San Juan Mayor Attacks Trump’s Puerto Rico Response

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz alleged President Trump who said his response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico was a “success” was a “despicable” act.

Cruz stated, “I think the president’s statement is despicable. It just goes to the lack of understanding of reality that he has. If he thinks that the deaths of 3,000 people is success, he really doesn’t know what this was all about. This was never about politics.”

“I really don’t know where the president gets the nerve to call this a success story. He thinks this about him and his political positioning. You know, my heart goes out to the people of South Carolina and North Carolina if he thinks what he did in Puerto Rico is a success.”

“This was never about politics. You know, about Carly Simon’s song that says ‘You’re so vain you probably think this song is about you.’ President Trump is so vain he thinks this humanitarian crisis was about him. It was not about him, it was about saving life.”

  • JoAnn Graham

    Everyone knows peurto rico’s citizens were burned for fema supplies by their own greedy government who hoarded so much for themselves..Mayor & rest of them who took for themselves should have been prosecuted.

    • irene

      Typical of this mayor to BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS THEM while their government continues to RIP OFF their own people at OUR expense!!!

  • parthenon1

    Why is this corrupt thief and her cohorts not in jail ? they were the ones that held up the Puerto Rico help all so her supporters could steal them to sell orf delay to make Trump look bad.

    • jim jones


    • SufferingInCali

      Um, because they are progressive socialists?

  • OldTaxman

    This mayor is nothing but a greedy, corrupt piece of liberal garbage. Check her record and see the proof.

  • Tom

    The head of FEMA backed President Trump’s assertion that Puerto Rico shortstopped the supplies and aid.

  • Regald Smith

    This lady needs to remember that supplies sat on the ground because her own citizens refused to do their part. She also needs to remember that she sold out to CNN so she could play politics while the condition of her country was being held hostage by their own trucking companies and drivers.

  • Alex Peshansky

    Typical liberal transference: blaming others for their own shortcomings.
    She and her corrupt friends in Puerto Rico government held supplies until they got spoiled. She and her corrupt friends insisted until a few weeks ago that the total death toll was 69. She and her corrupt friends let people starve so that they can sell emergency food supplies.

  • wahotsdad

    This mayor has been proven over and over again she’s all about politics. She has ignored and actually impeded the distribution of emergency materials! There are warehouses of foods and emergency equipment that wasn’t distributed! So it’s all about politics, it’s all about leftists agenda and hiding emergency materials for their own agenda! If these people aren’t held to face these crimes, then the people of Puerto Rico get what they deserve!

  • Ron Dailey

    She and her office delayed everything from getting to the people.

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    Well if her and the rest of the crooks running Puerto Rico had passed out the million of water bottles when people needed water then maybe some may have been saved but no, they left it sitting on the runway and wouldnt allow people access to it. All the electrical equipment the crooked PR government sat on not allowing it to be passed out to restore power. Yep its Trumps fault for allowing those crooks to go for so long instead of jailing them.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    This woman is so vain that she thinks this is all about her.
    She was the first one to run to CNN and other MSM to cry wolf.
    Trump went there with FEMA and lots of supplies.
    They held meeting which this woman refused to attend.
    She told truckers to stand down and not deliver the needed supplies to the people.
    She was very disorganized and sat around letting vital supplies spoil.
    She and her cronies had no trouble loading up their vehicles to steal it.
    What a vile and disgusting, corrupt individual!!!

    • GomeznSA

      Susan you are spot on with one (afaik) minor exception – the truckers – via their union – DEMANDED an immediate pay raise to 50 bucks an hour to deliver those supplies, I don’t think they got it though.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        Ok they went on strike.
        Cruz claimed that they called off from work.
        Sorry senior moment.

  • Will

    What horseshit on this thread. More American ciitizens died there than 9/11. Because trump and his crime cartel and their cult don’t care about people of color. trump lied about the damage and the deaths and awarded contracts to people who couldn’t fulfill. Americans are waiting for the whole traitorous bunch to perp walk to the federal pen

    • wahotsdad

      Thank you for your leftist propaganda input! We couldn’t survive, I’m sure without you making this ridiculous statement!

      • Will

        I’m from a long line of Republicans and I’ve known what an immoral parasite trump is since 1975. And btw, stop trying to make “ left” a pejorative. It never has been

        • wahotsdad

          You’re so full of crap, if you believe what you’re posting you have never been a conservative and you have never searched for the truth! Don’t waste your time with anymore of your TROLL BS! I and no one else buys any of it!

          • Will

            “ facts aren’t necessarily true”. D trump

          • wahotsdad

            Sorry to step on your feelings RINO! But, truthfully your so full of crap it’s like conversing with a leftist loon! Your funny fact are your problem, take them and go home little boy.

    • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

      But the Clinton Cartel cheating the Haitians is perfectly fine.

    • chuck

      You too are wrong

  • John Bonham

    And still, nearly 3,000 lives were lost. One of the worst disasters in U.S. history. Mismanagement comes from the top down.

    • chuck


      • John Bonham

        How is the loss of nearly 3,000 lives “wrong”? Are you so stupid or unfeeling? If so, may this happen to your family. It is known as Karma.

      • John Bonham

        Then prove it, with specificity and detail, with an increased vocabulary if you are competent to so do.

  • RC

    Looking back, Puerto Rico destroyed their own economy and Obama bailed them out. What became of that money. Then the hurricane. All Puerto Rico wants is for the rest of us who pay taxes to take care of them as though we were baby sitters. From what I understand, they don’t pay taxes the same as we in the states but get the same representation. So that Socialist bitch who’s mayor of that TERRITORY would do well to be thankful for the free help they constantly get.

  • disqus_62uNYdi7Wj

    She thinks the pictures of the truckloads of food that sat there and rotted have been forgoten.I guess next time we’ll have to deliver them to homes and spoon feed her poor helpless people while she sits on her ass enjoying her truckload.What a sorry ass excuse for a human being. These people are going thru the same kind of leadership we suffered thru for 8 years of the Barry Sotoro regime.

  • W. Coyote

    Mayor Cruz is very eloquent in her statement. The response in Puerto Rico was a disgrace. And If Trump thinks tossing out paper towels makes him a hero, then he is mistaken once again.

    • chuck

      Wrong again

      • W. Coyote

        Chuck- Good morning and thank you for your reply. Wrong about what, Chuck? I actually think Sen. Ed Markey said it best “Only Donald Trump cold see the tragedy in Puerto Rico and conclude he is the victim. May God bless the nearly 3000 Americans that died in Puerto Rico and may he take pity on your soul Mr. Trump”.

        • William Mertz

          unless you were there you’ll never be smart enough to sell all the supplies and help from all over the us Trump sent to help out that corrupt to the core country, and yes I was there the day after and for 6 months after moving container loads of supplies to watch them sit on the docks

          • W. Coyote

            William- Good morning and thank you for your reply. Thank you for sharing that story about supplies sitting on the docks. I know there were multiple problems with the response inside Puerto Rico and with the infrastructure.

  • Agostino

    For those with short memories, the mayor of San Juan was the biggest obstacle to a council of Puerto Rican mayors trying to reduce damage and suffering from the hurricane. She wouldn’t even attend the meetings of the council. And supplies sent through the capital, San Juan,, were never distributed properly.

  • Marine68

    Miss Commie-Rican does not see that Americans from throughout the Country are already in position to do what is needed. Among them are the Cities and Governments, Businesses, Public servants (Cops and Firefighters), EMS and aircraft. 90% volunteers and very little government. We have no whiners on TV begging for someone to save them while they fold their arms.

  • Batbear

    The 3,000 “fatalities” are bogus. Trump–again–is correct; the fictitious figure was manufactured from a rigged computer model. If there had been 3,000 CONFIRMED dead, we would have heard no end of it. The Democrat Media vultures would have gone there and brought back post-mortem pictures, and possibly body parts. It would have been impossible to wipe the malevolent grins from their faces–Piranha Guthrie would be sanctimoniously interviewing every Leftist in Puerto Rico, Cuba, CBS, Google and El Salavador. Let me ask just one question:

    Where are the bodies?

  • so the corrupt witch opens her lying pie hole again.. so what? Send her to prison where she belongs.. just another lying obfuscating liberal dumbocrap.

  • Carl

    Puerto Rico was run into the ground by DEMOCRATS……It’s time for America to cut this WELFARE ISLAND loose and let them sink.

  • Clayton

    this from a piece of crap that is a killary supporter that said there was no support from TRUMP when she was standing in a full warehouse of aid for Puerto Rico, how many of the 3000 were in San Juan her city where she failed to ask for help because it was not killary.

    • Will

      Please remover that the majority of Americans were Hillary supporters. However, as it is now proven, all the crap you believed about her online was placed by Russians

  • Stephen J. Leeb

    Says the Corrupt PR Mayor where there is Proof that she hoarded food & water from her own people who desperately needed it ! Who’s despicable & deplorable now you lowlife POS Scumbag of a human being. Do PR a favor & just off yourself !!!

  • Ron

    Why not ask her about the tarmac the size of four football fields piled up with pallets containing millions of bottles of FEMA fresh water, covered by tarps, never distributed to the people by the local and territorial authorities?

  • harley93

    Is this the best they can do for a mayor; she’s a a dumb ass cow. but that’s understandable, she’s a libturd.

  • Barbara DeBono

    This is the same mayor who hoardered water and supplies from the people instead gave it out to her friends and supporters. What did she do with the money we gave them to fix their infstructure?
    She has no one to blame but herself. She is the problem.

  • Scott Winkler

    Would somebody please tell me :
    Is there actually any real valid reason for good old USA to keep Puerto Rico…????
    Which does the USA benefit from Puerto Rico or is it rather the way around…?????
    It freed it from Spain same as Cuba and the Philipines and both were left to fend for themselves…
    However, if there is something of interest there for the US military, how about holding it under the same regime
    as Guantanamo in Cuba…???????


      “Is there actually any real valid reason for good old USA to keep Puerto Rico…????”
      Bacardi rum.

      • Will

        Is there really any reason for us to keep Texas? As for your question; because they are American citizens!!


          I apologize for your intellectual inability to detect sarcasm.

          • Will

            Sorry; but look at the thread we’re in the middle of……

  • EC

    In a just world, this piece of human excrement would be publicly executed for her major role in the prolonged suffering of the people in PR. Instead, she continues to run her mouth and deflect the blame onto others, while maintaining her audience of media supporters. If ANYONE in this rotten country had any interest in the TRUTH, people like this would be effectively dealt with. Instead, it’s only about politics and the mileage that can be gotten from repeated lies. As Americans, we unfortunately get exactly the government we deserve. The brain-dead masses play right along with this partisan BS – the smallness of human beings is remarkable.


    Puerto Rico needs to stop thinking that since they are a U.S. territory, we need to change their diapers for them.

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    This POS is just another piece of the swamp. Remove her from office!!!

  • gideonrockwell

    Your on an island in the path of a hurricane, the island is going to get shredded and people are going to die. What I want to know is why Puerto Rican Officials sat on thousands of bottles of water that would have helped the citizens. Sounds like some of those third world dictators who stole all the U.N. Food and threw banquets while the people starved.

  • Les Landers

    Wasn’t that the Clintons, and George W that one around begging money and got hundreds of millions of dollars to help Puerto Rico. I guess it just ended up in somebody else’s pocket. Is that true Bill and George W?

  • 1_Eddie_1

    San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz is the dispicable human being. All of the food that was sent to Puerto Rico sat in shipping containers in the port and was allowed to rot while the rats ate it. Parts that were needed to get the power grid up and running was stolen, this disaster belongs to Carmen Yulin Cruz and not President Trump.

  • CCBoy

    Puerto Rico was invited many times to join the USA. They always rejected the invitation. Now they’re in a shithole and they blame Trump for their misery. What about the rotting food and other goods that were in warehouses but never distributed? Incompetence or a maneuver to embarrass the President? Ms. Mayor & Mr. Governor-what happens in Puerto Rico now is the result of your incompetence.
    Don’t blame our President. He had done what has to be done but you guys screwed it UP!!

  • Jacqueline Lynn

    Why not start with the fact that in my lifetime (74 years) this island has 3 times voted NOT TO BECOME A STATE! Add the fact its’ residents move into this country , that is not theirs by choice, whenever they choose and without paying for any benefits they get! Now add the fact the American government, aka Pres. Trump, sent TONS of food and water ASAP. Most of which this squeally B.tch refused to distribute to her people. Aid was sent to help re-establish utilities across the island! All this while our mainland had also been struck by devastating storms, floods and fires! PR should be cut off from its’ special status and all PR citizens should be returned to her ASAP!

  • jumper

    This clown failed and like all Dumbo’s tried to flip it on Trump, all the supplies that you failed to get to the people or stole and sold is on you bitch.

  • Xtinmover

    I am surprised that the people of San Juan elected this person as their Mayor. She expected the Federal Government to overcome their criminal lack of preparation and ignorance of the condition of their own infrastructure with FEMA disaster relief resources. She wanted big cash handouts for her and her cronies. When that did not happen, she started claiming everything done by the Federal Government was wrong. Pathetic. As a mayor she should know the Federal Government assists local and state (Territory) government’s disaster efforts and protection plans. They didn’t have any. Now she wants us to believe everyone who died in Puerto Rico perished because of the Hurricane, as though no one in Puerto Rico dies unless there is a major catastrophic event.

  • Will

    Let’s start with the truth. Trump’s Puerto Rican golf resort went bankrupt( like every other business he has started) and he stuck the government with multi millions in debt. They called him on it, and being the vindictive , immoral little prick that he is, he has hated them ever since. He knows that over 3000 Americans died and he doesn’t give a shit. His response to the Carolinas will be noticeably different

  • William Mertz

    I was there the day and weeks after the hurricane Trump sent more help to that ungrateful Island immediately than they deserved - 2015 | Privacy Policy