Scaramucci Hopes Trump Doesn’t Testify

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci recently appeared on ABC news show and stated that he doesn’t think President Trump should testify at special counsel Robert Mueller Russia probe.

Scaramucci freely commented, “I actually don’t want him to testify because, as a lawyer, I don’t want him caught in a ‘gotcha’ moment where someone accuses him of lying where he may not remember something or something like that.”

  • Jmanjo

    Nobody trusts Mueller since he is a liberal cover man. If he was as honorable and trustworthy as was made out this investigation would have been dumped a long time ago. However, the Democrats want it drug out as long as possible to screw up Trumps doing the good things he is trying to do but since the Dems won’t get the credit they don’t want any progress. They should be thrown out of Congress!

    • Kaywhever

      Mueller is one of the Head Swamp Rats and a major corrupter in the FBI. He is the one that showed Comey and the other law breakers what to do. They used to have a name for a guy like this and I think it was Kingpin.

    • Pattiann

      Agreed! It’s amazing how much President Trump has been able to do in spite of all the opposition and hatred directed at him. As author Mark Taylor (book: The Trump Prophecies) says, “It rolls off him like the water off a duck.”

      • mrp15

        Despite all the obstacles the Dems and evil-looking Mueller throw in his path, Donald Trump still manages to look out for the American people and do what’s best for them. Unlike Obama and Hillary, that is what President Trump cares about. Obama preferred supporting Muslim Terrorists and Hillary was selling us out in return for donations to the foundation. That’s why she can’t get over the loss: donations have dried up because she is not in command, further proof that it was that all along. Good riddance to her and to Obama.

    • Reasoned thinker

      Jmango — Absolutely correct!

  • Ron C

    Well yeah…that goes without saying!
    The prisons are full of inmates that were innocent and talked to the cops because they were innocent, and the next thing you know off to jail you go!
    Why would Trump want to talk to a witch hunter, that only levies charges against Trump people, the whole while ignoring the crimes of anyone else in the democrat party…???
    Trump has actual proof this whole investigation is a scam set in motion by the FBI & DOJ colluding with the Clinton campaign…right?
    Just tell Mueller to go pound sand with his scam witch hunt…period!

  • President Trump should absolutely not testify. The only goal of Mueller is to catch Trump in a misstatement or similar misunderstanding that is vague enough to convince an all Democratic party DC grand jury that Trump lied under oath and to a federal investigator. Mueller is not looking for truth or the facts. His sole and only mission is to screw President Trump in any way possible, legally or not. No matter what Trump might say it would in no way whatsoever end the investigation. Testifying can only hurt the President and in no way can it help him. He would be foolish to submit himself to Mueller and his extremely conflicted and terribly biased henchmen who all have the common goal of terminating the President. Do not for one moment think you are smarter than they are and take their bait. Even if everything you said was 100 percent the truth it will be twisted and used against you. DO NOT TESTIFY.

    • jim jones

      I agree, but Trump does do foolish things at times.

  • Ken Schneider

    Why should Pres. Trump take the time to testify. It will turn out badly anyway it goes. Between the demos and fake news They will find a way to twist everything as always. It”s going to be a masterpiece of bait & switch fine product.
    It”s time for good Americans to stand up for Him.

  • pastriesqueen

    Pres. Trump wants to talk to Mueller because when you are innocent, you want to show your innocence by speaking to law enforcement & show that you have nothing to hide. However, in this case, we know that the FBI, DOJ, Mueller are out to get him and Mueller is their last resort for trapping Trump. So, NO, I wouldn’t talk to the scum bag Mueller who’s involved with Uranium 1 and who scrubbed the FBI manual from all terrorist terms.

  • big KAhuna

    The only sensible solution to this investigation is to fire Mueller ( a complete waste of taxpayer money) and now that the evidence clearly shows that the entire case was fabricated by the Left a new Grand Jury must be convinced to indict Clinton, OBama ,
    And Sorros ( all behind this conspiracy). Allowing this effort to go forward with no basis is a witch hunt and only hurts our country by design.Shut it down now!

  • Ilene Richman

    Mueller is the “godfather” of corruption against Trump. He was involved in approving the Uranium One sale to the Russian company. He is a swamp rat and should be treated as such. Trump must ask for the resignation of Sessions and appoint a tough attorney general that will appoint a special counsel to indict Mueller, FBI and DOJ rats, including heat rat Comey.

  • Willie Reeves

    They are against this clown testifying because they know what he has done who he is and are just like him. Those who keep supporting this fact are all the same, each are traitors to this nation. The truth will always come out and can be hidden for only a short time the hand that rock the cradle is not always the right hand. Beware of those who bring a light and shinning gifts they each have a motive.

    • mrp15

      Really need to investigate the investigators because therein lie the crimes and corruption. A look back in history at Bill Clinton prove he obstructed justice during the Paula Jones and Lewinski hearings by getting Lewinski to sign a false affidavit and getting Betty Currie to lie. Then he totally denied this just as he denied having “sex with that woman” until the blue dress proved he lied. No matter what Hillary and Bill swear to, we know it’s not the truth because the two of them and the truth are oxymorons.

    • Bobby Lytle

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