The View Attacks Trump’s Base

Co-host Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View,” offensively claimed that President Trump’s supporters could care less if he lied “right to their faces.”

Behar stated, “The thing that’s so appalling is that the lying continues and his base apparently still doesn’t care. I mean, the guy goes in front of a bunch of veterans and says you’re going to get a 10 percent raise when he knows that they’re only getting a 2.6 percent raise. He lies right to their faces and then he lies that Mexico is going to pay for the wall. If you recall, the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, said Mexico is not going to pay for it. That was the tipping point for this whole thing. They will never pay for the wall.”

Adding, “He says every stupid thing and it doesn’t mean anything to his base.” - 2015 | Privacy Policy