Sasse Bashes Trump Over Reporter

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) told CNN that President Trump’s compliment of Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-MT) for attacking a reporter last May was definitely, “not OK.”

Sasse stated, “I believe the First Amendment is the beating heart of the American experiment. We need to have a president who celebrates the First Amendment and not pretends that beating up a reporter is OK. What you hear from Nebraskans who also tune out most of the rallies is that there’s a short-term, long-term thing going on and feel that the president’s rhetoric is short-term playful. I don’t think it’s OK, but I think most people tune most of it out.”

He finished with, “It’s not OK.”

  • Junius Graham

    I have this thought about Ben Sasse’s comment about President Trump, when he has done as much for America as President Trump then I might listen to him. It is easy to criticize and tear down someone that you wish you could do their job. It is time the Republican Politicians support our President! Some of these politicians have been in office several terms, yet have not represented the people that sent them there!

  • Frank Roza

    Who the hell is Ben Sasse?I don’t really care!

    • GomeznSA

      He is (supposedly) a senator from Nebraska – but he has been about as successful as the Nebraska football team. 😉 What he, and many of the other senators should be doing is to look out for the Citizens of his state and not trying to ‘politic’ at the national level.

  • pFeather

    Sasse is a moron, Acaustic and reporters, using that term loosely, like him need to be called out and made an example of the biased democrat shills they are. The President is not threatening anybody’s first amendment rights. Acaustic can say whatever he wants but that doesn’t mean what he says can’t be challenged by the President or any other citizen. The first amendment doesn’t give journalists carte blanche to say whatever they want without being held accountable when they’re wrong, biased or lying.

    • Nor does Clown Prince Trump have carte blanche given that he lies every single day.

      • pFeather

        And what lies would that be Trump hater? Your TDS is getting in the way of your thinking process.

        • Ummmmm let’s start with one of his latest….the arms deal with the Saudis…..was going to provide 40,000 jobs, then 400,000 then 450,000 then 500,000 then later at Luke air force base one million…and the arms sold was 110 billion when in fact it is 14.5 billion!.
          TDS…don’t think so… I am not a fan of stupid people and Trump is one of them. You have to remember he was raised by a mother who didn’t even speak English for many many years!!

          • pFeather

            Petey, since you’re not a fan of stupid people, you apparently are not a fan of yourself. Anyway, President Trump is so stupid he’s a billionaire. He’s donating his presidential salary to save your sorry ass, so maybe he is stupid. President Trump’s Mother was Scottish Gaelic and she spoke Scottish Gaelic and she also spoke English as a second language. So you’re wrong again. The job numbers are really unknown because the deal is over 10 years so the President may be right or the figures may be inflated, you don’t know nor do the so-called experts know. And Yes, your TDS is on full display so chill out and take your meds.

          • Easy to be a billionaire starting with 400 million gift from daddy. I started with zero and am millionaire. I ALSO PAY MY TAXES to save his and your sorry ass. I also speak English fluently, we are talking of correct English as I am from the UK, I also speak four other languages fluently, have 14 properties world wide and know perhaps more about the USA than more than 90% of its population.
            Trump’s mother spoke only Gaelic fluently, household language in the Hebrides, ever been there?, it is dire. She was a Scottish peasant, brought her son up to be the same and with the same hairstyle. It was pigeon English, the same spoken by Gumpy. She entered the USA with the intent to work, an illegal immigrant by all standards.

          • pFeather

            Matters not how he started, he is a billionaire. You seem to have a real problem with the Scots but being an Englishman you have more problems than that. Your high opinion of yourself isn’t reflected in your abject hateful posts. You really need to take your meds and get treatment for your TDS.

          • Course it does…..if u know maths… take 1penny and turn it into millions compares far greater than 400 million turned into billions. Just 400 million in the stock market would give him more than he has…and…..I. never went bankrupt….
            and I do like the fact that he isn’t as bright as me…the Scots (my name is Scottish descent) have total loathing of the Gump…
            Doesn’t Gumpy say he is more intelligent than anyone and knows more than anyone…and do not say fake news… I can give you his speech where he states this….sorry you lose yet again….you need to get your chip off your shoulder….remember…only 20%of Americans have passports..!!!!
            Get a life old chap… the world beyond Lalaland!

  • UofHPaul

    So, ….…., it appears that Mr. Sasse is considering a run for the presidency? Yawn!

  • AZtejas

    Senator, I know what a reporter is, do you? If you can point out an actual reporter in today’s world please let me know. If you want me to accept what we are given by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, The NYT, The Washington Post and so on as news developed by Reporters, you can go straight to hell. I am a strong advocate of the Bill of Rights, especially the 1st Amendment. Without a strong objective 4th Estate this Nation is in trouble. Let me repeat THIS NATION IS IN TROUBLE. If we continue to accept garbage as applied to the so called News by far left Socialists this trouble will deepen. You need to listen to what the so called Main Stream Media is spewing and see how much of it is based on factual reporting. I strongly question your ability to govern if you accept that kind of news as news. I personally call it propaganda developed by a subjective marketing organization. Their intent is to FUNDAMENTALLY change this Nation into a Socialist single party Government evolving into a dictatorship with a Ruler instead of a Government. They almost accomplished that, but “We the People” stopped it. You do remember the 2016 election? If Clinton had been elected we would now have a Law making organization called the SCOTUS and a Socialist President that knew how to use it. Congress would be nothing more than a second thought passing Omnibus bills and going home for the rest of the year. Are you folks going to start doing the job we pay you for?
    There are a few actual Reporters out there, the Washington Times & WSJ has a few. Then there is Bill O’Reilly, who still gives us his
    No Spin News”. Well worth the cost if you actually want to hear some fact based NEWS.

    • vladilyich

      I am actually waiting for a journalist to defend himself against this abuse. Ever since that senatorial candidate body-slammed a reporter to the ground and NO charges were ever filed, I have been waiting for a reporter to fight back. My degree is journalism and I was UDT during Vietnam. I would love for a politician to attempt to take me on. His (her) nose and jaw would never be the same and I would expect the same NO CHARGE treatment by the law. Trump actually had the bad judgement to praise this senator.

      • AZtejas

        Having a degree in Journalism does not make you an objective reporter or even a reporter. Maybe we can get Jesse to take you on.

    • Noticed you omitted to mention Fox…sums up a supporter ofTrump. I am not American and Trump is a total idiot who tells lies every single day and those who do not see that, Republicans or Democrats are idiots too. We the people had nothing to do with it, we the people referred to the chosen few. Bill O Reilly, haha…I bet you believe in Fairies too.

      • AZtejas

        Mr. Idiot; I did not forget to include FOX, I don’t watch FOX for News as they do not have reporters in most of their programs. If you can, tell me what Trump lied about today. He does exaggerate and gets his facts wrong on occasion, but I seldom find him actually telling a lie. Now on Bill O’Reilly, he is and has been a reporter for a long long time. His Journalistic credentials are not something you can challenge, which is why i give you the name or Mr. Idiot.

  • Jmanjo

    Sasse needs to shut up and stop making crappy remarks to the damn CNN pricks. He knows dang well they will use his off cuff remarks to beat Trump with. It amazes Republicans how two-faced some of our own party elected officials keep spewing BS about our president. Trump is accomplishing more than any other president ever has and it makes Sasse look good, so why the hell can’t he behave and stop trying to mimic Flake the flake!

  • W. Coyote

    Thank God there is at least one Republican who has the cojones to stand up to Trump. I just hope Sasse is right that ” most people tune it out”, meaning Trump juvenile’s name calling, insults, and disregard for the First Amendment.
    On the other hand, we have Ted Cruz. Trump called him names, insulted his wife, and implicated his father in JFK’s assassination. Cruz is now bowing down to Trump.


    I don’t see him saying anything about Clinton, Holder, or Waters, and their calls to violence…..

  • Thomas

    sASSe, who cares what you and other ignorant liberals think. Your opinions would be better if you got them from Forrest Gump.

    • AZtejas

      He is not a Liberal, just a Never Trumper, who has to eat a lot of crow for his actions.

  • Berlin Veteran

    I think Nebraska needs to flush this turd. Ben Sasse has shown his colors plenty of times before. As a former Nebraskan I would urge my fellow Nebraskans to remember this. Trump is not a politician. He can be rough on the edges but I don’t recall us having a president in my lifetime other than JFK that attempted to do as much for the people. I don’t think Trump will likely change and it’s not worth nit picking on if he is PC or not!! MAGA

  • John T. Koszalka

    I’m tired of hearing about this guy Sasse when we the DEPLORABLE ONES have a chance lets help in out of office.

  • parthenon1

    I never heard or read any comment from Sasse when the Dems make very distasteful remarks and worse to conservatives. . . Go back to the rolling prairies of Neb and converse with the prairie dogs there !

  • Jim Eckerberg

    I voted for Sasse but he does not represent me! I voted for Trump and if nothing else but what he did to the EPA, makes him my HERO! I had to fight the EPA tooth & toe-nail through much of my working career,

    • Hero…lol… the numbskull got out of the draft on 3 occasions…..Trump is as idiotic as the supporters who follow him - 2015 | Privacy Policy