Texans Rally Against Sharia

DALLAS, Texas — ACT for America, the nation’s largest grassroots organization devoted to promoting national security and defeating terrorism, organized marches “against Sharia andfor human rights” in 28 U.S. cities. In Texas, the rallies took place on Saturday in Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

In Texas, only the Austin March Against Sharia got a bit dicey.

The Austin American-Statesman reported a tense situation at the Texas State Capitol where dozens rallied against Sharia law and many more railed against them. Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, some in riot gear, others on horseback, maintained positions outside the Capitol to keep the two groups separate and secure the surrounding streets. In total, hundreds came out, officials reported.

During the course of the day, around 40 anti-Sharia protesters carried American flags and wore MAGA hats while 80 counter-demonstrators called anti-Sharia people racists, Nazis, and Islamophobes, according to the Austin newspaper.

Anti-Sharia law protesters faced counter-demonstrators from the questionable Southern Poverty Law Center.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2017/06/11/hold-texans-rally-for-march-against-sharia/

  • JohnGaltTexas

    Both islam and the SPLC are terrorist organizations.
    Sharia cannot co-exist with a free society or our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and its practice should be outlawed in this county.
    Anyone caught enforcing or practicing its evil ideology should be immediately deported the the closest 3rd world muslim hell-hole.

    • Ironmike4610

      First I would give them a good old All American ass whoopin’ before I deported them!

      • Bob

        shark bait

        • coolman11

          Hogs even better

    • iVE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR YEARS. iSLAM SHOULD BE OUTLAWED BY THE wEST. Otherwise they will use our laws against us, so that they can destroy us.They are in love with death; its convert or die!!

      • Raull Castro

        Finally. I read awakenings.

    • Raull Castro

      I agree!

  • Vinuzzo

    I heard that Texas was pretty good, except that Austin had an enclave of commie lib-turds masquerading as “artists” and this proves it. It’s a shame that the state capital has ding bats like the SLPC and the anti-anti-sharia protestors in it. Will someone not rid us of these meddlesome hippie humps?

    • JohnGaltTexas

      Austin and Houston both are heavily infested with leftist vermin. Austin more the crazy-assed, spandex covered bike riding artsy-fartsy, metrosexual, gender confused, femnazi man-hating tree-hugger types. Houston more so the victim class obama voter “taker” types that lick up the table scraps from their demovermin masters.

  • Santiago Tello

    I wud believe Muslims want to assimilate if after every terrorist incident, they came out in force to condemn the Radical Islamist Terrorists (thats for you Barak Hussein obama). Their silence is deafening. Silence is tacit approval and until they do, they are complicit in everything the terrorists do.

    • old codger

      DUH!! I’ve been saying that for years!!!! There is no such thing as a moderate MudSlime! If they believe in and follow the Koran, whether they themselves kill or self destruct or not, “THEY ARE TERRORISTS”!!!!!!

      • Raull Castro


  • Terry Butts

    The constitution of the united states clearly states the GOVERNMENT SHALL MAKE NO LAWS ESTABLISHING RELIGION.

    Sharia law by definition seeks to control every aspect of ones life to ensure compliance with ONE SPECIFIC RELIGION.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/islam/beliefs/sharia_1.shtml explains the pro Islam version defining sharia law the line “All aspects of a Muslim’s life are governed by Sharia.” from the story is in error as if SHARIA law becomes law of the land it is not just Muslims who have their whole lives governed by Sharia. Further the very definition of Sharia law makes it clear that it is about IMPOSING the religion into every part of ones life as it states.

    “In Arabic, Sharia means “the clear, well-trodden path to water”. Islamically, it is used to refer to the matters of religion that God has legislated for His servants.”

    “The Sharia covers all aspects of human life. Classical Sharia manuals are often divided into four parts: laws relating to personal acts of worship, laws relating to commercial dealings, laws relating to marriage and divorce, and penal laws.”

    As such it is completely unconstitutional to implement any part of it as law in this nation.

    Just think of the reaction of from groups like the ACLU if it was the TEN COMMANDMENTS that was being IMPOSED upon the people that they would be required to follow all ten of them as CHRISTIAN law yet when the same is done demanding the foreign religious based sharia law be imposed somehow its being DEFENDED by those who claim that religion and state are supposed to be separate.

    • KingDon

      Good points.

  • pmbalele

    I can see those in the picture are all Repubs, TPs, fat, racists, bigots and males. Why are they protesting when they know are against integration? That state has more KKKs, Christian fundamentalists who believe Blacks should continue to be slaves and women should be shoved back to the kitchen as baby-factories. That is what Sharia law wants. So if you’re woman in that group – please get out and go home. These males are lying to you. Behind the scene they want you back to the kitchen as their slave.

    • Terry Butts

      so basically you bought into the pro sharia anti Christian propaganda?

      you can not judge people based on their looks. Remember that is why so many threw a fit when that WHITE man was arrested for being an Islamic terrorist they acted as if Muslim/Islam was a race and that just because he did not LOOK like one he should have been released regardless of the evidence.

      You can not tell what someone BELIEVES based on their appearance. Though the ones typically openly PUSHING for and supporting the implementation of sharia law in the US are in fact liberals. Remember that one actually claimed she thinks that SHARIA is a PROGRESSIVE law.

      The constitution is clear about the restrictions on the powers of government SHARIA is total government/RELIGIOUS control of the people as such the US constitution already prohibits its enforcement within the US.

      • coolman11

        You make too much sense he or she won’t get it they’ll keep on with the repubs are all bigots, racist narrative

    • coolman11

      Sorry pm I’m from Texas and know no one like that if the KKK still exists it’s in some deep dark cave now quit making stupid assumptions, husbands don’t even want their wives at home you need at least two incomes to get by these days

    • amerall

      pmbalele : You just discribed the entire democratic agenda. Anti freedom, anti American, anti constitution, KKK creating, socialist anti capitalism, illegal imigrant pro terrorist “REFUGEE”, pro FORCED wealth sharing democrats! Here’s a clue if you’re so interested in helping the deadbeat whining “Poor people” then assign most of your own paycheck, (assuming you have one) to supporting the the parasites and leave mine for me to spend on my own family, I dont want to share the money I earn with people who refuse to earn their own way!!!

      • pmbalele

        What- you don’t want to share the money you earn with people who refuse to earn their own way! You must be a KKK operative. Do you know 90 percent unemployed are Blacks? This is because they are rejected as Blacks by employers. I am fighting some in my state. Thanks God, I have won two cases so far. I asked lawyers here to take my cases. As soon they learn I am Black, none of them wants to take my cases. As a result I do all my civil discrimination complaints. I urge Blacks, women of colors to learn how to file complaints. That is one way to stop racial and gender discrimination. So please share your money with unemployed Blacks.

  • Jerubbesheth xx

    Buy more guns and ammo.

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