The NRA Decides To Step In

After choosing to stay silent for what seems like forever regarding Senate race between Roy Moore and Doug Jones, the NRA finally decided to step in and spend over 50K for postcards which suggest Alabamans not to vote for Jones.

Doug Jones believes the 2nd Amendment has limitations. He thinks the government should have the power to regulate.

Jones said: “We’ve got limitations on all constitutional amendments in one form or another.”

He also wants to make background checks at gun shows mandatory.

President Trump tweeted this:

The last thing we need in Alabama and the U.S. Senate is a Schumer/Pelosi puppet who is WEAK on Crime, WEAK on the Border, Bad for our Military and our great Vets, Bad for our 2nd Amendment, AND WANTS TO RAISES TAXES TO THE SKY. Jones would be a disaster!

  • SeanM62

    You go Ron!! Support the 2nd. Amendment!! Looking forward to getting my stock of RPG’s so I can “protect my family.”

  • Neither one thrills me. But I’ll take Moore over Jones. And RPGs work good for home protection when you’re trying to hold off a false SWAT team or gang.

    • acs1949

      What’s the deal with dumb statements from so-called defenders of the 2nd Amendment about “RPG’s for home defense”? Is this BS a deliberate attempt to give the gun-haters one more lie to trumpet to the skies? Anybody with any understanding of the law(and a grain of common sense) knows that anti-tank rockets are completely illegal for the average citizen(although I’m sure your average “gang-banger” or terrorist could pick one up in the black market if he had the scratch). It’s statements like this that give all responsible gun owners a bad name. A hunting magazine I was reading in my doctor’s office(I’m in Montana, where such things are common fare in doctors’ offices) just ran an article about the stupidity of making inflammatory statements on social media about hunting, but it applies to gun owners as well. We would all do well to choose our words carefully in any public forum, because any overwrought nonsense(even in jest) is wide open to misinterpretation, and thus WILL be deliberately misinterpreted by the anti-gun flakes.

      • 😛

      • Junior Sampals

        Do you mean like Judge Roy Moore saying that Ben-Gay should be arrested for Sodomy? Tell me how that helped Judge Moore go to Washington.

  • flashy0ne

    I DON’T “KNOW” if Judge Roy Moore is guilty or not! However, I’m certainly NOT going to “PRE-JUDGE” a man’s guilt based on an accusation of a (somewhat tarnished) “victim”, of a ‘physical advance’ which was ‘supposed’ to have occurred “MANY” years ago, which “just” came to light in time to ‘prejudice’ an election, represented by a “well known” democratic shill attorney who REFUSES to allow circumstantial evidence (which has now been KNOWINGLY altered) to be examined by the defense and to which the accused has denied ALL CHARGES. If you are a democrat, he’s OBVIOUSLY guilty — off with his head !! But for the rest of us, without the benefit of an all seeing crystal ball, we’ll just have to stick with that old LEGAL standby, “A man is innocent UNTIL PROVEN guilty”.

    • Jim Wagenmann

      One admitted she forged the year book and another says she doesn’t remember meeting Moore.

  • Nancy McPherson
  • shavager

    Take it from a REGISTERED Democrat voter–REGISTERED FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS—I’d VOTE FOR A CRIMINAL BEFORE I’D VOTE FOR A COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST DOUG JONES OR ANY ‘DemocRAT’! The National SOCIALIST DemocRAT Party of islam and George Soros—DOES NOT STAND FOR AMERICA OR FOUNDING PRINCIPLES—THEY ARE FOR TOTAL GOVT CONTROL OVER SOCIETY and Jones IS A SYCOPHANT/BLIND FOLLOWER! With a criminal–you KNOW you have to keep an eye on, a socialist/communist will spend time CONVINCING you he/she is working FOR you, when they’ve NEVER worked FOR anybody but government DOMINATION! All I’ve seen against Moore is ALLEGATIONS–the DemocRAT party RUNS ON ALLEGATIONS–NOT PRINCIPLES! A vote FOR Roy Moore is a vote AGAINST THE SWAMP!!! A vote for Doug Jones is a VOTE FOR THE MOST CORRUPT ORGANIZTION IN THE U.S.—the National SOCIALIST DemocRAT party of islam and George Soros!!

    • Ran-man

      I’m impressed with your honesty, ( not that my opinion means a thing), and agree with you. Am so fed up with partisan politics, I dont want to be associated with either major party. Am now registered non-partisan, however , I view DJT as a breath of fresh air in the DC swamp because of his threat to the establishment on both sides. He sure put things in an uproar. Only bad thing is DC is so intent on his failure that they forgot the American public in order to show their hatred of him and exercise revenge for American voters putting him in office.

    • justanagent

      More and more voters are beginning to see that the top tier leaders of both parties are feeding from the same trough. They may have some differences on how the domestic money pie is sliced but they have all signed on to a globalist agenda. They see sovereign nation states, national borders and capitalism as the antithesis of the world order they plan to create. Their world view transcends political parties which they see as merely vehicles to get elected to office. Obama is a globalist. Romney is a globalist. The Clintons and the Bushes are globalists. Remember the TV ads they did together to drum up support for the Clinton Global Initiative? Trump believes in the nation state, capitalism, national sovereignty, and clearly defined national borders. In other words, whatever else he may be he is not one of “them”. The globalists and their deep state allies see him as an obstacle that has the potential of permanently derailing their plans to create a global “new world order” (Bush 41’s own words). To them Trump is a major threat to their agenda. He is their enemy and they will go to any length to defeat and destroy him. That explains everything we see going on right now in Washington.

  • Junior Sampals

    What have you to say about the other 8 ladies who had the same experience with Judge Moore? Yea, that is right, 9 accusers in total.

    • Tim

      You know not what you talk about junior, go back to bed now!

      • Junior Sampals

        Tim, when one is deluded, tricked, and bamboozled by a charlton like Roy Moore, there is no shame associated with the deception. However when one takes up for and defends the same lying, deceaving, childmolesting, montebank in the face of overwelming evidence that he is guilty or lying, it makes the person defending the lying, deceiving, childmolesting, montebank, a lying, deceaving, childmolesting, montebank as well.

        • acs1949

          I guess my idea and your idea of “overwhelming evidence” are a little different. Unsupported allegations from individuals proven by others to be liars(one of whom is a close friend of a drug dealer Judge Moore prosecuted) don’t qualify as evidence in my book. The underlying principle of our legal system is that one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, where the rules of evidence prevail. If those charges had a grain of truth to them, law enforcement would take action. As it stands, no formal charges have been filed and no warrant issued. It just seems terribly convenient that these accusers waited all these years to speak out, just in time to influence an election where Judge Moore was leading in the polls against a gun-hating liberal Pelosi-Schumer puppet candidate. “Veerrry interesting”, don’t you think?

          • Junior Sampals

            I don’t normally respond to lying, deceiving, childmolesting, montebanks but in your case I’ll make an exception. Most of the evidence against Roy Moore was supplied by Roy Moore by way of his fumbling denials that fall apart when compared to known facts. For instance Roy Moore demanded that Mrs. Nelson entrust him with her yearbook so Judge Moore could have his signature confirmed as his signature. Judge Moore was offered his choice of handwriting experts but he rejected that offer and instead insisted on keeping Mrs Nelson’s yearbook in his possession.. Then there is Judge Moore’s first denial when he said, “I never dated young women (as a 35 year old) without their parents’ permission” I ask you, what’s wrong with that????

            It is sad that there are no pictures of Mrs. Nelson caressing Judge Moore’s penis through his undershorts but I doubt that you would accept the truth about your hero if you witnessed him fornicating with a 6 year old boy..

          • Junior Sampals

            Is that drug dealer Roy Moore’s own son? I knew that the young man was in legal trouble over drugs or alcohol but I did want to drag the young man into his father’s problems.

        • coolman11

          The only evidence is a supposed autograph in a yearbook from forty years ago, and the prosecutor won’t let an outside entity analyze it not to mention these women happen to come out forty years later!

  • Jmanjo

    Keep in mind, any Republican is better than a Democrat! Democrat mamas won’t claim their offspring!

  • Michael Gregory

    All the democratic socialist party wants is absolute power for Soros and his minions. They will lie, cheat, steal and kill ala Antifa to accomplish their goals of the destruction of American culture and freedom of the individual!

    • Junior Sampals

      Every political party basically lies, cheats, steals, and kills to accomplish their goals. All’s fair in love, war, and politics. The more successful political parties just don’t get caught lying, cheating, stealing, and killing their political opponents. That is Bill’s & Hillary’s problem, they always have blood on their hands.

  • Junior Sampals

    Every cloud has a silver lining and the silver lining in Roy Moore’s cloud is that since he won’t be going to Washington he how has plenty of time to work on his defence in his child molestation cases. - 2015 | Privacy Policy