Schumer’s Former Aide Doubts Dems Impeaching Trump

Christopher Hahn, former aide to Senator Chuck Schumer, posed that Democrats are making hollow threats of impeachment. Which will come back to haunt them in 2020.

Hahn was interviewed by Tucker Carlson where they discussed the Democrats constant claim of impeachment.

Hahn did not believe “we are at a point where impeachment would be a real thing.” Citing that there has been a lack of evidence showing that Trump has done anything to warrant impeachment since taking office.

“Barring some major revelation in the Mueller report, I don’t think you will see impeachment on the agenda for the next Congress,” said Hahn.

Hahn pointed out that Nancy Pelosi has not shown much support for impeachment. Furthermore, if the House made charges for impeachment it would still be voted on by the Republican-controlled Senate.

In closing Hahn made one final prediction. That if Democrats pursued Trump’s impeachment, not only would it fail but it would hurt their own image and “lead to the Democrats losing their majority and Donald Trump being re-elected.” - 2015 | Privacy Policy