Public School Teacher Uses Absurd Transgenderism Lesson

A public school located in New York suspended Jacqueline Hall for her topical lesson on “sexual identity” using graphic descriptions and images.

She was made to leave work, with no pay, after the parents of several children learned that their kids were being taught about transgenderism using “genderbread” persons.

One student came home with a disturbing packet given by the insane teacher “about sex change operations that included graphic sexual definitions.” The parent of the child went onto Facebook Live, showing the packet to the other parents at the school. Since then, it has gone viral with over 600k views and counting.

  • Estoban

    Our children do NOT need to be educated about the mentally sick. Parents will take care of that responsibility.

  • Godswitness

    What an absolute perverted teacher. Fire her now.

    • Nicole

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  • Brandy

    Suspended ? Why was the POS fired immediately !

    • lorna shores

      because of the teachers union!

  • C. LeSaint

    No wonder the kids can’t read, write, understand English, or do math!

    • Alibaba

      Only in America! Kids actually read, write, speak English and do math in many places, like China, Russia, Argentina, Chile… Only in US they grow mentally impaired! Why?… Eh, that’s a long story which started last century after the WWI…

    • RC

      As a boy many years ago my parents taught me about the birds and bees. A “teacher” like that has no business in any school. That includes colleges where the students think they’re adults. Some may not agree, but I feel politics, sex and religion should be left for kids to learn at home.

      • H Curt Green

        Just retired. All teach to the curriculum, not to deal with reality.

        • RC

          That is a DAMN LIE AND WE BOTH KNOW IT. With a few exceptions teachers brainwash and indoctrinate students on virtually every level.

          • H Curt Green

            You are upset at the wrong person. I taught the curriculum but I also taught about things right and wrong but you need to stand up for your beliefs. Be responsible.
            For. You to say I lied is just wrong. No matter what you must teach the curriculum, if not then you do not deserve to teach.

          • RC

            OK, you have my apology. I suppose one could call it guilt by association. Also got a bit carried away. Some time ago I listened while Bill Ayers said the Socialists were going to indoctrinate children in schools and eventually take over. As I think you might know, Ayers is nothing but a self admitted murderer. I know some teachers who try to do the right thing but feel they’re a definite minority. A real shame to have to feel that way. And of course I’d imagine you might have had to teach what you probably didn’t approve of or believe in. Personally, as a high school drop out many years ago, after learning in the school of hard knocks, I’m a great believer in a good education and would probably be a poster boy for that.

    • lorna shores

      oh! haven’t you heard the latest? math is racist! But your right

  • Kent Powers

    A perfect example of the liberal idiots being fed leftist propaganda thru all their college years then put upon our kids to warp their minds. The more liberal this country becomes the worse it becomes in every aspect.

    • fiorimagliulo

      This is what is wrong with our school system when you have perverted liberal morons teaching this garbage to our kids. It is up to the parents to monitor what our children should be learning in schools. If not, then our kids will be coming out of schools as zombies. Get rid of the liberal crap,that is being taught in our schools. It is poisoning children’s minds.

  • genderbread-just when i thought i’d heard of everything

  • Terry Butts

    Ones gender is based on their PHYSICAL FORM not some ideology a teacher plants in their heads at an impressionable age about being able to CHOOSE their gender.

    If a lesson can not be published in the newspaper because LAWS PROTECTING underage impressionable Children require an ADULT rating for them then they do not belong in the classroom SPECIFICALLY targeting those underage children.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Actually,it’s based on their DNA and their XX or XY chromosome presentation at conception.

      • Richard Ainsley

        While that is true in the sense of which gametes are produced, sexual identity is strongly influenced by autosomal genes (chromosomes other than XX or XY). There are also several viable alternatives to just the XX or XY chromosome pairing which drastically alter sexual orientation. In addition there are learned sexual behaviors that can affect sexual orientation. Transgender folks can be influenced by a variety of factors beyond just XX or XY chromosomal pairing they usually inherit. Please do not take the simplistic concept of XX or XY chromosomes as a god given method of determining sexual orientation and ignore everything else when to do so is to ignore everything learned by science in the last 60 years or so!

        • sandraleesmith46

          Nope; those are all just excuses for why you want to act according to your LEARNED behavioral disorders, instead of being accountable and getting therapy to recover from them.

        • Terry Butts

          We are discussing actual GENDER versus mental/learned beliefs about their gender.

          There has been NO SCIENTIFIC evidence that the disorder is a result of anything other than OUTSIDE INFLUENCES it is not the natural development of the person. Even among IDENTICAL twins who have been studied it has IRREFUTABLY proven it is not genetic or biological driven behavior.

          They are not PHYSICALLY the opposite gender just because they have been confused into thinking they are and PUNISHING people for using the correct English words by definition to refer to someones actual gender is child abuse at best.

          These children are at the age where they are supposed to be learning the ACTUAL definitions of these words not some POLITICALLY CORRECT nonsense that would get PARENTS charged with a crime if they tried to teach their children using the same thing using the same materials these teachers are getting away with.

          That BENIGN looking form in the story is just the one they could present to a general audience it in no way represents the entire curriculum the school uses when pushing POLITICAL CORRECTNESS instead of actual education.

        • jackieray

          if you are religious you can not believe in science the world was made in seven days about 6000 years ago

  • DaleJ

    Who did this teacher present this information to? Was it part of the curriculum?

    According to the website:
    “Sam’s programs below are aimed at a college audience (read about Sam’s speaking engagements in general, including conferences and middle/high school), and are great for Orientation events, Diversity & Equity, Residence Life, themed Campus Activities weeks, and Greek Life. Everything Sam does is catered to his audience, and flexible in length and content.”
    Based upon this, the material is generally NOT APPROPRIATE for pre-teens and younger teens.

    • Richard Ainsley

      I agree that taking this on prior to puberty seems a bit much. I guess the exception would be if here was a kid in class having a lot of trouble with gender identification. Even then a more indirect approach like trying to have other kids interact safely with this kid (stay out of fights and name calling) seems like a better approach at that age.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Is there NO end to the child abuse these sick people will perpetrate on kids in their captive audiences??? They need to be not only fired but SUED for every penny they’ll ever be worth!

  • game50

    Here’s a lesson for any Teachers… if it’s hanging … it’s a BOY … if not it’s GIRL….SIMPLE ENOUGH …

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Isolate her. She is crazy!

  • Ischgabibble

    Perhaps it would be better if teachers were actually hired by the school instead of the liberal education system. That way the parents would have control over what their children were being taught.

  • Estell Newton

    There is no reason why homosexuality and transgenderism should be taught in schools. God is going to reap his vengence on this country for its perverted idiologies. And for you liberals who don’t believe it. read what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality. It will happen again in the near future. All you people are doing is making you death by God harder on yourselves.

  • jon

    This is an attempt to program children away form the morals and values of a free people into the pedophilia of the loony left and all its sick people.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Terminate forthwith.

  • Philomena

    Remove the sick person now

  • harold

    Is this another teacher? taught by the socialist or commie professors in order to undermine the morals of the young of the USA. After all that is 1 of the things that the commie manifesto says to use in taking over a country!


    I’D be Willing to BET this teacher is some form of Mentally Ill Homosexual and a Atheist !

  • Joecolt

    Liberal Insanity,

    Liberalism is a Curse on our Country, it is Completely Un-American their Policy’s do Nothing for the American People, Not to mention add additional Cost to the American People, in every way shape and form. Our Country seems to have Been Infiltrated By Un-American Outsiders, Socialist/Communist, Dissidents who Have Found a Weak Link in our Politics to exploit, the Devastated Democratic Party. All Any Normal Americans have to do is take a good look at their Agenda? Block, Obstruct, Resist, in Short Rebellion, Next look at each Issue they are Fighting For, That all Goes Against Our Country, Our Flag and Anthem, Open Borders Massive amounts of Unknown Illegal’s Millions upon Millions who have never Taken the Oath or Pledge to this Country, Un-Vetted Refugees from the Middle East War Zones, with ISIS Terrorist stating they will Infiltrate, and Recruit to Kill Americans, We have No Clue how many Sleeper Terrorist already entered our Country, From our Open Border or these Refugees, On top of all that they Are Creating Sanctuary City’s and States to protect illegal’s and Criminals in all Categories, Criminals who Commit Crimes in one State then Run to a Sanctuary State for Protection, Even against Federal Prosecution. Does this not sound like the Undermining of the very fabric of our Country? Lets take a look at what seems Minor compared to the Above but fits the Profile, Tearing down Statues of our History, Calling everyone who Does not Agree with them Racist and with Violence to make their point. The Democrats and their Party have been Hijacked by much more then one Group, Antifa, BLM, Socialist, Communist, and so on. With one Goal in mind to see America Fail. What other Explanation could their Be??? Real Americans need to take a Hard look at where our country needs to go into the Future. It Definitely is not with this Rebellion and the Democrats. Our Children and Grandchildren need a Better Future then what the Democrats and Liberal’s have to offer. PS: Antifa has just been Caught by the FBI Colluding with ISIS Terrorist, Fact MSM Not Covering It?

  • markypolo

    There seems no end to the ignorance and stupidity of Liberals/Democrats. And we let these idiots and morons VOTE?

  • Joe S Hill

    When a spiritual and mentally ill concept like Transgenderism is pushed in our public schools like all the other LGBTQ garbage, then its time to either remove our children and put them either in home schooling or private schooling! the teacher in question should be fired for exposing her classroom to a grotesque concept of a man who wants to be a woman-its the kind of lie that represents what the spiritually ill have in common, and that is not a suitable content for children to be exposed to in any school, but it still proves what easy targets that they all are by the LGBTQ inductions and its sickness!

  • missirish71

    If this is what is being taught to our kids today, then we are doomed. This is so crazy. - 2015 | Privacy Policy