Stormy Daniels Lawyer Says Cohen Will Break

Stormy Daniels’s lawyer Michael Avenatti believes that Michael Cohen will “fold like a cheap deck of cards” under the recent pressure placed on him by the FBI.

Avenatti added that he “feels sorry” for Cohen.

“This guy, I think, has been put in a position where he is going to be expected to be the fall guy, the scapegoat. I don’t think he is going to hold up. I don’t think he is going to hold up. In my experience, any guy that has to constantly tell you how tough he is really isn’t that tough.”

“I think when push comes to shove, he is going to fold like a cheap deck of cards. I really do. With that said, I don’t, I’m not applauding or high-fiving anybody’s offices being raided by the FBI. It’s a very, very serious matter. And I think that this is the first significant domino to fall. And I think that history is going to look back upon this day and this is going to be a monumental day when the president on a Thursday refers everyone to his personal attorney, and Monday, that attorney’s offices are raided by the FBI.”

  • 1josephg1

    Hey avenneti crawl under a rock. Take coney and stormy with you. You all make a great trio. Birds of a feather. You know the rest you pos

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    This guy is scum for even being a lawyer for Stormy.
    I believe that Cohen is being railroaded. The FBI should never have raided
    Cohen’s office, apartment, or hotel room. They are trying to say he is a criminal,
    the same with Flynn, Manafort, and Gates. The “investigators” can always plant
    evidence and make a crime out of nothing as they are doing here.

    • Ron C

      True…it is a trick the good men & women of the FBI employee all the time…when they aren’t whitewashing the socialist democrat’s…or gunning down ranchers.

    • irene

      Deplorable Irredeemable Susan: BINGO!!!!

    • JOE the AMERICAN

      Planting stuff. Mueler crime is occuring with hillary commiting epionage with secretsof US GOV?????????????? Mueler is a HOAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        The real guilty ones like Hilly, BO, and his entire administration are laughing, and high
        fiving over Mueller and his ilk. They go free, and continue to make the rounds, making their
        malicious, undermining, “resistence” speeches to their brainwashed followers on their MSM!

    • Gary Jensen

      I know that they do!

    • RC

      I wonder how Stormy is paying her lawyer. If he’s taking it out in trade, he’d better go get a penicillin shot before he takes a ‘bad cold’ home and gives it to his wife. And Trump’s one night stand with Stormy, if that’s even what happened, was something like ten years ago. How come she decided to come forth now? Who’s paying her to do it? And let’s face it. Trump is an old man in his 70’s. Men in their 60’s and 70’s don’t perform like Stormy would want if she’s just out for a good time. She’d be more apt to find some young stud who could perhaps give her a little thrill.

    • rick meek

      This guy is scum but most of all —— will be the first one to scream when he’s the target….

  • Ron C

    This raid will be seen as illegal by the courts…as long as it isn’t under a liberal activist judge… if so…then it will be over turned eventually at a ton of cost to the citizen taxpayers….As Much as the socialist democrat & RINO party want this country to be a socialist police state…it will not happen…period!

    • fxlr1994

      It’ll go to the SCOTUS.

    • JOE the AMERICAN

      RIGHT ON RON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jj Doodah

    An individual in a downward spiral….from Casino Bar Hooker… Porn Actor… being Aged,out of work with no usable skills, if she ever had any. That teamed up with a Slime Ball Ambulance Chaser, third rate lawyer, looking for a meal ticket….where is the Dr. Kervorkian Society when we need them ??

  • peter Pirzadeh

    Avenetti, you are the one who is taking the forward position not to fall backward. You damn well you’re using your clever lawyerly tactic looking to improve position. The crap needs to stop at your door step. If you are smart, you’ll stop it from oozing in.

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    I believe this is absolutely illegal and Horrible Behavior by Mueller-This has Nothing to do with the Russia-Trump Collison-Isn’t that what the Investigation was suppose to be About??He seems to be doing anything he wants to do-With his Good-Buddy’s-Rons-Help??It all just -“SMELLS-BAD”

    • JOE the AMERICAN

      we gottah shut down these Krupt criminal democrats,,,asap1

  • kcwas

    What a pile..that she dawg and him must be getting big $$$$$$$$$$$from the dark side what trash

    • JOE the AMERICAN



    Can’t wait to hear attorney client involked. Who does the govt think they are? Wait until this bonerangs. Heads will roll and possibly be indicted as the deep state plot again fails

  • apzzyk

    The Trump mob and others who come from inherited wealth get the problem of affluenza – that is they make noises that make them sound attractive to the people, without actually ever knowing personally any of the people who are below them on the socio-economic scale, so if all of their money were taken away, they would have no idea how to start all over again, and they used their wealth to buy other people who will be loyal to them rather than being loyal to any one else. Cohen did not pay stormy $130,000 of his own money (if that is true) just because he was a nice guy, he expected her silence in return because if she had disclosed her sexual relationship with Trump just before the election, there is a good chance that the 70,000 voters who put him over the top in 3 states, might have just stayed home because they did not like Hillary either. This leaves Trump as the most fragile president in history because he still has to try to fulfill his campaign promises even though there is not enough taxpayer money to do these things, and his ploys to try to make it look like he is actually doing something that his base, which is shrinking because of the consequences to them over his actions – which he failed to anticipate – is something like a cancer that, as investigations go on, are taking the support that he bought away from him. Trump, as a private citizen, was able to walk the narrow line between the laws that governed him and his businesses, until he stepped just a little over that and to escape the consequences, declared bankruptcy, which also took down his supply chain with whom he had no empathy because he thought that he could always find more suckers. Trump bribed Cohen with high pay to serve as a member of the palace guard who would fall on their swords to save the boss. There is probably something of an off the books agreement between Trump and Cohen and others where Trump will pay for their defenses if they get caught, and also provide for their families. This would mean that professional ethics would have to be secondary to loyalty to Trump.
    I think that Law School should finish with a semester in prison and the same should happen to all of those appointed to the bench before they actually take the bench. This would teach them what happens if they get appointed as defense or take office as a prosecutor, what is going to happen to the person convicted, and let them know what can happen to them if they do not behave in an ethical manner. I am a 100% disabled vet, and I do not like our draft dodger in chief, but instead of spending the disability years watching naked ladies on the web, I have been reading the law. So when someone filed suit against me and I knew the law, I could file a counter claim which might have cost the attorneys for the plaintiff their law licences, so they were more than happy to pay my legal expenses anyway. Since I am on a roll I am taking on my City and the Federal Government over some civil rights issues. The first obligation of a citizen is to keep our public servants and their staffs honest, and to insure that we have a free and unbiased judiciary.

    • fxlr1994

      I’m just glad we have a real American in the White House.

      • apzzyk

        We have a draft dodger in chief in the White House. When I was an undergrad and already a disabled USMC vet, when I heard from men like him who were all in favor of the war in Nam but were hiding under student deferments or medical ones – heel spurs my ass – while I had served with people who were disabled in WWII or Korea who continued to serve, I would take them to the USMC recruiter in come-along holds and give them the opportunity to enlist so that they could make it to Nam to replace some other guy that had been drafted, or face the wrath of a real vet, and the fled never to be seen again by me, I know what they were – chicken hawks, with emphasis on the chicken part but acting as hawks so long as their asses were not on the line. In combat the leader is expected to lead or get shot by his troops for not leading – this made the life expectency of a new 2nd LT. about a whole 15 seconds. I am also tired of you and your friends claiming to be patriots when you are cheering from the sidelines. You are all just about you own personal asses without regard to who actually puts their asses on the line. I have put my ass on the line, and it was probably, according to you, it was my own fault when I followed orders and got permanently disabled. I prefer killing when necessary up close and personal so that I can see the life draining from my enemy by the change in his eyes.

        • Carol Durgin

          And just what did we have prior to this? A Muslim, a liar, and foreigner. Quit your belly aching.

          • apzzyk

            It is nice to hear from another bigot – KKK or some other group? Ever met a Muslim? My first college roomie was from Behngazi, and his big problem was that he had not iteracted with any women, so his mission out side of the classroom was to impregnate as many of the local female high school students as possible. At that time we were bringing the future leaders of 3rd world countries here so that they could better understand us and we them, so that we might avoid this continuing optional wars in their homeland. Now we have a draft dodger in chief, whose atttorney quit when he did not agree not to testify because he is truthfully challenged. He has done so much good for the people of the US that 13 million have no health insurance or coverage. Friends from AL came to CO on my $ so that they can get the care they need to extend their lives. If you do the numbers your tax cut will be a tax increase because of the US government not funding such things as new sewage treatment plants as needed. I live right up against the E. side of the Rockies so people down stream will be drinking my used water. Cholera will be good for you, because the EPA is pulling the horrible regulations.

        • Melvin Griffin

          You sir are one big nut case. Maybe if you stopped feeling sorry for yourself you would have a much better life. I do thank you for your service though. I served 20 years in the military and thank God I didn’t serve next to you.

          • apzzyk

            I am a Quaker and a CO, so you can be glad that you did not need my services as the morgue truck – about the same as ancestors did in the Revolution and war of 1812. People who have their heads put into the body bags along with the rest of their remains do not smile much.

          • Funkenstein✓Funkᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™

            He is not legit

            The messiah now admits that Russia meddled in the elections.

            He is not legit

          • local

            When does it start?

            Now I’m over here making fun of you ©

        • fxlr1994

          I have heel spurs myself and I had to convince several officers at MEPS they weren’t a problem to let me in. This vet is thinking you don’t know your ass from a box of Twinkies. You don’t like the president and that’s all there is to it. I’d bet dinner you’ve never killed much more than a cockroach. In fact, I’d bet dinner for a week you’ve never been much more than a cockroach yourself. Trump is probably the only president ever to not be a member of the globalist/New World Order club. Why don’t you quit your belly aching and enjoy the last days of the USA. Because once Trump is gone, regardless of what party claims the presidency it’s game over for all of us.

          • apzzyk

            FYI – I am a Quaker and was following a family tradition that dates back to the Revolutionary war and the war of 1812 – we are non combatants, but we learn about all of the weapons – I just about made the Bn Rifle team. With this status I got all of the nice jobs in the field – I got to drive the morgue truck, and had too much business in 3/58 – one of those no comment things from the DOD. You are right about the last days of the USA – that would be because of disparity in wealth and power which is getting worse. Ever hear of the French Revolution – there is a 2 part 5 hour set on YouTube – how about charging cannon with only sticks? Trump is now considered the most dangerous man in the world, and because he is not smart enough to look at the consequences we might not survive. How about picking a fight with China – do you think that it will loan us any more money to replace that lost to the Treasury by the tax cuts. Trump just violated the Separation of Powers by not taking the Syria problem to the Congress.

    • Sam Allen

      Apzz..Reading a law and understanding it, doesnt mean putting your own “opinion” behind it makes it believeable..So with all your babbling, and what ifs, are you trying to convience Us or Yourself that what your saying is correct*

      • apzzyk

        According to the Supreme Court, in Tim McVey’s favorite case – Merrill vs Federal Crop Insurance, the Court said that it is the duty of every citizen of the US to know the laws and the Constitution of the US so that public employees and officials will be held accountable if they disobey the laws or the mandates of the Constitution. I saw, even before Trump announced that he would be running for Dictator or Tyrant where he could make up the laws as he went and would be immune from those and the penalties provided by law when he declared them null and void as he has done time after time since he took office. I do not see that having had his EOs held to be unconstitutional by various courts to have been a good thing for anyone. We are a nation of laws not of individuals. Yesterday, he may have crossed the red line that is the separation of powers for the final time in in orders to attack Syria were the US was not directly at risk and without the consultation with Congress that has been followed before. Congress has the sole authority to make declarations of war under Article I of the Constitution. All people, except for the Trumpites, seem to agree that an attack on Syria is an act of war. Tomorrow I expect Trump to exercise his constitutional authority to dismiss his appointees to the Department of Justice so that he can obstruct justice again to try to get rid of the Mueller investigation. It is possible to excercise ones authority and still violate the laws of the US. Unless a special secssion is called for by the Congressional leaders tomorrow to pass veto proof laws protecting Mueller, by popular demand, veto proof laws will be enacted by Congress on Monday, to retain Mueller and the other DOJ entities which are investigating the Trump mob. As followed the ‘Sat. night Masscre of Nixon over Watergate, Aricles of impeachment, which might include VP Pence will follow, and Trump may be ordered confined to Quarters without a Twitter account until the congressional proceedings are complete.
        Get On line and read the Constitution as written and not interpreted by Trump. He has not been elected to be the supreme being.

        • fxlr1994

          Now I know why they call it dope.

        • Carol Durgin

          No that can’t be because you think the former White House liberal was the Supreme being. This Mueller investigation is another trumpted up charge. The criminals are all in bed together. The investigation is on Trump because Mueller is worried about getting caught up in this scandal. And he may very well be.

  • Beverly Parrott

    As I see it and from her own mouth she didn’t have sex with President Trump so all this could be is blackmail money requested by stormy because there was a pic of her standing by at that time Donald Trump like everyone did to chum up to money. PATHETIC who’re and PATHETIC cheap lawyer.

    • Matt

      I’m not in any way defending this low life porn star but it was the playboy playmate that claimed to not have had sex with Trump. Stormy said she did for what it’s worth. None of this will matter in the long-term as he will be exonerated and the left will be crying again just like during the election!😉

  • Beverly Parrott

    At this point with Mueller it can all be fabricated and made to look like it happened. I dont trust him or fbi period.

    • JOE the AMERICAN

      I do not trust FBI Cia nsa all of these kooks lining their pokets in dc

  • Beverly Parrott

    Once again Stormy said herself she did not have sex with then Donald J Trump. So why is she during? I call her blackmailing a future President and were back to deep state involved. You can bet on that one

  • Beverly Parrott

    Correction: sueing not during

  • steve

    stormy daniels is a PIG.

  • Larry Brown

    My confidence is President Trump is strong and will not be waivered by a Porn Star and her want-a be lawyer who wants to make a name for himself……

  • parthenon1

    Its obvious one cant tell the lawyers from the criminals !

    • JOE the AMERICAN

      You got that wrong,, 1 cannot tell a lawyer from a criminal!

      • Tim

        did you really feel that needed to be corrected? one or 1 are you that big of a asshole to correct someone on that? If so your the same kind of a person that you are describing the lawyer to be. stop it! your show no more smarts than the whore your bad mouthing. once again shut up

  • Mike Cummings

    So this is the lawyer who tried to help the hooker put the squeeze on Trump during the election. Either pay us or we go public about your affair with Daniels…ten years ago .

    • John Flynn

      I’ve read that Avenatti was a member of the DNC, too. I don’t wonder where, and why, his loyalties lie….TRUMP 2020

  • Donald Cheatham

    If Michael Cohen is like a “cheap deck of cards” (and it appears this guy mixes metaphors and has bad grammar, as well as, syntax, as I believe the expression refers to a “cheap suit”), when representing such as he is, he should not lie down with dogs lest he get flea bit by a pig.


    I wonder how many felony”s stormy’s lawyer has committed . they should storm his office and seize all his shit. I am sure they can find something. sound familiar.

  • SmokingNun1

    The anti Trumpers are heralding this as a win for the rule of law! Say what? Every Lawyer and Every Citizen who believes in our Constitution should be screaming at the top of their lungs about the illegality of this corrupt lawyers actions. This is a direct violation of our federal laws and as Trump stated, in direct violation of what we as Americans truly believe in. The violations and corruption of the Bush administrations was pushed by the media continuously which of course got us the vile anti constitutional bestie of them all-Barrack Hussein Obama (which the media covered up for and painted him in a favorable light by the way). This is not just about Trump-this also about us and America. If they can violate a sitting United States President’s constitutional rights then no one’s rights are safe and that realization makes this despicable act even more sinister and heinous.

  • Sandra Manzi

    Talk about a lowlife attorney… this is one of them.. He’s out for money as she is.. She is a porn person, won’t even call her a “star”.This guy isn’t any better than his client. Also Mueller sent four men wrongly accused to protect his informant…and they spent 30 YEARS IN JAIL and cost the state MULTI MILLIION OF DOLLARS. Muller is a scum and no he is another Clinton person. Go after her an all of her CORRUPT ACTS…Which is far to many going back to her Ark. days…

  • Jim Hobstetter

    Our justice system is a scummy as the rest of the government. This is really a case of extortion. They threaten Cohen to make him give them something to continue this “witch hunt” when the whole episode is not even constitutional. This is why we have no more faith in government.

  • denise valley

    Stormy, you really are a piece of work, trying to make a name for yourself? Guess you lawyer needed a little help there too since no one every heard of him till you went after the President, so is the Democrats paying you or crooked Hillery, your parents must feel so proud knowing you screwed the President. what an accomplishment, but sweetie he wasn’t the President then, so is that why ya waited, your no Marilyn Monroe dear, even she had more class then you, this may shock you dear, don’t have GOLD between your legs, looking to get into movies, they always need good porn stars and you already have the sleazy lawyer. maybe we’ll see at the movies…of I have a great name for your first movie “Stormy does the U.S. Senate” you got this girl.

  • rick meek

    And this guy is the prime example of Why the US is going to get mauled and it’s cities refabed….. - 2015 | Privacy Policy