‘Scandal’ Stars Still Sad Trump Won

The stars and producers of ABC’s political drama Scandal are celebrating the show’s centenary episode and sharing their thoughts about how Donald Trump’s election caused anxiety both on and off the screen.

The series’ creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes revealed in a lengthy interview with the Hollywood Reporter, that Scandal writers were anticipating Hillary Clinton winning the White House last November.

“There was a very specific planned progression that was going to be easy to tell because Hillary was going to be president, and we were going to be living in the light,” Rhimes said. “But it didn’t occur. I’m still trying to come to terms with that.”

Rhimes — who produced a 12-minute biopic of Clinton’s life, that aired live the Democratic National Convention — laments that life under President Trump is more “outrageous” and “horrifying” than anything she could have created for her primetime political TV show.

“One bad thing after another keeps happening, and the world feels very unstable,” said Rhimes said. “So in a world in which all of the things that we would write on ‘Scandal’ are happening in real life, it’s very hard to write ‘Scandal’ the way we used to, when it was like, ‘Let’s make Washington the most outrageous, horrifying place it could ever be.’”

“Any of the stories we planned now just feel like we’re copying what’s happening in reality, which is insane,” said Rhimes.

Scandal’s star Kerry Washington, who plays D.C.’s powerful political fixer Olivia Pope, said “Now, we have a hard time competing with reality.”


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/04/13/scandal-stars-still-sad-trump-won-wed-worked-hard-to-get-hillary-elected/

  • Dandy

    Time they all ate sh!# and moved on.

    • bobvelon

      Time they all ate sh*t and died…These are pathetic people who really need to get a grip on life… I guess you could call them misfits and malcontents and they really need to get a life instead crying about their loss…

      • wayne g dearry

        I agree with that

      • Lowell Tietyen

        yes….. like their lonely thoughts matter

  • Ron Allen

    You wimps need to grow up and get a life. Nobody gives a shit about you Hollywood sh.theads. You just don’t like anyone who doesn’t cowtow to your idiotic way of life.

  • Christian Bowers


  • Jmanjo

    Who cares what they think. Bunch of for hire actors that are no more clued in than the guy on the street. Actually in some cases the back alley.

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    These people are pathetic, and think anybody cares what they think. they are some weak minded people. What they really need is someone slap the crap out of them, and give him something to snivel about !

    • wayne g dearry


  • disqus_DSFkFBbRm0

    Since when does an actor, think his/ her ,word is gospel. Don’t forget what you are, ACTORS . And that’s the end of it..You are not put on tv to tell us who or how this planet should be ran, Never mind, Who By! My advice, Better for all you ACTORS out there, Better to keep your mouths Shut and appear stupid, than to open them, and remove all doubt!

    • rs1123

      It was an actor who assassinated the President who ended slavery in the US.

  • groundford

    Yes I agree that if you don’t do as this actors say your nothing. Well let me tell you something. GET A LIFE!!! No one gives a crap what you think. No one cares what you think. Just do your job and go home like the rest of us do. Eat supper and watch TV. You think because your in the movies your going to run the show. THINK AGAIN!!!!!

    • Howleyesque

      Yep just like that motor mouthed twit Bobbie Dequeero who THINKS he IS the tough guy he PRETENDED to be in movies!

  • ssjones

    You know I liked Scandal, but will watch it no more. I never realized how dumb Shonda was. She needs to leave the US along with Whoopi and the rest of the sniveling group. It’s sure taking them a long time to get out. Scandal couldn’t keep up with someone who is so active like Trump. I guess they want another Obummer to run our country in the ground and leave it to the terrorists. He tried really hard and you know that’s what Hillllareee would have continued. Get real and live in this wonderful country on its way back up.

  • generalJed

    Their grandparents wewre commies in the 30s, their parents were commies in the 60s and 70s. [email protected] do you expect from generations of commies?

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    when is hollyweird going to get off their crooked hillary soapbox? They seem to produce trash for TV as well as the movie screen now a days. It it doesnt consist of at least one of the following it isnt fit for TV or the silver screen and those are mixed races, sex, LGTB, violence . Hell disney is even doing the LGTB thing now a days. Hillary in office would have been a bad thing as would be a few weeks into a war now and the muslims would have been in full rape pillage and plunder of the US.

  • Howleyesque
  • Bill Payne

    Their opinions are not important & most Americans do not take these type of people serious. They are just meaningless liberals who do not represent most Americans in this country. In other words they suck!!

    • John Somers

      and NOT the GOOD kind either

  • Rick501

    It seems that all the commentators here really don’t understand that actors have a louder voice than you do so what the say does matter. People listen to people who have loud voices and not you who have nothing to say except to try to degrade people who don’t agree with you.

    • Howleyesque

      ROFLMAO!! REALLY? You mean things like “ALL WHITES ARE BORN RACISTS?” Or maybe THIS drug addled twit
      News flash slick, it’s called the OTHER Golden rule… he who has the gold MAKES the rules. And in this case THEIR INCOME is dependent upon? SELLING THE SPONSORS PRODUCTS TOO? US! INTELLIGENT CEO’s realize that making their customers ANGRY is HOW businesses go belly up! Just ask … STARBUCKS!

      • Rick501

        Howleyesque: What the hell are you saying?

        • Howleyesque

          IFI have to explain it any further, you probably wouldn’t understand the explanation either.
          I’ll make it a simple as I can for you. ALL Televised entertainment exists ONLY too SELL something too US the consumers. WE decide WITH OUR DOLARS SPENT, which products we BUY and which ones WE DON’T! When sales DROP, SPONSORS DROP the offending productions and the EGOMANIACS who THINK as do you, that it is THEY and NOT US who ARE “important”!
          WHY do you think good ole Colin Krapyerdick HAS NOT BEEN and WILL NOT BE signed by ANY NFL team? Answer… The whole league ESPECIALLY the Niners took a financial BATH last year BECAUSE of ? FAN REACTION TOO that ingrate slimeball!

          • Rick501

            Howleyesque:The point here is whether “stars” have a louder voice than you do. So fat all I see here is the same people commenting about their own personal prejudices. When a “star” says something, I assure you more people listen to them than you. BTW, boycotts rarely work, and I say this as a former CFO of the largest TV network in the world (before cable too).

          • Howleyesque

            Get back to me IF and when Krapyerdick gets signed… or IFand when Starbucks sales start climbing again. Being KNOWN and being RESPECTED are two ENTIRELY different concepts. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e05ab31822d3efa2ddd972656a14ea593a47e2a6ab63d63522cddb34139f9f41.png
            HOW MANY producers do you think WANT to sign this fool to a movie contract NOW? WHY? Because her BS “won’t play in Peoria”! THAT’S WHY!

  • Joe Zanetti

    This is how the panzies of the USA think. The real world isn’t about wine and roses as they imagine.

  • Diane Dinneny Bazzano

    Well lost me as a viewer the moment that they became vocal about the President and their dislike for him. Stick to acting and not trying to push your politics on people.

  • grammysam

    Trump is our Dragon Slayer…. the one we elected to undo the sewer that America has been forced into for the last decade. We needed a strong man to lead our country out of the dark, into the light. We are a nation of laws, and our laws were being ignored, and the muslim president we had was only interested in furthering the caliphate. His goal was, and still is… to enable an Islamic takeover of the world… to spread sharia law and have America become ruled by islam. Islamic sharia law is not a religion.. it is a cult idealogy, with people acting like a herd of sheep.. following the dictates of a pedophile long since dead. Muhammad was a butcher, a pedophile, and an emissary of Satan. We cannot and WILL NOT allow that idealogy to enslave and/or butcher our citizens. President Trump has been sent to us, to stop it. God bless President Trump… we, the people, stand behind you!

    • Howleyesque

      I agree but I look at him more as being our Terminix man… A RAT KILLER! And so do…THE RATS! That’s WHY they’re terrified!


    The Hollywood breed live in a different world than we do. The voice of the people voted for Trump. Not the Hollywood loud mouths who do nothing but degrade the President. They rather have Hillary who is nothing but a liar, a cheat, a crook and really doesn’t care about the American people.

  • ron wilson

    I’m glad that they think there is no longer a use to writing the crap that they do, hopefully, soon, they will all be unemployed, and living on the street!

  • Howleyesque

    ROFLMAO!! Somebody tell Detroit City Limits to make up his mind . Some half wit on his site was trolling and cursing at me… DCL up votes my posts and I’M NOW BANNED! LOL

  • parthenon1

    time to face reality and jump on the band wagon. . . .Do like those of us felt the same way about Obama and complain but get on with living I felt when Obama was elected things would go no where but down. . . .AND I WAS CORRECT ONLY I HAD NO IDEA HOW BAD THINGS WOULD ACTUALLY GET !

  • Ron

    Just more hollywood liberal crybabies; that’s why their in ‘Scandal’, their lives are one big scandal…

  • mary murphy

    Don’t you mean you are having trouble not being in control? Isn’t that a shame?

  • Ariella

    Did anyone catch Ashley Judd’ s NASTY WOMAN speech? She/they are clearly delusional. I hope they all keep it up- so the rest of the country can see for themselves first hand just how misguided and fanatical they are.

  • Spiker

    This picture of Hillary is a real motivator. I’ve never wanted to smack someone in the face so badly.

  • Pepot

    They are more than that. Brains of these guys are infected with despicable disease called ” post election cancer” of the brain.

  • MSB

    Who the Hell cares about what they think or feel!!? What makes them think that their feelings & opinions are the only ones that matter & the Hell with what the citizens of this country want? And by the way, if they think that illegal aliens should have more rights than the citizens of this country then they need to move them in with THEIR FAMILIES & be financially responsible for them! I don’t see any of these big mouths doing this! Put your money where your mouths are!

  • sox83cubs84

    That’s one show I will never watch.

  • disqus_3MEvLTGTn0

    The only thing is idiot liberal snowflake trrhugging feminist crybabys that come to grips that they lost. Here’s your stuffed animal and cocoa now get on with your lives.

  • Godswitness

    We should be allowed to deport them to Iran, Saudi and Iraq.

  • Patriot1

    One of the days, the LIBS may grow up and dry out behind their ears. Until then, we just have to listen to them cry! But, maybe, just maybe like little infants they may grow up and grow out of their crying.

  • juniemoon

    I certainly don’t care what these scandal people think. They can all rot in their self-made misery. As for me, I’m thrilled Trump is our president. Now we will recover from the evil deeds done by Obozo.

  • vaquero711

    Remind me what kind of “bad things ” did happened under the Trump?Bloody clinically insane leftists imbeciles.

  • Lowell Tietyen

    go to some other country then we will miss you???? not

  • Lawrence O’Brien

    Why read more ?? It’s a shame when ‘fiction’ writers are confronted with honest reality and feel challenged by it. Of course, I realize they were influenced by standard crooked political actions which they could readily understand. I guess they just can’t handle an honest business man who is doing his best to do what he said he was going to do !! They are just used to slimy politicians who promise anything to get elected and then pay off their political debts to the establishment.

  • Don Liv

    Who cares what these “Pretenders think! Mr. Trump IS the President of the United States.
    Many of us had to get over it when Obama won.

  • John Enea

    They think they are ENTERTAINEERS>> I believe I don’t like there opinions & really don’t care what they think or DO!!!!!

  • John Enea

    NEVER WATCHED IT NEVER WILL!!!! Hey Mssss Rhimes you really are showing your ignorance & your racist agenda you are trying to push on THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!! Grow up & SHUT UP!!!Enough said!!!!!

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