, can understand what you are trying to say.

          • Freedom

            ^^^^Another uneducated voter spews!^^^^

          • rick meek

            quit spewing then….

          • M Walden

            Take a course in punctuation, when “caps” are appropriate, spelling, well just take an English as a first language course to cover it all.Carolyn. No, we who have an opposing position will never shut up as we enjoy the First Amendment just as you libs do. Your group has no intelligent answers for us so you just try to shut us up. Forget it, Carolyn as we love America too much to leave her to leftist socialists and commies that now dominate the previous great Democratic party. JFK, Tip O’Neill and many other fantastic Democrats are more than likely turning over in their graves when they see how their formerly great party has been hijacked by NWO elitists.

          • big KAhuna

            Typical Demonrat – you just showed your ignorance
            And racist hatred for a country and its leader that has returned to the rule of law and following the greatest constitution ever written. Amazing at how dilusional and Miss informed you Dems are. The sad part for your types is that your stuck on Stupid ( easily manipulated as a mindless robot by the Socialist/one world order promoter George Sorros).
            Obummer was clearly the most damaging and corrupt racist POTUS in our history. With all that hatred for America – find another country!

          • Tony N.

            LOL….I have to laugh!……Typical rant from a brain-dead libtard!

          • Patsy Klock

            You don’t even deserve to be in this country. You are obviously not American or are you just another ignorant DEMONOCRAT or DUMOCRAT. You were totally brain washed by the lying cheating fraud that we finally got rid of after 8 destructive years. Go back to your own country.

    • Terry Butts

      My guess it they are having problems finding a nation that will allow them to relocate there.

      • rick meek

        Back in the 60’s – even Africa stopped taking the black panthers…..

    • elmcqueen3

      Because they are cowards who love running off at the mouth…However when push comes to shove they hunker down with their crayons and coloring books…while seeking out the comforts of their dark safe spaces of mental “lunacy”.

      • Diane Hovinga

        It’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome!

    • vpats

      They are still here .. because there simply isn’t a better country to go to .. sure we have problems, sure we have issues .. but, all the other totalitarian, socialist, communist and dictatorship governments are much, much worse. They don’t put up with their citizens criticizing their leaders and government .. only in America.

    • Susan

      Because they can’t make the obscene money they make in terrible capitalistic America anywhere else. Useless worthless Godless.

  • Chris Chris

    I’m ashamed she’s an American. She was really hot sh*t back in the 80’s. She’s past it. Madam Illuminata can live in Jahannam. It’s a blasphemy against Mother Mary that she should have named herself after the most righteous woman who ever lived.

    • MARYANN33

      She was straight from the devil from day one

    • old codger

      I can’t completely give you a up vote NOR completely down vote you! Quoting you:
      “I’m ashamed she’s an American” Up vote!
      “She was really hot sh*t back in the 80’s” I never thought so, so down vote!
      “She’s past it.” Can’t be past something she NEVER was! Undecided
      ” It’s a blasphemy against Mother Mary that she should have named herself after the most righteous woman who ever lived.” 100% PLUS Up Vote!!
      I didn’t vote either way for the above mention and there is no half and half way to vote!! Sorry!!

      • cathy

        her mother named her Madonna! I remember the first time I heard her music, which I did NOT like, and even said to my 7 year old daughter, let’s see how long this one will be around for! Well, she’s been around too long. I LOVE Stevie Nick’s music.

        • old codger

          Even though I was way to young to be a 50’s teenager, I’m “STILL” stuck in the 50’s!! Ya know the ones where you could ACTUALLY hear the words! The Everely Brothers, Bobby Vinton, the Ink Spots, Ronny Dove, etc etc! I’m not sure if I know who this Steve is so I’m not going to put him down!
          I’m an “Golden Oldies” kind of gut!! 50’s and early 60’s for ever and ever!!!!!

    • Holy Joe

      I forgot that she is also an intentionally blasphemous immodest wench, did she frequently not pose full frontally naked for magazines, hardly saintly is she ? Good riddance.

    • SmithWinston6478

      CC, Oh YEAH – – she’s waaay over that.

  • horseridingplains

    great- don’t let the door hit you in the behind on the way out— oh by the way don.t bother to return.

  • flynace67

    You ever had someone around that was just like a black cloud hanging overhead, then they leave and you almost feel the gush of fresh air? Well, her leaving is a little cup out of that blackness and a little more breathing room for the rest of us. Now, if the rest of Hollywierd who promised to leave would just follow in her footsteps, we’d have a bright, bright sunshiney day!!!!!!

    • Kstar


    • glock 19 fan

      You reminded me of the character Joe BFTSPLK in the “Li’l Abner” comic strip, a satire strip by Al Capp. Thanks for the memory!!

  • rridgsr


    • SmithWinston6478

      Definitely gunna be a contributing factor.

  • sox83cubs84

    Good riddance to bad trash! Although she at least did honor her promise. Too bad we can’t get Rosie O’Fat, O-Fat Winfrey, Whoopi Cushion Goldberg and the others to keep their word, also.

    • SmithWinston6478

      Madonna and butch O’Rosie were buds. Close the door if Rosie goes to visit.

      • sox83cubs84

        Sounds like a plan. Once Rosie the Revolting is out the door, you bring the chains and I’ll bring the padlock.

        • SmithWinston6478

          I’ll be there.


    cancel this bitches passport quick,we do not need any communist cockroaches ruining our kids with their garbage music.


    Keep her out of here. forever please…She was a scourge to this nation.

    • SmithWinston6478

      Definitely a classless female who Can’t Understand Normal Thinking.

  • VanceJ

    Don’t bother to ever come back.!!!!!!!!

  • robertleo

    She can now share her morals in her new found home.

  • Kstar

    Please, oh please never try and come back here ever again and take the rest of your socialist friends with you—you know the ones who hate America like you do! (Just about all of Hollywood)
    it’s a great thing and a great comfort to know you are GONE!

    • old codger

      Great Comfort and a BLESSING!!!!

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    With the threats she made get her declared as a terrorist and ban her from re entry to the USA

  • Sandra Mikovich

    Will you PLEASE take Rosie with you?

  • William Montalvo

    Please don’t come back. There are shippers for anything you forget.

  • Ran-man

    Horrah for true Americans

  • Michael Massey

    Hey Madonna, could you grab Schumer, Cher, Whoopi, Babs, and all those other complaining nasty bitches and go to Portugal also. I am sure we can do without all of them here in the USA !

  • rebeccadewhirst

    Why isn’t she bringing all her celeb friends with her they can have a ball

  • billybob

    Can you take Rosie with you?

  • Pete

    The Portuguese will reject her, eventually, but in the meantime, she will do much damage to them.

    • cathy

      Hooray for ALL of US! I would LOVE to send her all of these comments. It appears, NO ONE likes her! I’m laughing at you madonna.

    • cathy

      Lots! Their tourism may vanish!

    • SmithWinston6478

      Correct. Anybody who has spent any time in Portugal knows they are dignified, kind-hearted, humble people who have reverance for the Lord.

  • l2a3

    Typical lying Hollywood Liberal communist, she will come back, with “I am Homesick” crap.

    • SmithWinston6478

      Indeed, many liberal saps, once confronted with reality, tend to wake up and go underground.

  • Calvin King

    Portugal’s loss is our gain. May she never “grace” our shores again. Hopefully, all the rest of the Hollyweird types who said they would leave will follow this tramp. Our air would be much cleaner with their departure. Maybe the Clintons and Obamas will also leave. Ah, we could only hope, but afraid our hopes will be dashed.

  • William McNamara

    Poor Portugal. Now they have to put up with this old skank and her insanity. Oh, well. Better them than us!

    • SmithWinston6478

      ‘Skank’. Perfect. My younger brother used to say: “Yours is ugly.”

  • Polina Averbukh

    I am sure I am not going to loose my seep!

  • Texas Belle


  • JoAnn Graham

    Miracles due happen

    • SmithWinston6478

      There IS a God!

      • OhNoodlyOne


  • Jackson Brannon

    QUICK!!!! Put this skanky HO on the no fly list!!!

    • SmithWinston6478

      After landing in Lisbon.

  • cathy

    Pauvracito Portugal! They will never recover. Tal vez, Rosie will go with you?

  • pastriesqueen

    I hope Madonna will rescind get US citizenship & never set foot back in America again. Hope Madonna is setting a good example for all her liberal & progressive friends…. may they follow her to leave USA!

  • Jmanjo

    Good riddance! If you are that stupid to denounce your country for wanting to be better than what Obama did to it be sure and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out floozy!

  • Tony N.

    To MADonna: And STAY away…You POS!!!
    Could it be that she is leaving the Country to avoid ARREST??? Hmmmm?

  • generalJed

    Good riddance. I guess she forgot about the country that gave her a start and provided her with millions of dollars, so that she could malign it.

  • Connie Wilhite

    Don’t come back, EVER! We do not ever want to see your madeup face,EVER!

  • Terry Butts

    What took so long I thought these celebrities PROMISED to leave right after the election if the did not get what they wanted in the typical two year older’s mentality of I get my way or else.

  • Alexis Strong

    Good riddance, another Democrap gone.

  • AFGus

    Awesome! Don’t let the border hit ya, where the good Lord split ya!

  • Holy Joe

    Oh, good ! How many others are going with her ? We will have no regrets as we say goodbye to the whole damned
    lot of the untalented Libtards in Hollywood.

  • Art946

    Good Riddance, The only Libturd that I know of to keep her word about leaving our country.

    • SmithWinston6478

      In the current world, what kind of 8-ball would leave the relative safety of the U.S?

  • mike

    Good riddance. Obviously, none of the nursing homes here would take her.

  • Charles Girard

    You never shocked me after the first dirty video you made. You were a success because of your pumping and grinding on stage and nothing more. I think you are about to learn what a great country this is. Good by and bad luck, this country is going to improve when you leave, and take that dumb ass Ashley Judd with you.

  • Good riddance to that stupid bitch.

  • SmithWinston6478

    Hey Babs, This is a good thing you’re doing for America ! Don’t let the door hit cha where the Good Lord split cha, and don’t hurry back.

    “The man/woman who views the world at 50 the same as he/she did when he/she was 20, has wasted 30 years of his/her life.” ~ Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)
    “Usually the nonsense liberals spout is kind of cute, but in wartime their instinctive idiocy is life-threatening.” ~ Ann Coulter

  • elmcqueen3

    Yeahhhh…Good riddance to the biggest bitch (Madonna) in the music industry…That being said many of us would be so much happier if she would take the rest of her potty mouth trashy “commie” friends along with her…Charlie Sheen…Mickey Rourke…Ben Affleck…Kathy Griffen…Johnny Depp…Robert DeNiro…Alex Baldwin…and of course the other libtard dumb butt who goes by the name of “Cher”…They should all go to Portugal together and renounce their citizenship…They’d all be one big foul mouthed happy family…and this country would be able to become “Great Again” without the likes of em…I for one would not miss em nor would millions of other people in this country.

    • OhNoodlyOne


  • Bob Greer

    Bye Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye…..Slut Puppy…

  • Donald Ort

    Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Flannery

    just what the world needs, a slut like madonna,,,dont come back you pig

  • Bob Flannery

    i hope rosie the pig, whoopi and joy bahard, and cher get on the leaving america train,,,county will smell better,,,,,

  • Ironmike4610

    Don’t forget to take the rest of the lib trash with you. P.S. Don’t let the door hit you in your a$$ on your way out, SKANK!!!

  • usmcb10

    goodbye and good riddance can we revoke her citizenship?

  • vpats

    It is unfortunate, but I didn’t see where she renounced her U.S. Citizenship … so this is just another Liberal ruse.

  • John Centonze

    What is the expression about not having the door hit you?

  • Go,Bernie

    One down. How many more to go? Go, Whoopi, go!

  • Dominic D’Antonio

    This asswipe said she would leave if Trump got elected. Why is she still here??

  • Carole Nargi

    Madonna who?

  • Jim Smith

    Too bad we can’t t get many more to self volunteer to Drain the Swamp. Clooney, De Niro, Streep, O’Donnell, and bunches of ‘celebrities’ I hadn’t ever heard of, anti Americans like Ryan and Pelosi are also welcome to emigrate. Whoopi is neat so I’ll give her one more chance to repent.

  • metheoldsarge

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Ha Nguyen

    Can she moves 2 North Korea ? I appreciate…

  • ClarenceDeBarrows

    Yeah, sure! She left, but you can be sure the bum will be back just as soon as the movie is completed.

  • Susan

    Praying to Our Lady of Fatima


    Well I hope you stay there bitch and your new film will be a flop.

  • barbarakelly

    Well keep going madona ——-and don’t come back!!!



  • Anton

    I thought Madonna lived in England and her kids go to school there, I read that somewhere, maybe she was living in the US and England, maybe she has duel citizenship…
    Let her go, she will not be missed

  • Dean

    Wait until Portugal gets a load of this vile foul mouthed meathead. And then when they hear how much money she wants to perform her filth. they just might ask her to leave.

  • Freedom

    Airhead Madonna gave America a gift. President Trump is correct. He is slowly draining the swamp and making America great again.

  • Ischgabibble

    Leave your passport with us. We do not want you to return.

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    BYE-BYE-There’s no place like America-So you Shall want to come Back-But Don’t Remember-You don’t like us.!!!

  • d66cmorris

    good riddance to bad rubbish. Hope she stays there and gives up her USA citizenship.


    Don’t expect Americans to add to your bank account with your so called movie and music..You are a Parasite and Always will be..Good Luck Portugal with this Strain of Virus called Mudonna..

  • parthenon1

    Dont let the door knob catch in your butt on the way out !

  • Victoria Smith

    Yes, we are thrilled for the U.S., but poor Portugal.

  • Diane Hovinga

    Good riddance here: feel sorry for Portugal! One thing we now know…if she thinks she’s conquering the world then she has delusions of grandeur!

  • juniemoon

    Excellent news. Now stay away forever.

  • Kim LaMela

    Please take some of the Other Idiots with you……

  • Robalou01

    As if anyone cares what this has been slug does.

  • RufusVonDufus

    Thank gawd, get the freaking pig out of here!

  • Freedom

    Hmmm, I wonder if she gave out all of those bj’s she promised for people who voted for Skank Hillary before she left!


    Madonna is leaving, thank you God, but, like a bad penny she ALWAYS comes back. Maybe she’s getting plastic surgery. Now if we could get the rest to leave that would be amazing.

  • rick meek

    Good Riddance – UNTIL LIKE CLOONEY – ya need to run for the cover and protection of the US…..but I notice that ya didn’t RENOUNCE your citizenship……

  • Frank Roza

    Just one more pig out of the country!Good riddance!I’m just sorry that my home country has to suffer!

  • cin19

    May she stay there indefinitely–we won’t miss her!

  • elmcqueen3

    Remember the Vietnam War…125,000 draft dodgers left this country and went to Canada…After the Vietnam war was over many of these snow flakes came crawling back to this country for the simple reason they found that life in the USA was much better than the time they had spent living in Canada…The same will happen to Madonna…when the honeymoon is over she will come crawling back to the USA…It will be adios Portugal…they should be so lucky to see her leave.

  • lorna shores

    she`s leaving to make a movie, she`ll be back!

  • ch

    I hope it is permanent.

  • Robert

    Good riddance, and take the as many other pest with as you like.

  • Tallulah Cusati

    Happy to see her go. Please do NOT come back.

  • M Walden

    America’s gain is Portugal’s loss.

  • big KAhuna

    So glad that anyone wanting to change our government/ Constitution to suit their warped and twisted lifestyle ( promoting Communism/Socialism, Drugs, preventing freedom of speech, and anti Christian) has moved away from our shores.
    There is no loss for America if any of these types leave.
    Find a country that suits your life style and quit trying to modify
    The best constitution ever written by Christians. America remains the shining Country that everyone envies and wants in because of this constitution/values. We must protect it at all cost.

  • GSWhite

    Good for you Madonna, but don’t come back! You don’t want to be a hypocrite and come back crawling, do you? No one with any moral character can stand such a morally degrading character that you embody. You’re anything but good. You may have quasi friends that say they love you, but they are most likely morally depraved like you.

  • Teresa

    Don’t let the door kick you in the ass, you won’t be missed. I used to like you till you opened your mouth and spoke so badly and threatening about our President! Karma is a bitch! Hey take Kathy Griffin, Samuel Jackson, Whoopi, Meryl Streep and Robert DiNero with you!!

  • Patsy Klock

    Good Ridance I just wish the rest of them who said that they would leave did leave. But they can’t afford to they make too much money here. What a bunch of loosers. Let this witch spread her gross legs in some other country. - 2015 | Privacy Policy