State Dept. science envoy resigns

The science envoy for the State Department has resigned following President Trump’s response to the violent clashes at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

Daniel Kammen announced his resignation in a letter addressed to Trump — in which the first letter of every paragraph spelled out “Impeach.”

“My decision to resign is in response to your attacks on core values of the United States,” Kammen said in the letter.

“Your failure to condemn white supremacists and neo-Nazis has domestic and international ramifications.”

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  • rick meek

    Good another obozo guy GONE…..Good Riddance…..

  • Bruce Kellar

    Gosh, must you go so soon? Heck, you are really gonna be missed

  • Ddenney1

    I wish a lot of the back syabbers would go. Trump is NOT a politician if everybody the mis spoke or said something STUPID in D.C. resigned the place would be empity!! Wait a minute maybe we’re on to something!!!!

  • JC

    Good riddance—wish you had done this sooner—you are what we want gone from our government

  • Art Hock

    Another waste of good money and oxygen is gone! Get rid of all the Obama ignorant leaches and then we’ll get things done!

  • JeffD13

    What part of full condemnation do you not understand. All who wanted to hear the truth did and those who choose to remain as deniers have…phony racist, Nazis is who they really are…not who they blanket with their sickness and lies.

  • missirish71

    Are you really asking for impeachment? You sound the radical left who want President Trump’s head on a platter. For Shame.

  • John Gasper


  • Dale

    Draining the swamp.

    • Big Iron

      Or maybe pumping out the cesspool.

  • FreemenRtrue

    Another hack disingenuously snits as he bites the dust.

  • W. Coyote

    Far from “draining the swamp”, Trump is bringing in more alligators. As more good people, like Kammen, leave, that will make even more room for the swamp creatures.

  • bearass

    We don’t need you on the payroll anyway. Good job reducing the deficit and making government smaller.

  • James

    Another BO hack out the door; GOOD RIDDANCE. He was probably a believer in ‘global warming’ anyhow.

    Those ‘white supremacists’; neo-Nazis; and KKK were not alt-right anyhow, they were nothing but a bunch of leftists and needed to be addressed as such! GO MR. PRESIDENT!!!

  • Kammen is full of liberal shit. Good riddance to this asshole.

    • randolph.poole

      Well put!

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    So he leaves because of his own self interest and not because Trump condemned Violence on both sides, where this so called American forgets Trump is president of all the people not just Antifa. Again I do not condone racism and I do condemn violence and if this so called science idiot had seen that the racists were egged on by Antifa, then maybe he would have better understood what our commander in chief was saying but he probably watches the Communist News Network and the Comunist Broadcasting Company and the American Broadcastin Communists who all like the Amoral Atheistic Socialist Media who do not want unity but the obvious STRUGGLE portrayed by the globalists.

  • Ira W. Cotton

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  • randolph.poole

    Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out! One more out of the way!

  • Rightleaning

    Now will the world get cooler?

  • Big Iron

    Good riddance! Just not soon enough.

  • rivahmitch

    Kammen was an Obamanoid and should have been fired anyway.

  • HotinSC

    It is so evident that the liberal left is trying to use any excuse at all to get rid of Trump, our duly elected president, Trump needs to get rid of every one of these self agrandizers who occupy the Washington Swamp. The voters need to help in draining the swamp with every election. Research who you vote for, do they have anything to do with the many Soros organizations or Steyer, an oil tycoon who is now a climate changer who goes where the money is. Are they financed by a bigPAC? Do not vote for anyone associated with big financial backers, they will only owe big favors to their donors.

  • URKiddinMee

    What the hell is a “science envoy” and why would we ever need one on the payroll? Hasta la vista, baby! 😂

  • Ron C

    Great now Daniel Kammen, a Obama appointee, can use his time to fight against free speech with his Antifa buddies…because it obvious the truth isn’t his bag…because Trump did denounce the democrat party invented KKK and white supremacy as well as all violence….but hey Danny likes the violence from the Alt Left, the fascist socialist, that will only allow speech from his views…
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