The Struggle On Both Sides

This week’s biggest political controversies exposed fault lines within the country’s major political factions, with the right fighting about civil disobedience while the left fought over the attempted murder of a Republican Congressman.

Shakespeare in the Park

On Friday night, two conservatives disrupted a New York performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar that escalates the left’s campaign of imagery designed to cathartically depict the death or murder of President Donald Trump.’s Laura Loomer was arrested for running onstage during the Shakespeare in the Park production, while activist Jack Posobiec taped her demonstration and shouted at the crowd: “The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands!”

“Old Right”

Several authors at anti-Trump conservative publications condemned Loomer and Posobiec, arguing that the two infringed on the free speech of Shakespeare in the Park and their tactics were too close to the Occupy of Black Lives Matter movement.

Pro-Trump conservatives labeled this faction the “old right,” stating that there is no moral equivalence between this disruption and the violence of left-wing protesters in dozens of recent incidents.


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  • sandraleesmith46

    The Elites’ game of divide and conquer is in full swing. Satan will gain the upper hand, through his minions here, for a time; but it won’t be “good times” for anyone; and then comes the judgment and that will definitely not be fun for any!

  • Big Iron

    The PTB thought they had it won, that the New World Order and Lucifer would prevail …but the last election did not go as they had planned and it was beyond the ability of the PTB to “fix”. Usually, they have the elections fixed so that no matter which of the two candidate actually wins it doesn’t really matter in the end because both have been previously chosen to be acceptable by the PTB. Since 1933 [and probably even before] the Presidential elections were “fixed” by the PTB. The “people” were given the choice of two candidates who were already pre-selected and if by chance their favorite wasn’t elected it really mattered little to their plans. However, that has sometimes NOT worked out for them.
    John Kennedy was selected by them in 1960 but he rejected “their” control and the control of the Vatican. HE worked for the people of America and was trying to restore the Republic and would have before the election so THEY needed to eliminate him and they did.
    Ronald Reagan wasn’t supposed to be a candidate but his popularity overrode their ability to control who was the candidate and HE won the office. He was trying to be a President for the American people but after two assassination attempts the last of which almost succeeded he got the message and followed his orders.
    Today we have Donald Trump who was not supposed to get the nomination and most especially was not supposed to be elected our President but who won despite all the tricks perpetrated by the PTB. Now the PTB are in a turmoil. Their plans are falling apart. Trump understands what they are doing. The “sheeple” are waking up to what’s been done to them by the PTB. Their only allies are the commi-socialists, the snow-flakes and the “free stuff army”. Trump is actually trying to fix what the PTB have done to destroy our nation. HE is attempting to actually keep his campaign promises despite opposition by the “minions” of the PTB who control most of what passes for our government today, “to drain the swamp” that is DC, the seat of the corrupt united States Corporation run by the “globalists”!.
    Trump needs OUR help to allow him to help us, We, the People.; HE IS placing his life in jeopardy for US as did John Kennedy and his brother Bobby.
    Ask yourself what YOU can do to help Trump with his agenda and to restore our American Republic.

    • metheoldsarge

      Soros may be the puppet master to the likes of Obama, the Clinton’s Kerry and most of the RINOs and Democrats in Washington. In my opinion, Soros is also a puppet himself. Trump is a threat to their real bosses. They are nothing more than puppets doing what their puppet masters tell them to do. This was in the works long before Kennedy, Johnston, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Bush 41, Bush 43, Clinton, Obama and even Reagan were borne. Perhaps even further back than all that. Possibly as far as the early to middle 19th Century.

      All you have to do is a little research and you will find that the puppet masters who control the real power are the ones behind the curtains that you don’t hear about. They are the powerful elites like the Rockefeller’s, Cavendish’s (Kennedy), Vanderbilt’s, Rothschild’s, the Hollywood Left (Not to be mistaken for the useful idiots you see on the big screen), the elites of the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission just to name a few. I think they are the ones who make up the real power.

      Don’t just take my word for all of this. Do your own research. Removing Soros, Obama and the Clinton’s out of the picture, regardless of the means, will not put a stop to this. They will just be replaced. This is what Khrushchev was talking about when he said that we would be defeated from within without firing a shot. Joseph McCarthy may have been an SOB, but if he was still alive, he would be saying: “I told you so!” - 2015 | Privacy Policy