Spicer: level of diversity in Trump’s Cabinet

Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer in his first news briefing pushed back against questions about the level of diversity in President-elect Donald Trump‘s Cabinet.

“I think if we look at the totality of his administration, the people that he’s talked to, the people that he’s met with, the people that he’s appointed, you see a president who is committed to uniting this country and bringing the best and the brightest together,” Spicer told reporters Thursday morning.

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source: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/315056-spicer-defends-level-of-diversity-in-trumps-cabinet

  • WVF

    I hope President Trump is not an Affirmative Action President. It should not matter about the sex or color of a cabinet member

    • Big Bad John

      We can have diversity without affirmative action.

      • WVF

        Okay, I’ll bite, please explain how.

        • Debra Corrales

          Are you implying that affirmative action is the only way a minority or woman can get a job?

          • WVF

            No, Debra, but from first-hand experience, I’ve seen it happen that way many, many times.

          • Debra Corrales

            Not your first-hand experience, surely? By your picture, you appear to be a white male. I am a minority female, and I have always been able to get whatever jobs I wanted based on my experience, knowledge, and qualifications for the job as opposed to affirmative action hiring. I have always found that experience and work ethics will get you a job. And, although I currently only work part time due to a disability, my jobs have always been in leadership roles. I have found that those who feel entitled to a job by virtue of skin color or gender are most frequently poor performers. But it appears that you have had a different personal experience.

          • Big Bad John

            WVF, if one looks beyond sex and race, there are many people who excels in all attributes and virtues that you need. Assuming you are a white male and if every white male makes the same comment and are married, have a sister and a daughter than your wife, mother, sister and daughter will be judged the same way by other white males. Under those conditions, every white male is born, marries and bares women with inferior genes. Then, they are born from inferior genes and at the end all white males are inferior, which is not true. In my opinion, affirmative action was, remains, and will always be unprodutive and wrong. And, in my opinion, the statement you made drives ISIS members. I am 99.999% sure you are not an ISIS member, but I do not agree with your statement.

          • WVF

            Please read my reply above to Debra.

          • WVF

            Yes, in MY first-hand experience. In the 1970’s and 1980’s I was discriminated against because I was a white male. Many jobs for which I was qualified went to either females, minorities, or both. Those are facts. Leader-managers such as myself were pressured to hire females and minorities over white males. For example, if I had a hiring certificate on which a minority was in the top five, it was “strongly suggested” by the Equal Employment Office (EEO) that I hire that person ahead of all others because of Affirmative Action, and that is an absolute fact. This may sound humorous, and that is not my intention, but If I had a black/Hispanic female minority with a disability on a hiring certificate, I got credit with the EEO for three Affirmative Action categories. That, Debra, is a fact.

          • Big Bad John

            WVF, your experience goes back 36-46 years ago. I am sure it is a fact. During that same period of time, I have heard the same facts from minorities, women and people with disability. I guess we can talk/argue on this issue until the cows come home and no one will change their views.

          • WVF

            Big Bad John, it does go back a long way, but Affirmative Action has done irreparable damage to this country, and that is also a fact. You are right about the views of others. People tend to accept only their points of view.

          • Big Bad John


            In one of previous comments, I wrote “in my opinion, affirmative action was, remains, and will always be unprodutive and wrong.”

          • Big Bad John

            WVF, My apologies. When I wrote that AA was, remains, will always be unproductive and wrong, I meant the same as you…has done irreparable harm. AA was cram down people throats and no liked it, And, Obama tried to/ did the same and S.B met a brick wall by a diversity of people. That is why Trump won, not just because of white males.

          • WVF

            By definition it is a discriminatory practice and should not exist.

          • Big Bad John

            Yes. The sad part is that Obama cram it down our throat with his hate for white males that he left with a 60% acceptance rating and the country is as divided as its was decades go. I do not see AA coming off the books for a long time.

          • WVF

            I don’t see it being rejected in my lifetime. It’s a rotten way to treat anyone regardless of color. Insofar as BHO’s approval rating, I don’t believe it for a second. The media created that poll, and they lied throughout the election year. Remember, Donald Trump didn’t have a chance?

          • Debra Corrales

            Your first reply to WVF seemed to imply (as I stated) that you did not believe that diversity could be achieved without affirmative action. I have always viewed affirmative action as a joke. So we are, essentially, on the same page. I believe it is possible to have diversity sans affirmative action, with the resulting employees being the cream of the crop (note: all white males are not in the top echelon as regards intelligence, experience and work ethic). I will admit that it is my belief that Obama was employed and elected purely on the basis of AA. And no, I do not believe he is anywhere near being the cream of the crop.

  • Uncle Larry

    Meritocracy Please, Mister President.

  • MASR53

    Diversity???? What hogwash!
    What the USA needs are people with character and competence rather than the right skin color, sex or ethnicity!!!!!

    • J A

      And a higher IQ.

      • Lee Schlatter

        I agree! It’s DIVERSITY that has gotten us in the mess in which we find ourselves. When it was announced that he won the the nomination, I was excited, but, when he won the election, I felt like I could finally BREATHE again. This man is exactly who we need right now.

        • Wilma

          I agree. I have a 10-year-old grandson who, upon hearing that Trump had won the election, was so excited and said, “Now I don’t have to be afraid any more.” Yesterday he was able to watch the inauguration in school, and when he got home, he said, “Now I’m safe because President Trump is in charge.” Even kids grasped the backlash of Hollywood and others who were against President Trump and for Clinton.

          • Lee Schlatter

            Too bad President Trump (God, I love saying that) can’t fix stupid, though. Those idiots, that are protesting, are ignoramuses! They don’t even know just how much better their lives will be, once the ball gets rolling.

  • toddyo1935

    Diversity as the left defines it is the very divisive idea of race gender and sexual urge. So far, the Trump Cabinet is true diverse with a wide range of gifts, skills and talents, with actual achievement to back it up.

    Since our Founders long ago figured out that we are “endowed by our Creator…” It takes infinitely more than racial and gender definitions to men manufacture a pencil. We are as any human population endowed with all the skills and abilities to make a society thrive. The USA has been blessed with a national structure that actually allows it to happen. If we have any export, that would be it so all may prosper.

    • Kanawah

      Are you looking at the same monolithic colection of incompitent trash that I am.

      • Cheyenne Kid

        The only one who is imcompitent is u when u look in your mirror

  • Kerr Musfwon

    There isn’t even a single gigolo or race baiting profiteer amongst them. What a shame!

  • Cheyenne Kid

    The media was contrite and fessed up on their slanted liberal views and promised to be non biased, but they have forgot all that and gone right back to their liberal actions. I couldn’t put up with the comments the announcers were saying so I muted them and listend only to the singing and he and VP Pence’s oaths and his speech, which was short but so powerful for all Americans, no matter their color of skin!

  • Andrew Molina

    why would Trump select anybody other than the most qualified. You can’t repair a country with 2 bit hacks whom claim they have some prowess when they are simply community organizers

  • old_salty_dawg99

    America and Americans do not need diversity we need the best people for the job. We are in this mess Obammy caused due to the IGNORANCE of Diversity. Politicians need to stop worrying about what group might feel left out and hire those best for the Nation as a whole. See I do not care what a politician looks like I only care that the person knows how to do the job and in FACT that they are the best for the job not what they look like.

  • elmcqueen3

    Diversity?…Hmmm…I never witnessed any diversity in the Obama camp…quite the opposite as a matter of fact… no matter what the “fake” news people would tell us.

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