Sharpton Endorses Kamala Harris For 2020 Election

Al Sharpton of MSNBC gave his opinion on the Democratic challenger that will run against President Trump in the 2020 elections.

Sharpton spoke in high regards about Sen. Kamala Harris’ (D-CA).

“It is not a Sharpton Primary, but that is what the media calls it — it’s the National Action Network’s convention,” he said. “They have to have the black vote. We are one of the organizations, as is the NAACP and Urban League. But we convene first because we convene in April — we try to do it in the month Dr. King was killed because we’re a King-based group. And, they can’t win without the black vote. I felt a real passion from Kamala Harris about fighting for real issues like criminal justice, as well as the economy and other things.”

  • Rick Robinson

    Sharpton can’t be taken seriously..he’s a racebaiting troublemaker

  • rick meek

    Sharpton is GONE – Do everyone a favor and STAY GONE besides – I want that money you owe the treasury…..5 million ……plus interest..

    • Rodney

      I want to know, why has he never spent a day in jail for his tax evasion or Tawanna Brawley setup?

      • dlmstl

        Or the Freddy’s Fashion Mart riot. Former Congressman JC Watts nailed both JJ and Sharpie when he referred to them as race hustling, poverty pimps.

        • Rodney

          Ah yes, I knew there was another biggie I had forgotten. Thanx! JC was right. Jesse Jackson is heard from much anymore. Too old?

      • rick meek

        because he helps bring in the votes – distracts from crap they pull – and is in touch with the losers of society in order to keep them dependent of THEM…..

        • Rodney

          Fat Albert isn’t popular enough in his own community to bring much more then his body guards to a rally of 5.

  • Alex Peshansky

    Isn’t Sharpton endorsement “a kiss of death”?

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      I think that anything to do with sharpazzton is a kiss of death.

      • Charles Lagioia


    • Rodney

      Yes, he is. Several reports I have read say Fat Al is rejected by both the progressive and conservative Blacks as irrelevant.

    • Jim Deffendall

      When she was Cal. AG she was terrible for the state word has it she got to where she is on her back. You can not trust her.

  • Dodie1990

    She is a racist ultra liberal. And she will destroy the 2nd amendment if given the chance

    • don lavrich

      not to get off the subject, but what kind of car are you next to? I am a car buff!

      • Dodie1990

        1976 Cadillac Eldorado conv’t. Long time car guy(71 yrs old) Member of Cadillac-LaSalle Club. Had a 66 Chevelle SS 396 Conv’T (375hp) Let it go in 1987 with 32K 99% stock big mistake.

        • don lavrich

          had a 67 chevelle with a blown 396, 4 speed hertz. that car kicked ass also had 74 vette, and a 98 vette convertible, triple black. it was a head turner!

    • don lavrich

      that’s cool. I have a 77 coupe deville, 67 Pontiac lemans, needs restored, not enough time to do right now, a 91 G.M.C. Z71, all ready for paint, the coupe deville is a daily driver, got it in florida. nice to see older cars still on the road and not in the crusher.

  • Daniel Brofford

    Only the group of people that can’t speak English will listen to Sharpton. The type of ppl who’s name starts with a N would even give him the time of day. Not much to worry about as long as we can get our education in this country fixed. We have let the left indoctrinate our kids for to long. We need to take our kids and country back from people who want to destroy it. Go to the polls in nov and put ppl in congress who will help us MAGA.

  • Santiago Tello

    Al Sharpton is an idiot. His endorsement of harris is par for the course. They both say the same thing over and over – racists! racists! Harris belongs to the barak HUSSEIN obama school of blaming whitey for everything. Al, harris and obama are all shineboys for George Soros.

    • Joseph Sypien

      he’s an idiot….comes from upbringing…. hs parent’s are probably idiots too.

  • Rodney

    Sharpton is a moron. They convene their first convention in April to honor Dr. King? BS, they do that to get their narrative out before anyone else. The way they have butchered Dr. Kings message shows he means nothing to these communists. As for Kamela Harris, bring it. I believe the American people and especially the Black community is waking up to the destructive path the left wants to take.

  • Glenn Saulsbury

    Sharpton do the world favor drop dead..

    • Rodney

      He’s like those mushrooms that grow in you lawn, impossible to get rid of. They die off when the weather gets hot, but they reappear next year.

    • wildbillusmc

      After you pay your Federal Taxes!


    If they are a “King Based Group” why do they vote Democratic?? Dr. MLK would have voted Republican, if one is to believe his speeches.

  • Larry Lewis

    I want Sharpton treated like any other income tax evader. He needs to be arrested and tried. His choice for 2020 election is helpful as it helps me be reassured not to vote for Harris. HIs endorsement is a death knell.

    • Rodney

      Last reports show he has an active tax warrant in New York state for over $600,000 as well as still owing the federal government an estimated 4 mil+. BarryO isn’t there to protect him now, so…I hope the Infernal Revenue Service does it’s job.

      • Harold Sammons

        Hasn’t Sharpton received the warm blooded welcome to visit the White house, to mingle with the President and first lady ; and give his opinion and advice?

        • Rodney

          The Trump White house? I found no record of that. Trump did call Fat Albert in late December 2016 to discuss the bad waters between them and attempt to smooth things over, to no avail. Unlike BarryO who entertained Fat Al over 100 times in his 8 years of destruction. Some have referred to Sharpton as the White House Negro, those were fellow leftists who were making those comments.

  • chuck

    When is al going to pay his back taxes ?

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I can believe that.
    Criminal justice is what the Dims are all about!
    Justice for the criminal, not the victims.
    Probably have Louis Farrakhan for a running mate!

  • laundryman01

    A Sharpton backing is like the kiss of death.NO ONE will trust any person HE endorses

  • Neil

    Did Kamala promise to forgive the little weasel’s debt of $4,000,000 he owes the IRS?

  • Chap ;{-

    Wonder where the Rev. Al Sharpton (Sharp-tongued) will spend his 30 pieces of silver…


    just what has kamala harris done for any American since she has been in public service? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! This is the best they have for 2020? Oh boy!

    • Charles Lagioia


    • don lavrich

      your right. she will run on NOTHING!

  • richard black

    Kumbaya..yes please !!!

  • John Centonze

    Kamala, didn’t you ever hear the adage: “You are known by the friends you keep!”?

  • rottenrollin

    Sharpton endorses???

    Haha ha ha ha ha ha haha Hardie har har har ha ha hat’s off to this loon pimper.

  • jack

    No one The tax breaker endorced by Sharpton should be allowed on the ballot ! Also Sharpton should be arrested as long as it takes for the racist thief to pay his delinquent taxes !

  • Alexander Horvat

    Those who understand MLK as more of a conservative are closer to the truth. Sharpton and his group of chaos agents are fighting for the Progressive-Socialist Liberal point of view. That will most assuredly keep blacks on that plantation and money streaming into Al’s coffers, which is the objective in the first place. The fact he still has a show on MSNBC shows their disregard for most American traditions and values of integrity and honesty in the media. Shouting “We want dead cops, when do we want them…NOW!” in New York a few years ago is not a way to maintain any kind of order or civilization. Sharpton promotes racism, division and above all his own narrow self-interest. Truly a plague on humanity.

    • Dee

      Well put.

    • Samuel Pablo Broseker

      I laugh at that term progressive. The platform of progressives will not bring progress. Instead, it will take us back to feudalism.

  • Jmanjo

    If Sharpton is for Kamala Harris you know we damned sure don’t want her for anything! She is already a horrible senator and person.

  • Edd Bellett

    I agree that MLK would be voting Republican, not dems. He was their enemy Sharpton is a slim ball, First degree. bad hair and all.

  • 1IrishjLad

    How come no one mentions that slimey Al owes 4 million dollars in back taxes…..Guess the Kenyan A hole Obama
    forgave him ( or took 1/2 to forget it )

  • Dee

    Wow, Al Shakedown Charlatan endorses a candidate, that is pretty much the kiss of death.Nothing like having a tax-evader and criminal endorse you.

  • Joseph Morgan

    When are going to arrest this bastard for TAX evasion???? And inciting domestic terrorism and destruction of personal and public properties.

  • Older Than Dirt

    Well I suspect she will have promised that he will ne er have to pay his back taxes for the endorsement. Any of the rest of us who owed
    back taxes ( what in the millions ? ) would have long ago been sent to prison. But Al is an activist and no one will ever touch him – nice to be a person of such privilege while you criticize others. Biot bad for a backup singer for the “godfather” : ) America has been good
    to him – the pinnacle of demigod.

  • wildbillusmc

    Whomever Sharpton endorses. is a sure loser. This country needs to collect the taxes people owe the Government. It is time for everyone who enjoys the perks of America should be required to pay their fair share. Sharpton’s rabble rousing has cost American taxpayers millions. He makes money on the backs of the very people that he claims to help.

  • Samuel Pablo Broseker

    Whoever Sharpton endorses is basically dead in the water. He is even too liberal for the liberals. This dude is a loud mouth, racist bitch.

  • don lavrich

    who cares what Sharpton says. he just a black commy, and kamala is no better. another loser. Trump will take it again in 2020, and lets hope pence will be up to it in 2024. we need to get rid of all the dems once and for all. they are nothing but commies, and need fumigated from this country!

  • dlmstl

    Wonder why it’s only the lackies in the MSM and clowns like Sharpton shilling for this gaggle of lackluster Democrat wannabe’s? Clinton, Inc. and GrannyPants still hold sway within the DNC power structure. As long as this remains the case, any potential candidate that makes an official announcement will suffer the political equivalence of a ‘knee capping’. ‘That women, Ms Rodham-Clinton’ is not going quietly into the night. Don’t put it passed the leftist moonbats to fight for Crazy Bern, the MA squaw or some other big city or coastal, Alinsky acolyte. GrannyPants choice of Tim Kaine, aka Maj. Frank Burns was a classic example.

  • debra allen

    I’m a woman and Calif. and I wouldn’t vote for her for she is part of the problem in California and I’m sick of them ruining my state.

  • GreyHairandGreyMatter

    Johns Hopkins and Fairfield Universities
    Does anyone really care who Al “not so sharp” Sharpton endorses for President in 2020?
    Fred Harden III aka “GreyHairandGreyMatter”

  • Dominic D’Antonio

    Can’t believe a word that comes out of sharpton’s trap. Nothing more than a tax dodger & pile of human waste.

  • TheRpennington

    What this woman don’t realize is that with this idiot behind her no one will trust her, at all. She has to know he’s a liar and a crook and she had better get away fast !

  • bychoice

    Is there a statute of limitation on tax evasion? It’s about time we collect from the deadbeats. Amazing how many there were in the Obama administration.

  • Spunky

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