The Group That Got Ignored in Charlottesville

The “alt-right” is evil. White supremacism is evil. Neo-Nazism is evil.

I’ve been saying these things my entire career; I’ve spent more than a year slamming various factions on the right that refuse to disassociate from and condemn popularizers of the racist alt-right. The media, too, have spent inordinate time covering the rise of the alt-right and tacit acquiescence to it from White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and President Trump. So when an alt-right piece of human debris drove a car at 40 mph into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, last Saturday, injuring 19 people and killing a 32-year-old woman, the level of scrutiny on the alt-right forced Trump to condemn various alt-right groups by name.


But the media have remained largely silent about another group: Antifa. Antifa is a loosely connected band of anti-capitalist protesters generally on the far left who dub themselves “anti-fascist” after their compatriots in Europe. They’ve been around in the United States since the 1990s, protesting globalization and burning trash cans at World Trade Organization meetings. But they’ve kicked into high gear over the past two years: They engaged in vandalism in violence, forcing the cancelation of a speech by alt-right popularizer Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California, Berkeley; a few months later, they attacked alt-right demonstrators in Berkeley; they attacked alt-right demonstrators in Sacramento, California, leading to a bloody street fight; they threw projectiles at police during President Trump’s inauguration; they attacked pro-Trump free-speech demonstrators in Seattle last weekend. They always label their opponents “fascists” in order to justify their violence.

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  • Matthew V. Brown

    “Antifa” labels others as fascists to try to take people’s eyes off the fact that they [antifa] are the fascists. Ironic choice of a name, don’t you think?

    • MKFlyboy

      Ironic, but not at all surprising…using the often-employed leftist tactic of projection….accusing others of what they themselves are doing in an effort to make people believe they are not doing it. Besides, I would love to ask any antifa clown what their definition of ‘fascism’ is.

      • Free America

        The definition of Facism is antifa.

      • Matthew V. Brown

        As would I, MKFlyboy…as would I.

    • jngtelco

      It is no different when the communist/socialist took the name Liberal to hide what they were doing and make it look like they were for Liberty which they are not.

      • truthseeker

        They cloud the issue that the Police had once again been ordered to stand down and by doing so the instigators became out of control and again did not have a permit . The game is to label it all with words like White Supremacy, Nazi and KKK in order to divert the fact History was being rewritten to suit the radical left . The Removal was voted on by the City Council and not by the people . The Blacks got 4 million for Blacks only, cause ” Black Lives Matter”. Your mother always told you not to play in the streets, watch both ways before crossing and never told you to block traffic in a public highway . Too bad what happened to those who had protested taking it to the Streets, but the Streets have never been made as a Playground or a Center Stage. No the Streets had been made for Public use and when the Public that drive on those streets are denied the use of it that is Anarchy .

        • The police are always under the control of the city council rather than the people that they seldom serve and protect. We need to consider ourselves lucky when they don’t kill us.

          • truthseeker

            The Police is our last line of defense. We all must do our best to support our Local Police. It is the Mayor that usually orders them to stand down, like in Baltimore. ” Let them have room to destroy”. Those orders are unlawful .

          • Police departments are arguably unconstitutional, and unnecessary if We the People maintained the militia.

          • truthseeker

            Oh Yah! that makes a lot of sense. Let them have room to destroy. It is our Officers of the Law that should be allowed to do their job and not be ordered to stand down and be the passive observers .

          • Most of the younger police officers are former military policemen with experience in controlling resistant populations, just what they’ll need to install and maintain martial law after we give them an excuse, which is what these paid-for Soros-financed demonstrations will do when they break down into riots.

          • voncile fullwood

            then it is time to call for the Mayor to resign and yet for the Governor he was no better

          • truthseeker

            The ones who had a Permit to petition in regards to the taking down of the Confederate Statue had been herded out of the Park and into the Town by the Police. If that had not been done, the driver would perhaps not of had any reason to drive his car into the Crowd.( Yes he was so wrong) , but nothing comes to any good when you take the Protest out of the Park and into the city. The radical Left love to block the public highways and stop everyone from going about their own business . Playing in the Streets is always a very bad idea. Now this girl is an object of petty and her lack of judgement putting herself in danger is suppose to be everyone’s fault . Funny how her Mother took no time to get an audience ., as for myself I would of been busy attending my child funeral and would of taken a brief moments for myself , if just out of respect for her daughter. Refusing to take a phone call from the President is such a shallow and Self-righteous individual . Did the Governor or Mayor take the time ? If President Trump would of just ignored it all and was just had been quiet they would of been even more outraged . The priority is first the Mayor and then the Governor to react , cause they are the ones that have to answer the tough questions , like why did the instigators be allowed to continue with their violence and not be stopped by the Police and why had they not been arrested.

          • Do you mean pity rather than petty?
            Given the news cycle, if everyone would stop talking about it, most will have forgotten it within a day.

          • The constitutionality of police departments is tenuous, at best.

          • truthseeker

            I do support our Police, but they are controlled by the Corrupt Politicians , who have the control of the Chief of Police . Marshal law will be the only way to control the next big Riot . Look at Maryland and how nothing happened when she stated, ” Let them have room to destroy”. Our Police are tied and gaged by those that got elected through a lot of wheeling and dealing .

          • Are you so dumbed down that you are ignorant of the reason for the militia?

          • ipsd48

            No, friend. WE’RE the last line of defense

          • truthseeker

            I hope it never gets to that point ., but it seems that our corrupt politicians have restrained our Police from doing their jobs, by ordering them to stand down, do nothing and allow these criminals destroy property, while threating people’s very lives. I really don’t want to see a Purge and we go into the Wild West day’s. You are right in the fact that if our Police can no longer provide for our Protection, then it will go to the next stage. The Mayor’s and Chief of Police think that they are well protected, but when the balloon goes up it will be all hands on deck.

          • Love your shot!

          • If you are going to troll, you should learn how to first, and not be so obvious in choosing posts to respond to from lists where you are ignorant of the context.

    • Who are the communists, then?

  • cp123

    Law and order at all costs. Shoot to kill and stop the decline od society once and for all.

    • Rich

      On the spot rehabilitation

  • ch

    The Unite the Right group was a permitted and PEACEFUL rally until blm and antifa was bussed in with their black hoods, masks and weapons. The organizer of the Unite the Right was an obama supporter. Set up?
    there is also a video showing the driver of the car that killed the girl, his car was hit with a bat or pipe by blm or antifa anti protestors.

    Bob Gray · U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
    Let me offer the drivers defense in first person:

    The demonstration was declared illegal. I went to my car to leave. Being unfamiliar with the city I took a wrong turn. I found my self in an area with demonstraters. They started to throw items at my car. (show earlier video which has been edited by news) I accelerated in an attempt to get to safety.

    When I saw the mass of people ahead of me I started to slow down when something struck my car. In stead of hitting the break I accidentally hit the accelerator and went into the crowd.

    I was immediately surrounded by the crowd. They where striking the car breaking the glass and shouting that they where going to kill me. In fear for my life I reversed the car and backed away. (show video of the accident) When the car became undriveable, I left the area on foot and was looking for someone to turn myself into and report the accident.

    This is the defense any competent lawyer will make to a jury. Based on the video and the drivers testimony any resonable jury will find reasonable doubt and not convict.

    Given the history of over charging in the last few high profile cases, Zimmerman, Freddie Gray and Castillo and the willingness of Juries to view the evidence in an impartial and reasoned fashion, the government could well have another defeat on its hands.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Not the car I saw; it as pristine.

      • pappy450

        The video of his car being struck by antifa/black LIES matter THUGS was posted on the internet. (several times)

      • old codger

        That’s right my dear “DEFEND” them, the OFFENDERS!!

        • sandraleesmith46

          I’m not defending anyone! All 4 groups there were LEFTIST! I only said the video I saw of the car, it was pristine not “attacked” by anyone. IT did the attacking, and was driven by a Nazi sympathizer. Far as I’m concerned that whole bunch is OFFENSIVE and should be outlawed as seditionists.

          • Are you a descendent of John Adams?

          • sandraleesmith46

            Not that I know of, although he’s been kind of “haunting” me for the past several years, along with a couple of his contemporaries to whom I am related that did fight in the Revolution along with Washington’s army.

          • When he was president, he locked up a lot of people who disagreed with him as seditionists, alienating himself from his lifelong friend, Thomas Jefferson, who pardoned several of them.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Fact is, he and Jefferson often disagreed, yet they remained friends to the very day they both died. They know how to agree to disagree and not make it personal. Unfortunately, that’s largely a lost art.

          • They both took it quite personally, since they seldom spoke following their presidencies.

          • sandraleesmith46

            They didn’t “speak” because Adams lived in MA and Jefferson in VA; but they corresponded with each other through the years; that was before telephones, you recall…

          • They were part of the Committees of Correspondence, of which Abigail Adams was a major mover.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Yes; and ?

          • That is one of the many parts of our history that has never found its way into a public fool system textbook.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Well, that’s true enough, but they don’t tell the truth about either of them anyway, so I don’t know it makes a lot of difference these days.

          • Since “they” span the left-right spectrum, depending on their agendas, the only thing we can know for sure is that they are socialists, or more accurately, collectivists.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Globalists, yes; the labels behind which they hide may span a spectrum, but their ideologies really don’t; those are all fully leftist/globalist.

          • Globalists are merely apologists for the collectivism they use to keep us all in feudalism.
            The only difference between the communists of the extreme left and the fascists of the extreme right is the state ownership of the means of production avowed by Marxists.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Fascism is socialism which is also LEFT always; it’s a media lie that they’re “right”; the ONLY place they’re “right is on the socialism spectrum itself. Any other spectrum they are LEFT. There’s very LITTLE difference in the ideology of fascism and of Marxism or communism; so little, in fact, Hitler and Stalin were more like 2 peas from the same pod than different, something else they don’t teach in schools these days and haven’t for decades.

          • So you are saying that the only rightist fascists are Americans?
            Bush (both), Cheney, Rumsfeld, McCain, et. al. are all clearly fascists, unless you are going to call them communists like Hillary and Bernie.

          • sandraleesmith46

            No, no fascist is “right leaning”; it’s only our “modern media” that claims they are; more of their lies. They never were or have been or are apt to become right leaning politically, socially or fiscally. What all those are is GLOBALISTS, every last 1 of them working toward the global gov’t. Fascists/Marxists is immaterial; 1 goal only, from the 1 party inside the DC private corporation/beltway!

          • Communists support welfarism and fascists support warfarism, welfare is welfare, regardless of which end of the socialist left-right spectrum signs the checks or pockets the bribes.

          • sandraleesmith46

            I haven’t noticed that the communists were exceptionally pacifists; maybe I missed something living through the Cold War? Neither really cares how they keep you beholden to the state, just so they do!

          • All collectivists are willing to do whatever is required to accomplish their conquests. If they can’t do it through electoral politics or organizing, they won’t have any problem sending some of their peasants off to die for their “liberty.”

          • sandraleesmith46

            That’s for sure; we have a wall full of names in DC and a few other special monuments to exactly that!

          • We tend to call those people heroes when they are really ignorant traitors, whose efforts only encourage the continuation of hegemonic conquesting.

          • sandraleesmith46

            I disagree; back during Vietnam most were drafted, not volunteers; but even the volunteers, raised by WW II vets to duty, honor, and patriotism, believed as I did, it was the right thing to do; because even then our gov’t was lying massively to us. Most don’t sign up with the notion of conquest, or any such hegemony; they sign up because they LOVE their homeland; not necessarily the gov’t thereof, and want to protect it. And some are indeed heroes, not because of the gov’t’s intent, but because their personal actions are in fact heroic.

          • Vietnam was only one of the dozens of unconstitutional and unlawful military deployments that they have ignorantly gone along with in violation of the oaths that they took to support and defend the Constitution.
            The way that you describe it, there is no difference between what they did and what Germans did in WW2.
            We have never been attacked to justify being defended since the Japanese were extorted into attacking Pearl Harbor, which they only succeeded in doing because our troops were deliberately deceived into standing down against the attack which was watched by the leaders of our military.

          • sandraleesmith46

            You are blaming individuals who didn’t even know they were being lied to, since it began BEFORE most of our grandparents were even born, for being duped by the lies that were based on an ALTERED Constitution; and most still don’t even know that.

          • Ignorantia juris non excusat

    • Dee Andrews

      Yes, and intent would have to come into it. Did he really intend to hurt anyone or was he just
      scared and trying to get away, also his prior criminal record, if he has one, and,
      by the way, cars are expected to be on streets, streets are made for driving and people
      should be looking out for cars when they are walking in the street. If cars were not supposed to be on that street, at that time, why wasn’t the street blocked off for the protestors?

      • old codger


  • sandraleesmith46

    The so called “alt-right” isn’t “right” in any sense of that term! It includes KKK (Dem born and bred organization), and neo-Nazis (national SOCIALISTS also LEFT) and other leftist fringes that INVADED and PRETEND to be “right” when they aren’t.

  • dcwc16

    It would be a good time to investigate the City of Charlottesville politicians and see if they conspired with the Antifa group to create an environment that could be used to create violence for political use against our Government and individual rights to free speech. It is awfully suspicious that the Antifa group has been deemed morally superior and were there just for a demonstration. As a Christian all hate and violence is bad no matter who is doing it. The liberal left is very good at violence and hate.

    • pappy450

      They (antifa/blackLIES matter) were “invited” by the governor AND the mayor according to what I have read, to do exactly what soros TOLD them to do. AND his “organization”, “provided” the transportation to get them there.

      • old codger

        I didn’t see/ read or know that. THANKS!! I came to the conclusion is WAS A FREAKING SETUP from the git-go!!!!
        P.S. I stumbled upon a BETTER explanation for the BLM! BLM = Bloodthirsty Leftist Maniacs

  • Teresa

    You know if we were really concerned about the rights of all Americans and want to protest something, why don’t we protest age discrimination which is going on in America. You apply for a job where you meet 100% the qualifications to be hired and get the dear John letter that “we’ve moved on to more qualified applicants and good luck in your job search.” That’s baloney. An applicant tracking computer system that’s been programmed to automatically kick out all applications that reveal your age It should be illegal for any job application to ask you before you are even hired what your date of birth is. You should be able to leave blank the year you graduated college or the year you graduated high school, but online job applications and computerized applications will not allow you to leave it blank.

    • Dee Andrews

      Totally agree with you Teresa and where I live you now have to speak Spanish to get an
      office job. I’m waiting for the NAACP to challenge that. How many black people speak
      spanish either?

      • BA

        Why don’t you challenge it as discrimination?

      • How many blacks don’t speak ebonics?

    • BA

      It is illegal to ask your age. Don’t give it.

      • Is it illegal to ask for your birthdate when it is on all of your identity documents?

        • BA

          They cannot come right out and ask your age. You don’t normally show id in an interview, only after you have been hired and are filling out employment paperwork do you show id. At least that’s how it use to be.

          • They don’t have to ask for your age to discriminate because of it.

    • Would you really want to work for someone who was too stupid to pick out the applications based on age without an app?

  • Teresa

    And if you wanted to really scare all these rebel rousers away from your town, tell them it’s a mandatory job hiring fair and they won’t bother coming. The only people who have time to attend these pep fear mongering rallies are people who do not have to work for a living.!

    • MKFlyboy

      Yes, but let’s not ignore the fact that many of them ARE being paid to be there….does Soros come to mind? If they ever cut off his campaign of funding chaos in America, most of these so-called protests would mysteriously evaporate.

      • BA

        I don’t understand why So rose is not in jail. From what I read, didn’t he work side by side with Hitler? Maybe I’m wrong?

        • MKFlyboy

          There was that now infamous interview he did with Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes, but interestingly, a link to that on YouTube that I used to post has now been blocked after over 1.7 million views. His tentacles are everywhere, but you can still find transcripts and remnants of the confessions of Soros, formerly George Schwartz, who hid his identity and aided the Nazis in WWII Hungary.

          • BA

            I was sure I had read he was a Hitler minion. I just don’t understand why he isn’t in jail for war crimes. Definitely something wrong with this picture.

          • Vicki M

            He worked for the Hitler movement as a youth by pointing out his neighbors who were jews so they could be robbed and removed. When asked how that action made him feel , he said “powerful”. Satan is present in this man.

        • old codger

          Yes and I can’t prove but I read he even turned his parents in for a few coins!! Nice F–KING guy!

        • Would that have been in South America?

          • BA

            ????? South America, what has that to do with Soros and Hitler????

          • That is where Hitler really died, in luxury.

    • pappy450

      They already have a “job” soros “hired” them to do exactly what they did.

      • old codger

        Spot on!!

      • Have any of them ever met or talked to Soros?
        Would they recognize him or his name?

    • That won’t scare off those who are getting paid above minimum wage to be there.

  • carl

    Who are the leaders of this anitfa group. What are there names? Where do they live and who do they work for?

    • pappy450


  • Sharon Windus

    Law Enforcement needs to stop sitting on their hands an do their job. They are hired by the citizens to maintain law and order. If the local government doesn’t agree with that, it’s time to arrest and get rid of the local government. If it comes to needing to shoot someone to stop the violence, then so be it. Better 1 dead communist than the destruction of an entire community.

    • Dee Andrews

      Didn’t they used to be called “peace officers.” I thought keeping the peace was their job, not standing around with shields covering their bodies. They have become the “snowflake police.”

      • old codger

        Only because mayors are telling/ forcing them to stand down! To bad they don’t all stand together and when the next stand down order is issued tell the mayor to stick it up his or her a s s!! They couldn’t fire an entire police force but then again most of the stand down orders are issued by Demon-ic-RATIC mayors so I guess the mayors would try to fire them all!

      • Maybe you should look up the difference between peace officers and police officers if you don’t know it, as it appears.

    • They work for the city council and can be replaced easily if they don’t do as they are told thereby.

  • Dee Andrews

    Antifa are the consummate definition of fascists. Fascists always try to squelch free speech. Communists and socialists are fascists from the left. Does Tieneman Square, China, ring a bell anyone? That’s where the communist Chinese mowed down hundreds of college kids who were demonstrating against the brutal suppression of the regime. The name Antifa is a lie, just like communists and socialists are liars. Anyone who believes the Antifa is anti-fascist is dumber than the dumbest member of the scumbag, crazy KKK (who at least tell you the truth about what they are (racists and bigots). The Anti-fa is trying to attract the young and naive who know nothing about free speech, the first amendment, the constitution and the history of our country.

    • Vicki M

      Which is why the schools of today do not teach about our history, the constitution, first amendment, and second amendment.

    • How about Tiananmen Square?

  • Peggy Cantley

    I bet if you look back as to who is paying for all this crap the racists blm, skinheads kkk & all the other names, I am sure you will find grorge soras, clinton & obama kerry, mccain all paying them to do all this retarded protesting, killings & al the other stupid things they are doing. Isn’t it funny when obama was in office all these groups was asleep, didn’t hear a peep out of any of them, now that President Trump is in office they all come out of the wood work! Where was the kkk when obama was running for office they stated they would never allow a “N” (their words) to be the president, yet we suffered for 8 long years & no protest, no attempts on bama’s life or his family’s life. so whats up , there is so much hatred in our Country now that wasn’t here before, then soras comes on the scene with his millions & there is trouble, that is a man who’s own country doesn’t want him back (does that tell you something?) I would just like to know who’s got their hands in the cookie jar!

    • old codger

      Excuse please Peg!! They do want him back for War crimes, the Russians also want him back for the same and I think even Israel want him back. To be tried, convicted and EXECUTED!!

  • Rich

    How did we get stuck with them Nazis are a socialist party. And the KKK was started by the Democrats.

  • Estell Newton

    The alt right aren’t the ones causing the problems and rioting. It’s the left wing liberals.

    • How do you know they aren’t right wing liberals?

      • Estell Newton

        Easy.  Most singers are left wing which means they can’t be right wing.  And , a known fact is left wing liberals listen to rock.  This is left wing propaganda.

        • Does that mean that the people in the choir of any Christian church are automatically the most liberal people in the building?

          • Estell Newton

            Gospel music is NOT rock nor should it ever be.

          • If it is sung, it has singers, and you said that, “Most singers are left wing.”

          • Estell Newton

            Most PAID singers are.

          • You’ll tell me to look that up as well, since you can’t prove it yourself?
            Is Ted Nugent a liberal? He is a very-well paid singer and well-known NRA member.

          • What do right wingers listen to?

          • Estell Newton

            If you  don’t know, look it up .  I listen to Christian Gospel.

          • I have heard every kind of music used as Christian gospel, from gregorian chants to heavy metal rock.

          • Estell Newton

            That is probably true.  But Rock does NOT belong in Churches.  That is where we go to hear the work of God.  Not rock.

          • What would you call Elvis Presley, then?

          • Estell Newton

            Stop being ignorant.  He did not take electric guitars and drums into church.  You’re just grasping at straws trying to justify unchristian behavior in church.

          • I have seen electric guitars and drums in more churches than I’ve seen choir boxes.

          • Estell Newton

            That may be true.  But I don’t believe God wants them there.  Churches are not side shows.  They are a place to be reverent and respectful of God and you can’t do that if it sounds like a rock concert.

          • I have never gotten a word of input from God or any other imaginary deity, and I can imagine anything I want without going into a church for assistance. Religion is the only pursuit that requires a special place for sideshows.

          • Estell Newton

            I don’t agree with the sideshows.  God is real though and unfortunately too many will believe when it’s too late.  You do have to be careful what you believe.  There are probably more falsehoods in churches than any other place.  It is a falsehood that the unbelievers will be tormented forever.  It is a falsehood that you either go directly to heaven or hell when you die.  These falsehoods were developed to try to convert unbelievers and the easiest way to do that was to scare people into believing.  God is a loving God and would not punish anyone forever for sins they did in their short lifetime.

          • We were sent so that he could experience that which he can’t personally.

  • sandy2249

    The liberal media acts like their victims but I saw a few without their black shirts covering up their arms and to my surprise I saw Nazi symbols , that’s right some women had it on their wrist and some had it on their arms and reporters were walking down the street talking to these people and their Nazi tattoo’s were in plain sight and no one said a word about it and in fact they never even reported them at all. Last April or May in 2016 a group of people held a news conference to show their support for Obama & Clinton and the liberal party, they gave Obama high marks and loved the way he was changing our country and the direction Obama & the liberal party was taking our country ! They also showed their support for Clinton & the liberal party and not only endorsed them but they donated money to her campaign and the liberal party’s campaign and to my surprise they have been liberals for years and donated campaign money for years and I don’t me two years I mean like forever and the groups didn’t mind to say what their groups names were and here are a few, the Nazi Party, the Neo-Nazi party , skin heads and the Communist party , I couldn’t believe these groups didn’t mind to say what their group names were and were proud to support Obama and the liberal party & Clinton . I swear I channel checked for days waiting for the news conference to be on TV or cable but not even one reported the news conference ! The liberal media and the liberal party couldn’t have the American people and the world to see the truth about which party has dangerous groups . They talk about the KKK all the time but we very seldom see or hear from them if it even really exist anymore and as for which party they belong to it could be either party just look at the liberal party they’ve had KKK members in their party for generations . No matter what they say its liberals who are the terrorist in our country & its liberal hate groups out there destroying other peoples property and beating people up if their not liberal and its liberal groups threatening to kill people because they think different them and there is another liberal hate group that is constantly being violent and destroying property and wanting all police in our country killed , Black Lives Matter , all of these liberal hate groups aren’t heard from a couple times a year no their heard from every week and our party is labeled the violent party not a chance liberals are mentally unstable and violent and dangerous ! Trump just told the truth both groups are bad and the liberal media and the liberal party & liberals across this country are making a big deal about Trump’s response well I say lets go back to when black lives matter killed our police across our country well first of all Obama had no reaction at all but he blamed the police and turned the news conference into a lecture about how bad the police in our country and look at his reaction to the American Embassy attacked and every soldier was killed and they were ordered to stand down, first of all no one knew where Clinton and Obama was at but I think that’s a load of bull and Obama never responded for 3 days and every terrorist attack in our country Obama had little or no reaction at all and now the liberal media and the liberal party are wanting to kick him out of office because he told the truth . The Conservative media has access to old news files or video’s so they should be out there going through the whole 8 years of hell and then stick it in liberals faces ! Our party needs to start fighting back and we need to get rid of the Republicans that side with the liberal party and run them out of office ! Trump hasn’t has one minute of peace since he took office and its up to our Conservative media to dig up some dirt and throw it in the radical liberals faces NOW !

  • frankstclair

    Why must conservatives denounce the “alt-right?” Liberals don’t denounce Antifa or BLM. Matter of fact, they spend lots of time rationalizing violence by those people.

  • Albedamned!

    You have to realize, these mutts have been brainwashed by the liberal elite. American history has been bastardized to suit their propaganda agenda. These are the same morons supporting the BDS movement and terrorists.

  • Had Governor of Virginia knew something of Va laws he should have known that 15.2-1812 Memorials for war veterans .. The protected Memorials are listed start with Algonquin (1622), French and Indian wars (1754-1763), Revolutionary (1775-17830), War of (1812 1865), Mexican (1846-1847),Confederate or Union monuments or memorials of the War Between the States (1861-1865), Spanish- American (1898), World War 1 (1917-1945), World 11 (1941-1945), Korean (1950-1953), Vietnam (1965-1973), Operation Desert Shield -Deseret Storm (1990-1991),Global War on Terrorism (2000- ) Operation Enduring Freedom (2001- ) and operation Iraqi Freedom (2003 _) It goes on to state (If such are erected, it shall be unlawful for authorities of locality, or any other person or persons, to disturb or interfere with any monuments or memorials so erected ) it goes on to qualify to disturb or interfere with “includes removal of or damaging or defacing. This is just part of law as it would require more space.Goggle the law to read the rest. This to me means Chancellorsville and Richmond do not either obey the law or hop we are not smart to find it. SHAME on ignorance.

  • Jmanjo

    The Antifa are Soros troops for socialism! They lie, corrupt, and break the law willy nilly while the liberal boobs stand by and do nothing to the lawless.but cheer. The California riots were a liberal fun fare and they should all have been punished. However, nobody on the west coast seem to have any morals and decency about them so the lunacy drags on. Now the right begins to stand up and the media wants to demean their efforts to keep America great.

  • Big Ed

    I find it interesting and disgusting that there are so many groups filled with bad actors and that of all those groups two, Antifa and BLM, both Democrat inventions, get a free pass on violence and apparently both get to decide who it is OK to punch. The two most absolutely hateful groups in the country are Democrat entities, are probably paid to destroy by Soros and Obama, and are never mentioned in a bad light by the media-though both have been at almost every riot that has happened since Trump was elected president. Both should be listed as hate groups, if they are involved in another riot all leaders (including Soros and Obama) should be arrested, tried and sentenced to very long prison terms. In the recent Charlottesville riots all of the other hate groups involved were marked for destruction, but the two worst, Antifa and BLM skated. Before punching turns into killing, these thugs need to be stopped.

  • Ischgabibble

    Skunks always claim it is someone else that stinks. But we know better, don’t we. AntiFa, BLM, and all the other racists on the left are the real stinkers here. So hold your noses people. The smell is just starting to get really bad.

    • I’ve never seen a talking skunk. Do you have many of them there?

      • Ischgabibble

        Only ones I see are Libtards. They really do stink.

  • horseridingplains

    Antifa = home terrorism and shpuld be labeled a hate group and terrorists. They should be arrested, unmasked to all- prosecuted and put in jail—period

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