Sanders Mad Trump Keeps Families Together

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) appeared on CNN recently where he stated Trump’s executive order on immigration “didn’t go anywhere near far enough.”

Sanders said, “The idea of tearing little children from the arms of their parents, putting them into detention cages, and then making a big deal about an executive order, which may do absolutely nothing for these 2,300 children is literally beyond belief. Trump, once again, has lied. He told the American people that this was a policy created by Congress, could only be addressed by Congress. He was lying. Of course it was a crisis that he created and attempted to address today, but he didn’t go anywhere near far enough. So, where we are right now, is close to 2,400 kids are still separated from their parents. There is no understanding, as your reporters have indicated, when these children will be reunited. Furthermore, we have a situation where the Trump administration now, their solution is to provide indefinite detention. I presume that for the new people who are arrested, they will be with their children, in jail, for an indefinite period of time. Because the Trump administration wants to undo the Flores settlement, which focuses on the needs of children and limits to 20 days, the number of days that children can be in jail.”

Later on sanders stated that if the Flores settlement is not turned over, “It may well mean that those kids will then be separated from their parents. And here is the absurdity, I think we have a mechanism now to keep track of those families to make sure that they get to court when they should get to court, and by the way, you can do that for a much lower cost to the taxpayers than imprisoning parents and children.”

  • voltage737

    Your just another old fool that needs to be replaced with someone that has some brains and common sense.

    • Rick501

      voltage737 – Maybe it’s your brain that’s missing.

      • Estoban

        Rick, obviously yours is.

        • voltage737

          You must be an illegal by your comment.

          • Estoban

            My ancestors arrived here and met my wife’s ancestors 400 years ago.

          • voltage737

            Well then get off of welfare and get a job freeloader.

          • Estoban

            Nope, 55 years is enough working 60 hour weeks. I’ll just kick back and enjoy now. You can handle it.

      • Rick Vitti

        And Rick501 WHY is that? I know you don’t have truthful answer

    • richard stabler

      Amazing how the Democrats forget things they passed years ago. Then blame Trump for their stupidity.

      • Deborah Pratt

        Worse yet, the ‘stupidity’ of those who insist on believing the Dems stupidity, in spite of the evidence provided to ‘prove’ it, time and time again!!

    • Estoban

      Bernie is a socialist pig. He’d turn us into Venezuela if he had his way.

    • Roy Parcell

      Yes I do Agree With you

  • Estoban

    Bernie is so far left, he should be speaking Chinese. I’m surprised he’s still around.

    • keepyourpower

      Actually Russian. He loves Russia so much, he honeymooned there with his corrupt wife.

      • Estoban

        LOL! Too bad he came back.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    well he is right about 1 thing , their is a cheaper way to do it , load them right on school buses take them to nearest air force base , load them on a plane and fly them home , they ain’t americans so they don’t get no hearing , let them apply like every one else has to

    • Terry Butts

      Obviously the way he thinks works does not as most if not all of the past administrations “catch and release” illegal entrants failed to show up and apparently are not able to be tracked or located.

      Who knows where the children they dragged with them actually belonged since there have been cases of ones who just grabbed some kid off the street and dragged them along to take advantage of the liberals policy about illegals who show up with children.

      • Richard Bagenstose

        well he did a hell of a lot in a short amount of time , don’t forget he has to do it legally unlike oboma did , so all of obomas executive orders where a waste of time ,and he will need to get re- elected in 2 years , so unlike oboma could be more flexable in his second term , i hope trump is more hard core and finishes what he started , because our government sucks wose then russias government , at least you know where you stand there , here all you get are lies

        • Terry Butts

          Exactly Trump is staying within the law the fact is his compliance with and restoring the following of laws that other administrations ignored or outright violated is what is upsetting those who never wanted him in office in the first place. They see all of the “progress” towards a socialist dictatorship they made being reversed.

          Trump has been slowly reversing this “progress” returning this nation to one that follows its laws and constitution instead of the emotionally driven ever changing politically correct dictates those like Hillary and Obama demand we follow instead of constitutional laws.

          One of the biggest errors that politicians who oppose Trump make is that the rights they keep claiming are violated when it comes to illegal entrants to this nation do not exist they are not citizens and therefore only have the rights established by treaty and our immigration laws. They do not get the constitutional rights of actual US citizens simply because they broke a law and illegally crossed into this nation. yet certain states have actually illegally allowed them to vote and hold public office.

      • Grant1959

        Inject them with a tracking chip……

        • Terry Butts

          It would have to work better than the ones the put in the guns they forced gun dealers to illegally put into the hands of criminals as part of their investigation claiming it was to track the guns to the end client.

          They claim that failed because the tracking “chip” failed in ever gun.

          • Grant1959

            I don’t know about that but the one they put in my dog worked well enough, that a shelter contacted me to come get him after he wandered off from where my son was living.

          • Terry Butts

            I think the issue was more about politics than the equipment and we would probably see the same kind of “malfunction” if it was about illegals.

            As I recall years ago it was actually proposed that at least the ones deported be chipped with them and a system that would alert immigration if they returned to the US be put in place.

            The “OPEN BORDERS” politicians objected claiming it violated the (NON EXISTENT) constitutional rights of the foreign nationals who broke US immigration law.

        • rottenrollin

          Of the proper caliber

    • Angelika K Griffin

      You call THAT CHEAPER to FLY them back home..??? I would make them WALK, just the way THEY came here, since THEY did NOT have PERMISSION in the FIRST place to come here, or ANYWHERE near the BORDER for that matter……!!!!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    hay burnie hows that new mantion working for you that your supporters paid for

    • Deborah Pratt

      Mansion living must ‘suit’ him–he’s looking healthy and still yelling and kicking!! LOL!!

    • Helen Hollingsworth

      Well one was a “gift” from Clinton to get out of the way…..

  • Rick Vitti

    DROP DEAD sanders as YOU are the LIAR. This was indeed a policy that predated Trump and Obama was the one who put kids in cages. So just DROP DEAD you dried up prune.

  • jumper

    Comrade Sanders is all over the place on everything except his specialty communism.

    • Helen Hollingsworth

      He travels between his various homes…on his million dollar income…your money belongs to the greater good and his belongs to him ! What happened to his crooked wife ? Did she ever get charged with destroying that school ? two crooks….his Clinton payoff must have been nice around now…

  • disqus_PeRYgPx0Bk

    Jails are potentially quite dangerous places. If our policy is not to charge children who show up at the boarder “as adults” then placing them — pending deportation with there “parents” is the only rational answer. Having worked in PRISONS for decades — where much more is known about the population, thus it is easier to protect one from another — I can only imagine how chaotic and dangerous jails with multiple populations of detainees are held can be. The best right answer would be to instantly deport everyone who shows up at the border back to wherever they originated (though who would pay for this, I don’t know). As with so many who end up in American jails/prisons such detention is probably the best material thing that has ever happened to those people (adults and children).

    • Deborah Pratt

      I’m in total agreement with you on this. As for the ‘price’—what is the price of detaining them for what-ever time they are being detained, in manpower and sustaining their physical needs? Instant deportation would not only cost less in the ‘long run’ but send a powerful message to those who still intend on coming here in the future! This is what Pres Trump would ‘like’ to do but present laws forbid it. Over time, the cost of a Wall would be far less than what it costs us now to support these many millions of illegal immigrants!! What they cost us in criminal actions—additional police and court costs, and lost lives, etc. can be added to that.

      • Grant1959

        Our biggest mistake as a country is that we bestow rights, protections and privileges on non-citizens. We all should right to our representatives and plead the case, what good is our citizenship if they are going to afford the same treatment etc. to non-citizens, illegal aliens? This is absurd. If they show up at a port of entry and have verifiable documentation that is one thing, but this too must change, they need to apply at an embassy or consulate closest to where they live in the country they live. We must adopt the attitude of other countries including Mexico, that asylum seekers must apply for sanctuary in the first country they are able to do so after leaving theirs. People caught invading our country not at an official port of entry, regardless of documentation should immediately be forced back across the border or deported after being penalized. let’s not forget it is these illegal aliens fault that they put their kids and themselves at risk, it was their bad decision.

    • keepyourpower

      Just turn them around, and send them back. They should not be our problem. They should be Mexico’s problem.

      Put men on the borders with rifles. When the illegals are turned around…tell them It’s our way, or the highway.

  • Andrew Jackson

    Who cares what the race traitor sanders says, everyone knows he’s just a scumbag!

    • DonOldGuy

      The sad thing is that John Kasich represents Bernie’s views and calls himself a Republican. Stop Kasich needs to be an organization. Bernie should not be a threat because the American people are not that stupid.

  • Roy Parcell

    He Is A Big Nut Anyway He Can Go To The Border And Take Them Home With Him So He And The Democratic’s Can Take Care Of Them On Their Own And Be Responspnsabe For Them People Don’t Want To Take Care Of Them They Have Their Own Families To Take Of And We Don’t Need Are Tax Money Going To Them People Needs The Jobs And They Work Hard For Their Money We Can Use For Are Families

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    If he were a dog, he would have been put down years ago. So why do we keep listening to this babbling fool. He’s just a communist. He thinks his way is the only way, BS. And if he’s any indication what the people are like in Vermont that keeps voting him in, then that’s one state I wouldn’t even want to drive through. I would’ve thought that the New England states would be the bastion of patriotism and strict following of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. How wrong I’ve been all of these years.

  • bobwhite1935

    If as the democrats & Bernie Sanders, Independent/Democrat, think barack hussein obama was the greatest POTUS & ignored the situation of children being separated from their parents after crossing our Mexico/United States border illegally & played hundreds of rounds of golf, shouldn’t Donald J Trump do the same as Obama & go golfing & ignore the situation, then Donald J Trump can become the Greatest POTUS too, which he already is.

    • Deborah Pratt

      Just in case no one noticed—it seemed every time some major disaster hit our country, storms, floods, fires, etc—Obama was off somewhere playing golf!!! The only time Obama’s ‘game’ was interrupted was when Donald Trump showed up with truck-loads of food for the victims of a major flood during the elections!! At that time, both ‘O’ and Hillary were ‘shamed’ into making a ‘shallow’ show of interest!! If at no other time, it was then, that their hypocrisy was so glaringly apparent!!

  • Marc Goldstone

    Send all the illegal’s to Guantanimo Bay. They would have no rights there!

  • Terry Butts

    First TRUMP was not even president when the policy of SEPARATING children from PARENTS THAT ARE ON THEIR WAY TO JAIL was put in place.

    All Trump did before this current action was END the ILLEGAL practice of RELEASING those who broke immigration law simply because they dragged somebody’s child along on the DANGEROUS TRIP with them after learning about the “catch and release” policy put in place by a former administration.

    Child protective services have taken the children of US CITIZENS from them for less. Where is the liberal outrage over the US CITIZENS that are having to fight to keep their children because of the brand of cleaner they used? All because some bureaucrat read some nonsense that someone somewhere was using it as a food supplement and decided that ANYONE that possessed it was doing the same and a danger to their children.

    My take is everyone whining about the separation must want the CHILDREN put in jail beside their parents while they await the legal process to deal with their violation of US IMMIGRATION laws.

    • Deborah Pratt

      The most heart-breaking comment you made was ‘somebody’s child’!! The truth is, we don’t know ‘whose’
      child is with whom!!! No documentation to prove these poor kids actually belong to the person they’re with! Truly, the ‘heart-less’ ones are those using these children as ‘tools’ to break into our country illegally!

      • Terry Butts

        Yes it is

        So is the fact that most if not all of the crying children the mainstream media has pictured as part of this are in fact not even involved.

        The father of that one girl has even come forward and stated that she was not separated from her parents at the border.

        The media just sees this as an opportunity to promote the anti Trump narrative just as when they showed those people stranded at the airport due to a computer malfunction and claimed that a yet to be implemented at the time policy Trump implemented to restore equality to the “refugee” screening process was at fault even calling the temporary delay of vetting the “refugees” a travel ban.

        • Deborah Pratt

          Once again, both the media and the Liberal protesters are ‘using’ these little children to gain their agenda of ‘removing’ Pres. Trump!!! They are as guilty as the irresponsible parents! Even in ‘Nature’, parents protect and nurture their young, to best of their ability. We, so called, ‘ intellectually superior’ beings, see children as a ‘tool’ to use against other, more compassionate people, to obtain their ulterior motives. That is shameful!!!

          • keepyourpower

            What really gets my panties in a knot, is how gullible these leftists are…to believe all the lies they are told. Stockholm syndrome???? Or just plain HATE. Controlled by the devil.

      • keepyourpower

        The heartless ones are, also, the parents. They should be arrested for child abuse.

    • keepyourpower

      As a former police officer, I can tell you that children have been separated from their parents, subject to arrest of said parents, for eons!
      I see no reason to give illegal aliens more favors, than you would give an American citizen child! One million American citizen children are homeless, and hungry. Before taking care of another country’s children..take care of our own!

      There was a meeting of a bunch of Black Conservatives, in Phoenix, this weekend. If you go on Youtube and look for them…starting with Kevin’s Corner…you will view 5 videos. Listen to what these Black Conservatives have to say about the illegal situation. You will love them for it. Listen to what they say about the left! Wow!

  • disqus_rzTFAbNVji

    Richard I agree with you 100%. You have to include the DACA scum who think they deservr everything from the tax payers.Please build the wall. and put clay-mores 10 feet in front of it . Maybe they’ll get the Idea We don’t want you here.

  • caligirl1960

    Sanders doesn’t have a clue these laws have bee. on the books for years and he is the only president in a long time that has had the courage to follow our immigration laws if Sanders and others like him are unhappy with these laws then do your damn job and change them! If parents didn’t try to bring their children over the border illegally they would not be in the situation they are in! If they went though a port of entry tbey would not be arrested and will not be separated from their children!

  • Grant1959

    What Berni overlooks and fails to mention is that thee people were caught entering the country illegally and not at a port of entry. If you were a criminal or committed a crime and the police caught you and your children in your car, after they arrest you do you think the police would put your kids in a jail cell with you and other criminals waiting to be processed through the legal system???? Of course not. So why do the commiecrats want to do this? Oh, they don’t, they just want you to be set free because you were caught with your kids as long as you promise to show up for court? Yeah, right! BTW Bernie how is the fraud case against your wife going? How did you manage to make over a million dollars this past year with a salary of $174,000????

  • parthenon1

    Come on Sanders go back to your darkened class room and prepare more Socialist garbage to teach young people where they are not allowed to dissagree. Leave the running of a great nation to president
    Trump who knows how!

  • wantittobequicker

    we should build a wall around Vermont,,,,and send all the illegals there. I’d bet they would yell STOP after the first 10 showed up.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Close the borders for 10 years,and shut off funding to anyone who promotes open borders. Alot of people dont know this, but why did Obama give China all of our countrys patents? Shut off all the knock off crap that comes into our country. We do not need any country to survive , on the contrary? They need us.
    Its time we took care of our country first.

  • pmbalele

    I think Bernie is next president in 2020. Actually he looks presidential now. This guy is very smart and has courage to confront tough issues. I will vote for him in 2020.

    • keepyourpower

      Blind are you! Deaf are you! Stupid are you!

  • armydadtexas


  • rottenrollin

    Will this commie basturd EVER shut up?

  • ahrcshaw

    This Communist progressive democracy hater is out of his mind and one of the major opposing participants in solving illegal entry into our nation and promoting lawlessness. Are we a nation ruled by the rule of law or a nation that is ruled by those who pretend to abide by the laws or worse yet defy the laws. 50 years of political kick the can on immigration only for the purpose of winning votes, but now it has changed to buying votes via amnisty. Winner takes all according to the democrats. What we need is policies and laws to finally put our immigration program on the right track, If amnisty is used appropriately we need to defer voting rights for at least 15 years to eliminate using amnisty as a method of gain votes for either party. I would be willing to bet my last dollar the Democrats who cry wolf would not be in favor of amnisty with out voting rights. Why, because that is the major reason they want South American immigrants, low pay, no skills, with entitlement in return for votes. At present all the demons are doing is obstruction and politics speaking out of the side of their mouths. If they spent the time doing their jobs rather then creating obstruction we would not have a problem with illegals in this country.

  • Spunky

    Has an issue about tearing babies from their mother – explain abortion you creep

  • James Ruddy

    Pres. Trump needs to make a list of all these liberal crybabies and have ICE deliver each of them 10 illegal families, just drop them off and tell them, ‘Here’s your new home, just go in and don’t let anyone stop you, just do whatever you want,’ then we’ll see how far their fake compassion really is, after all they’re all rich so it’s not like they can’t afford it.

  • Judy

    Where is/was Bernie’s outrage when Obama caged kids under way worse conditions? He just needs to get in the limelight so we don’t forget him.

  • kbmiller

    Where’s the proof that these are actually the children of these illegals? Sanders is an IDIOT and the DumbA$$o CROOKS will contradict themselves in order to keep this non issue at the forefront.

  • Ed Love

    Poor old senile Bern just can’t get it right. Pretty sad…

  • keepyourpower

    These leftists make me ill! When Obama did this, and worse…losing 10’s of thousands of these children to sex slavers, work slavers, pedophiles and cartels…you people on the left said NOTHING! Trump is trying to vet the gang members etc. (who bring kids over, to get into this country illegally), so that the children will not end up, like the ones Obama let down. Yet you are so full of hate, you cannot see your nose in front of your face! A few years ago, under Obama, there were 2 child sex brothels in Myrtle Beach, SC. One run by the Russians. The other by a Mexican cartel. Guess where those children came from? You guessed it!

  • Danny S.

    Come on Bernie drop the outrage everyone knows that Trump was correct but instead did what Obama did and wrote and EO which will be overthrown by the 9th district or the Supreme Court.
    Trump agreed the optics of breaking up families is bad. However , he is still for 100 percent immigration control.

  • Angelika K Griffin

    And OBOZO did it for EIGHT (8) long YEARS as the so called “democrats” passed the LAW to SEPARATE them some 14 YEARS ago….YEAH RIGHT, Sanders, go get a BRAIN, YOU MILLIONAIRE Socialist AREN’T any better than the rest of YOUR party of PRIMITIVE CRIMINALS……!!!! - 2015 | Privacy Policy