Texas Shooter Sends Message On Facebook

Former classmates of Devin Patrick Kelley, the deceased suspect allegedly behind the deadly mass shooting Sunday at a church in Texas, described him to reporters as a “creepy,” “crazy” and “weird” anti-Christian zealotwho used his Facebook page to proselytize about atheism.

“He was always talking about how people who believe in God we’re (sic) stupid and trying to preach his atheism,” former classmate Nina Rose Nava wrote to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Christopher Leo Longoria, another former classmate, said he eventually removed Kelley as a Facebook friend because of the constant negativity he had expressed.

Patrick Boyce, who reportedly attended New Braunfels High School with Kelley, described the suspected killer as “the first atheist I met.”

“He went (to the) Air Force after high school, got discharged but I don’t know why,” he added.

The Daily Beast confirmed that Kelley had indeed entered the Air Force, where he was court-martialed in 2012 for assaulting his wife and their child.

“A judge sentenced him with a bad-conduct discharge, 12 months confinement, and two reductions in rank to basic airman, according to an appeals court decision in 2013 that affirmed the decision against Kelley,” The Daily Beast reported.

And because federal law prohibits those who have been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces from possessing firearms, this means the weapon Kelley used during the mass shooting had been obtained illegally, as noted by conservative radio Erick Erickson.

According to Fox News, Kelley entered the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs around 11:20 a.m. Sunday morning dressed in black tactical gear and reportedly wearing a ballistic vet.

He then allegedly used a Rudger AR to mow down 26 men, women and children, including the pastor’s 14-year-old daughter, after which he attempted to flee but was reportedly gunned down by a good guy with a gun.

While Kelley’s reported Facebook activities paint a picture of an anti-Christian zealot, his LinkedIn page listed him as a former teacher’s aide for a Vacation Bible School in Kingsville, where he reportedly taught for roughly a month, according to the New York Daily News.

What remains unknown is why the position lasted only a month, let alone why he even chose to work at a Christian organization if he disliked Christians so much.

Another former classmate of Kelley’s claimed she grew up attending the same school as him.

“I grew up going to school with him … always creeped me out and was different,” the classmate, who asked to remain anonymous, said to the Mail.

One of Kelley’s former friends described as outright “crazy.”

“I ended up distancing myself from him in high school after he got in an argument with me in school and he tried punching me several times,” the friend said. “Dude was crazy man.”

  • Pat Flowers

    Confirms my opinion. Guns don’t kill. Mentally unstable people kill. Good thing the good guy had a gun. That’s blows the no gun theory all to he’ll. There would have been a lot more dead except for him.

    • Billy

      Absolutely correct !

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      According to this morning’s reports, many of the 20 wounded are still critical condition, and may yet die. Out of the 50 odd members of that church some 46 were killed or injured. Had the neighbor NRA instructor NOT grabbed his gun and gone to intervene, likely no one would have come out of that church alive.

  • Gary D Flatt

    Somebody gave this fool guns.

    • Billy

      NO, unfortunately he slipped through the cracks. He wasn’t supposed to be able to buy or own guns but the police say he bought the guns himself. He filled out the paperwork and bought the guns himself. They have now found out that he “LIED” on the paperwork. The govt failed to do their jobs in making sure he was listed in the national database as “one of those people” not allowed to buy guns.

      • Kstar

        If it wasn’t a gun or guns, this crazy weirdo would have found another way to kill. Taking away our guns just isn’t going to work with law abiding citizens—period. There will probably be more crazies who will slip through the system intent on killing, and we as citizens have to be aware and be ready for anything in the days we now live in. So, I say arm yourselves people, and support the NRA and other patriotic gun organizations who fight to keep our gun rights.

        • Suewa

          Please explain why the gun control laws of Australia, the UK, Canada, Switzerland, Germany and several other country have resulted in those countries almost never having this kind of gun attack and having so much lower gun fatality statistics ( the USA 10 gun deaths per 100,000 population, the UK less than 1 per 100,000) There are crazies in those countries as well. Is the “freedom” to have all these guns in the hands of “craziie” important enough that even many people have to die? Think of the many children that have been sacrificed to the lenient gun privileges of this country.

          • Joe Williams

            Never trust statistics, which usually are “adjusted”. Explain, why Chicago, IL has by far the highest gun deaths of the USA but also has the strictest gun laws comparable to Australia ? In the UK lately knife and car attacks have killed plenty of people as have “IEDs” (bombs). Some years a madman slashed tiny tots to death in a kindergarten and severely injured the teacher, who tried to protect the kids. There was also a machine gun (!) Attack in Britain killing ternagers…

          • Suewa

            Apparently the guns are coming into Chicago from Indiana and one might wonder if really intense effort is being put forth to stop the sale of those guns. IF as you say, and I repeat IF Chicago has such strict gun laws then clearly they are not being enforced. “Plenty” of people in those other countries are not near the numbers killed in the USA by firearms. What is the reasoning for any civilian having a weapon that has firing power that can kill dozens of people in just seconds. The same week Sandy Hook happened in the USA a madman with a knife did indeed go berserk on a playground in Japan. No children died. Thankfully he did not have a gun. Where did the slashing of tiny tots in a kindergarten happen? I am looking up the machine gun killing the teenagers. The “adjusting” of statistics is done by the NRA in some attempt to justify anyone having the “freedom” to possess any kind and any number of guns and limitless ammunition. Safety is worth putting some reasonable limits on our “freedom.”

          • Joe Williams

            You must be joking !
            You really have zero proof for your statements, which happen to be identical to those made in history by every single totalitarian regime to disarm the population, and this includes Hitler ‘s Germany, the Soviet Union, Cuba and Maoist China. Purported “safety” led to mass killings of the state’s “enemies” i.e. those, who did not wholeheartedly agree eith the system and its rhetoric snd actions. If a mad man or womam wants to kill, they always will​ find a way to do so, with or without gun laws. How do you explain the presence of firearms and the machine gun (NOT just a semi-automatic adssult rifle) used in crimes in Britain, when there are theoretically no guns allowed in private hands ? Where do you think, these untraceable guns come from, from Indiana ??? Where did the AK-47 assault rifles used in most European terror attacks come from, when these are strictly banned in alk European countries (mavhine guns are too)? Why are you not calling for the ban on cars and trucks, which are clearly used for mass killings as a substitute for guns ? The latest mass murder in New York was done with a truck,

          • Deborah Geyer

            Those who would trade their freedom for a little safety deserve Neither. Benjamin Franklin (Look up That one!)

          • Deborah Geyer

            Yes. Our Constitution Is Important Enough to Die For! You Haven’t read much History, huh? Do you Really think ordinary farmers with Pitchforks Poked at the British Army? The Most Powerful military of the time? I’ll side with our Founding Fathers Every time on This subject, Period! ‘Children’ dying? What fishwrap rag from the government have You believed? These ‘children’ are ‘sweet, innocent’, Drug Dealers/Runner ‘Assistants’ who get gunned down along with their relatives! You will Not change My mind. Good friends in several police departments around the country have attested to These facts.

          • Suewa

            I’m talking about the more 300 truly innocent children under the age of 10, so many toddlers , who access the guns that careless adults who should not have had guns in the first place leave lying around. Usually these dead children are looked on as victims of an “accident” and the adults are not denied their gun rights or even penalized in any way. I gather you believe that the constitution guarantees the right of the mother of the Sandy Hook killer, her mentally ill son, to have access to the kind of weapons he used to slaughter 20 six year olds and 6 of their teachers. Were those children drug dealing “hoods?” I am informed on history and constantly upgrade that information. I wonder if your police friends want to encounter military style weapons in the hands of the “drug dealing/ runner assistants. that those lawless “children” are able to buy at gun stores ( possibly through a straw purchaser) gun shows, even on line? Do we not in any way screen those who have the right to a firearm? As I understand you now the right of anyone to have any number of any kind of gun and any amount of ammunition is more moral and important than the lives of 20 six year olds in a public school, 26 worshipers in a church, 58 people at a country music festival and several hundred injured? I trust your father was protected by a gun in the hands of a skilled, sane, sober, law abiding citizen. That’s how strict I believe the requirements should be for gun rights.

          • Suewa

            Look at the requirements for gun ownership and possession in the countries that have almost eliminated these mass type killings in the hands of “crazies.” Japan has almost -0 gun fatalities a year. Yet it is possible for a well qualified person to own a gun. Look at their strict yet reasonable requirements. About history and statistics. you will find that the USA does have a little lower rate of homicide rates by means other than firearms but guns are so easily acquired and much more efficient. Repetitious but fact— almost anything can be used to kill, but knives, bats, cars, trucks, hard backed books, scarves, pillows (on and on) have other uses. Guns are only for killing.

          • Deborah Geyer

            Good for you, in that you are passionate about Your position. I want No fatalities of Innocent people either! Especially Innocent children. Let me make that Very clear: You carry a firearm in committing a crime, you Should Be Gunned Down! By Well-Armed Citizens, Police and Whoever Else in Defense of their person(s), property and freedom. This should go for ‘women and children’ who Decide it’s a ‘profitable venture’ to commit felony after felony. (Because the judges, lawyers and dimwitted ‘social workers’ who can do Nothing else positive for society), allow these thugs to run rampant to profit from their evil). If you do These evil things, then all bets are off, no matter that you are ‘a woman or child’. Now study up on your societal/cultural anthropology, please. Japanese society is a homogenous culture in customs, traditions, history. They also have a ‘little club’ by the name of Yakuza. Perhaps you’ve heard of these gentlemen? I really don’t think They ask about pesky little things like ‘legalities of firearms’, etc. We here in America have a Thousand and One cultures, (some Not wanting to assimilate into Our way of life- in language, culture Or laws). Now do you Really Believe American Citizens should Not Defend Themselves/family And property? Ask American citizens on the border along Mexico. Drug thugs overrun these people’s properties, murder families. What should They do? Join hands in a circle and dance and Maybe ‘the bad men’ will magically disappear?! Just because we humans are Techno-advanced, does that mean we All are ‘Civilized’?! Of course not.

  • Richard Tully

    Leave gun owners alone and register crazy atheists.

    • Dennis Anderson

      Great idea Ollie, but the somebody would have to do the job they are being paid for. = You can lead a horse to water! but? A pencil must be lead !

  • Kathy Banich

    I wish someone would inquire into prescription drugs. It’s been learned that Stephen (Las Vegas Shooter) Paddock had been prescribed diazepam (just months before his rampage). The BBC in the UK recently released a documentary titled, “A prescription for Murder”; which dives into the fact James Holmes (Aurora Theater Shooter) had been prescribed Sertraline just weeks before his rampage (strangely this documentary is being kept from the US). SSRI’s are not for everyone. Medications effect all of us differently. We did not have these horrific events in the 60’s – during a time with more relaxed gun laws…. So what has changed? The introduction of Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) in the 1980’s??? I wonder.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      Sertraline and diazepam aren’t even the same class of guns and “violence” isn’t 1 of the side effects of diazepam; look it up in the PDR. DON’T fall for all the politicization that seeks to drive you to a wrong conclusion. And the diazepam was LONG out of Paddock’s system IF, in fact, he did any of the shooting. The Vegas incident was a full on False Flag incident. Yes, SSRIs and other psychotropics can be a problem; diazepam is a benzodiazepine, also used as a muscle relaxant as often as a tranquilizer.
      As to what changed since the ’60s; ATTITUDES are what changed. God was a part of our national dialogue still back then; He’s not now and the problem is SIN; lack of personal accountability to others not SSRIs or other meds. They MAY or may not exacerbate problems but, like guns, THEY don’t MAKE the problems; HUMANS do that!

      • Kathy Banich

        Sandra – I’ve personally experienced the wrath of ill prescribed drugs on family members. I’ve seen it turn loving (although troubled due to current events) people into absolute monsters and zombies; leaving them with no connotative rationality – no thought of consequence. I only want to encourage people to look at the forest through the trees. Attitudes change with every generation…. Mass Murders, rise of domestic violence, suicides are on the rise. WHY??? We are in a century of drug addiction (prescribed and illegal); and we are paying the price. Consider watching the following 7 minute video and possibly appreciating my point of view. http://www.cchr.org/videos/psychiatrys-prescription-for-violence.html

      • Kathy Banich

        An excerpt from a recent report in the Daily Mail regarding Devin Kelley:

        While we were in New Mexico at one point my girlfriend saw some prescription pill bottles in their kitchen and asked Tessa what they were for,’ said Martinez.
        ‘Tessa said that they were Devin’s prescription pills that he needs to take them for his aggression. Tessa didn’t say anything more about it.

        Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5056797/Texas-church-shooter-s-teenage-best-friend-tells-all.html#ixzz4xmFUcfcs
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      • Kathy Banich

        Sandra – Let me formally introduce myself; I’m a 25 year retiree from a Medical Manufacturing company. I don’t fall easily for politicization that seeks to drive me to the wrong conclusion. Have you visited Google Scholar? If not take a look. Here is an interesting read on Diazepam: http://journals.lww.com/intclinpsychopharm/abstract/1998/07000/effects_of_clorazepate,_diazepam,_and_oxazepam_on.5.aspx

      • Deborah Geyer

        I agree that Rxs exacerbate problems. The Wrong people have access to Them, while people who Legitimately Need Rxs for chronic severe pain, etc. are denied these ‘quality of life’ medicines! We the People need to get into the politicos faces!

    • Deborah Geyer

      I heartily agree!

  • disqus_KxAHnCo4Tu

    the problem is mental health….not gun ownership. Today we are so politically correct that we can’t denounce a dangerous moron like this fellow…becasue we are afraid of being sued by the leeches that are our lawyers… Mental health in the US is a joke. We have psychos who are detected in the schools, by teachers,,,,but again due to PC, they are afraid to say anything….don’t want to loose their cushy jobs ( not too many jobs today pay you for 12 months when you work 9, you have tenure so its hard to be fired and you get to retire on a pension!!). as soon as Americans learn we must report loonies like this dangerous creep….he can be watched and reported….and with a “record” of mental unstability,…NOT BE ALLOWED to purchase a firearm. I noticed that the article said he was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force and also charged with violence against his wife. So, how the HELL could he purchase a firearm….if it was against the law for those two reasons?….Again,….regulate the loonies to prevent them from buying a gun. We have Amazon that tracks our viewing habits,………….. what is so hard to track loonies?

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      He purchased those firearms because HE lied on the apps and the USAF failed to transit the BCD and felony abuse convictions to NCIC and FBI data bases when they discharged him.

      • Kathy Banich

        To be clear, the Air Force failed to provide the prudent information required to insure the system works. Bad people – mentally disturbed people lie! The responsibility for his ability to procure arms – is on the Air Force.

      • jackieray

        he was crazy not stupid why would he tell the dealer that he was not able to have a firearm what was the worse lying or killing 26 people

    • Kathy Banich

      Yes…. Let’s require that doctors and psychiatrist search to see if the patent has a gun registered in his/her name before prescribing Psych drugs…. Let them earn their $150.00 – $200.00 / hour wage before scribbling out a prescription. AND… let’s reduce the number of people on these drugs (currently 1 out of every 10 Americans).

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    WHY he’d work at a Christian institution at all was simple: infiltration to spread his poison within. Why he hates God so much is a whole other matter, the answer to which I don’t know and can’t really even take an educated guess, unless it was because he asked for something and didn’t get it, forgetting the promise is only for that which is within God’s will for us, not our own wants. But other articles indicate the parents had had him on some sort of meds as a middle and high schooler, which he didn’t like. However, the photos I’ve seen of him indicate those may well have been psychotropics and needed by him. This is a person who APPEARS to be SMI; flat affect and dead eyes in both photos at different times. I suspect also he was heavily indoctrinated by leftist ideology and all it entails. His attire suggests affinity with antifa as well.

  • DonRS

    Just another loser, radical member of the EVIL coalition of Liberals/Socialists/Communists/Progressives/Democrats/Feminazis/FakeNewsMedia/#BLM/Rent-a-Mobs/Millennials/Anti-Religion THUG, enabled by the outrageous Obama/Democrat Resistance movement to ATTACK those that don’t share the views and their religion – all powerful government!

    • Robert Kahlcke

      He was an operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

  • got my licence

    Let me guess, he must have been a registered democrat. If he had been a conservative it would be on CNN 24/7

  • OldTaxman

    Has anyone seen the brain-dead comments that were made by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo? IGNORANCE is rampant and Cuomo is at the top of the heap. In response to those who have been praying for the surviving people of Sutherland Springs, Texas, Cuomo has declared that all the praying and words of sympathy should be the responsibility of priests, rabbis, and pastors and no one else.

  • re06tired

    Enforce the laws on the books and tighten up background info already available, ultimately people with mental issues of one sort or another commit these horrific crimes..

  • Suewa

    Reply to Joe Williams: USA 4 % of world population 42 % of world’s guns. That alone explains why the USA firearm death rate from homicide, suicide, and accident excels all other countries comparable to ours in culture and economics. Guns have no use except to kill. They are designed to kill efficiently and very impersonally. One can place themselves at some distance and kill. Trucks, airplanes are designed for transportation, not killing. Knives have many other uses but, of course, they can kill. A pillow can be used to smother. A scarf or a shoestring can be used as a ligature for strangling. A hardbacked book, even a Bible, can be used to strike a head injury that could kill. We require licensing for driving a vehicle and also liability insurance. Cars can be traced to owners. The same rules should, of course, apply to guns. We keep track in some way of explosives and poisons. Why not guns? The ONLY use for a gun is killing. The fact that the threat to pull the trigger can bring death causes even large groups of people intense fear even when faced with one threatening individual with a gun. That fact means we must take every precaution to see that only very responsible, mentally balanced individuals have the privilege of gun access.

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