Rubio Shuts Down Climate Change Argument

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was asked his opinion on President Trump’s belief that climate change wasn’t the cause of Hurricane Michael.

Rubio stated “no one” could blame climate change as a result for Hurricane Michael.

Partial transcript as follows:

CAMEROTA: Senator, I want to talk to you about Hurricane Michael. Obviously, your state, Florida, has been so affected and it’s been so adversely affected by climate change. The sea level is rising. Hurricanes seem to be increasing or intensifying. And I just want to play for you what President Trump said when he was questioned this weekend by Lesley Stahl about his thoughts now on climate change.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I’m not denying climate change, but it could very well go back. You know, we’re talking about over millions of years.

LESLEY STAHL, “60 MINUTES”: Well, that’s denying it.

TRUMP: They say that we had hurricanes that were far worse than what we just had with Michael.

STAHL: Who says that, “They say”? You mean the people on the phone?

TRUMP: Well, people say — people say that in the —

STAHL: Yes, but what about the scientists who say it’s worse than ever?

TRUMP: You’d have to show me the scientists because they have a very big political agenda, Lesley.


CAMEROTA: Senator, are you satisfied with that answer? Would you like him to take a different stance?

RUBIO: Well, here’s what I will tell you. First of all, we have this tendency in American politics as soon as something terrible happens, to figure out, who can we blame and what’s at fault so we can create the political angle to it. No one can tell you, I don’t care who they are, that this particular hurricane happened because of any changes in the climate.

Number two, as far as climate change is concerned, that is a measurable. You can measure what temperatures are. You can measure the sea level rise. It is rising. And we know that these are some of the hottest months we’ve had in recorded history and the like. But as a policymaker, which is what the president does, as well as being an executive and what we do, the question is, what can we do about it? I know we can adapt to it. There are things we need to do for adaptation. I know we need to mitigate against it. The building codes, the higher sea walls and the like.

And there there’s this talk about, how can we change our energy policy to reverse some of this? And that’s where I think we get ourselves into a problem because none of these measures — all of these measures that are being talked about have significant economic impact and it’s not clear they have any sort of immediate or short-term impact, particularly because other countries on that may not necessarily follow suit.

This is a nuanced and complicated issue. And to just talk — and to just act like if we had banned all oil and gas and just gone to solar and wind in this country that the hurricane wouldn’t have happened, I do think — I’m not saying that’s what you’re saying, but I do think that argument is a misleading one. Hurricanes are a fact of life. Andrew happened in ’92, devastated south Florida. We’ve had hurricanes that have hit the state repeatedly forever. We know — you go back to the Native Americans that were in Florida during that time and hurricanes hitting them was a big part of their lure because they happened.

But that said, yes, the sea level is higher and getting higher, temperatures are warmer. And, as a policymaker, we’ve got to adapt to that. We’ve got to mitigate against that. And we’ve got to have a serious conversation about whether what percentage of that is due to human activity and what laws or policies can we change that do not destroy our economy but address those factors. It’s a complicated issue. It’s not a sound bite.

CAMEROTA: For sure. For sure. And, I mean, you say that the conversation always turns to assigning blame. And I hear you. Obviously, that’s where we are in our political culture. But, you know, people also are trying to fix it. They’re trying to come up with a solution. And so I’m just wondering if you think that the president’s stance where he says vague things like, well, they say that hurricanes — worse hurricanes have happened. If you think that that goes in any way towards fixing this problem?

RUBIO: No — yes, I do. I think, ultimately, for someone who says that he doesn’t — I think part of that is he basically had said he didn’t think it was a hoax, you would see where someone would be helpful in doing some of the adaptation that we need to do. We need — one of the reasons why we want to start — look, here’s the bottom line. If insurance companies believe that the climate is changing and as a result, it’s going to create more and stronger hurricanes down the road, then we all have to believe it because we’re going to have higher premiums and we have to adjust to that. That’s why we have to improve building codes and do all sorts of work in infrastructure to adapt to that new reality. We’re going to have to do it from a an economic perspective. And I don’t think anything the president says runs counter to that.

The broader question of what we can do, what percentage of that change is cyclical and what percentage of that change is manmade, that’s a complicated question. Even scientists still grapple with that. They can say it was the leading cause. They can’t tell you if it’s 50 percent of it or 80 percent of it.


RUBIO: But the most important part of it is, what laws can we change right now that would have an immediate impact in the next 20, 30, 40, 50 years, because America’s not a planet. That’s a complicated question. And some people act like, oh, we know the answer to it. If you just do these things, this will all stop. No, it won’t. No, it won’t. And it will have an economic cost. There’s a difficult balancing act there, but adaptation and mitigation I absolutely think what the president said would be supportive of that.


  • Gordon Raymond

    Why did the Dust Bowl of the 20’s & 30,s happen? Very little Fossil fuel.

    • Tom_EE

      Ask any liberal, it was President Trump’s fault! LMAO!

    • W. Coyote

      Gordon- Great question. The Dust Bowl happened because of a combination of factors including poor farming methods. The prairie lands had adapted over thousands of years to withstand cyclical droughts. When the Sooners reached Oklahoma, they immediately started busting the sod. The tilled land dried up and blew away. Your statement about “Very little Fossil fuels” is incorrect. Vast amounts of coal, oil, and wood was burned to heat homes, and most importantly to power the industrial revolution.

  • dlmstl

    Dialog and rigorous debate? Not yet. Would love to see Al Bore debate Christopher Mockton with regards to climate change. Sadly, it will never happen. The climate change crowd simply cannot provide the evidence necessary to justify their hypothesis and the radical remedies they propose.

    • tdg54

      When has the lack of evidence ever stopped a leftist from pushing their beliefs on the rest of the populace?


    Since virtually all heat on this planet originates from the sun, why is solar activity almost never plotted in these ‘studies’?

    Carbon Dioxide is the result of breathing, how much impact does just the size of the population have in contrast to the the population of years ago?

    These are just two the questions I’d like to see answered before going off ‘half-cocked’. Also I loved the latest article I saw on ‘wind generation’ and how it’s INCREASING LOCAL TEMPERATURES by messing up the thermo layers.

    • ginger33333

      Only one thing I could add would be that there is more live stock creating more methane gases, and these larger herds or cattle ranches have been coming up since the 80’s in Amazon region – our lungs of the planet – where slashing and burning of X number of acres every day has been going on for decades. The Brazilian government says that it is no one’s business how they use their land and resources as it is a matter of their economy. Get it, but if you eliminate the ‘lungs of our planet’ what will happen to those who need to breathe oxygen? What happens to the weather patterns? The wildlife and on and on. There is no way to stop this unless we remove people from the planet – there, that’s my solution! And yes I would be the first to volunteer!

      ALSO look up all the seeding and weather manipulation that is going on south west of Africa – supposedly funded by the oil companies to justify raising their prices due to hurricane activity and how it is out of control now- how the hello can anybody get a handle on that?

      • JCC61

        Hello! Do you care to tell me how much of “Global Warming” is NATURAL? Do YOU know? Does anyone know? Until you can answer that, you haven’t a clue how much is man-made.

        It would be nice if you knew what you were talking about…

        • ginger33333

          Uh, it seems that you are the clueless one here, Do you know? I have clearly stated that no one knows it is both natural, cyclic and fueled by man – go find another post to sow your idiotic discord.

          Do you know anything about deforestation, reforestation, slash and burn, cattle ranches, methane gases, chlorofluorocarbons, particulates, seeding and weather manipulation and the effect these have on the environment? And that’s just a couple things by man not to mention toxic and nuclear wastes released into our waters and air, along with depletion of our aquifers to water rich people’s lawns.

          The ice age ended about 10,000 years ago, and the last 10,000 years have been the warmest for planet earth for some untold amount of time, and we could be cycling back into an ice age even though we have so much drought.

          If I as an individual knew the exact % of fault or blame for Global warming between natural and man made, I’d be famous and would not be chatting casually on this post –

          It would be nice IF YOU KNEW what you are talking about!!!

          Go to school, pick up a book and shut your mouth~! You must be a Democrat!

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        There is no fee, I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for Writer Beat and liked what you wrote. I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. You can learn more about the site by checking out my Disqus profile (my website’s link is in the upper left-hand corner) or just reply “sure” and I’ll handle the rest.

        • ginger33333

          Hi Autumn, thank you for your request – If you don’t take out of context that would be fine – let me know if I may assist you with anything! I was responding to a gentleman who sent a couple links to me on the subject as well.

          God Bless

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          • ginger33333

            Thank you Autumn, I am checking out!

          • The gratitude is mine. No interest in engaging your commenters?

          • ginger33333

            I will this weekend, working right now, all the best! Thank you Autumn

          • I look forward to reading the thread…thanks again.

          • ginger33333

            Hi Autumn, thank you for asking me to share, but sorry more disembowelment over there than I need to endure.
            Just name calling, condescension, reckless condemnation and uncalled for insults. Only one person there not willing to send me to hell.
            Too hot and controversial for me, I wanted to contribute/impart what I have learned since the 70’s and 80’s about global warming etc., etc., hoping others would chime in and add or even correct me, inform me, in a non-abusive way, as a platform from which everybody could benefit and learn, but the people over there, in the three minutes I looked, just want to savagely condemn and hurt others and nothing else. No intelligent life there.

            Kirk out!

          • Understood. For whatever it’s worth, in order to persuade others to believe as you do, you have to engage in the debate.

    • ginger33333

      Where did you see the wind generation article? wow, and we thought that was a good thing – is that for real?

      • FLHTCU

        I can not find the article I originally read, I thought I’d bookmarked it, but perhaps not. Here’s a couple, though, and as usual with any ‘scientific’ finding, I’m sure we can find the opposite views, but the gist if the original I read was that the stirring of the air by the windmills causes turbulence which disrupted the ‘normal’ temperature layers.

        • ginger33333

          Interesting – but disappointing if true! I will look into it – thank you for the links – look into the seeding of our ionosphere -UTube I believe showed a recent article about that – very disturbing. Again the inconceivably rich and powerful manipulating the world to get even richer!!! by manipulating the weather to hamper their own operations to justify their need to raise oil prices no matter what the human or environmental cost! Making them richer and more powerful and the rest of us poorer and sicker and worse. Find out what they are putting into the atmosphere for us to breath in with no regard to life. KMN!

          • FLHTCU

            Yes, but not unexpected… simple physics….

            I appreciate solar and wind, but to do sufficient to be worthwhile on my own is too expensive ($70,000 to do my place properly), without some kind of help, which for an ‘average joe’ is non-existent. Smaller wind generation to supplement solar on a personal scale would be less disruptive, by using smaller vanes, not much bigger than I’ve seen on buildings for ventilation, also, a ‘squirrel cage’ design, I believe (no research to back it up, just observations) would also be less disruptive.

          • ginger33333

            Yes, home systems would be great and less disruptive and definitely would not cause any long term effects, but if not affordable to the average joe…that means at least 90% cannot afford and even though 10% can make some waves it would never be enough to make a real difference. But 10% is better than 0.

            HOWEVER – The wind article, the Harvard Study you sent… I read and it mentions that the disruption of the thermo layers only happens when the turbines/vanes are actually running, so even though wind generation MAY BE linked to local areas heating up by 2+ degrees F, the effects reverse as soon as the blades are off, so no lasting effects and no direct cause of climate change overall.

            So if anybody is arguing against wind power as an option for sustainable energy, it has some draw backs locally, but not long term by this study because as soon as it is turned off the cool and warm air mass patterns go back to normal. So it seems that they would have to have schedule and rotate down times to allow local areas some recovery – if that could be managed.

            The squirrel cage design…I think that is our next big option, lets start a squirrel farm and feed them performance enhancement drugs! We’ll sell squirrel powered cages like hot cakes! just kidding wink wink!
            A small home device would be great – Denmark knew what they were doing with the simple ‘windmill’.

            Thanks for sending I will read the others one later.

          • JCC61

            >>I appreciate solar and wind, but to do sufficient to be worthwhile on my own is too expensive ($70,000 to do my place properly)<<

            I did my place (3 bedroom ranch) for NOTHING. I have an agreement with Sunrun (San Francisco) whereby I pay them a fixed rate over 20 years for my electric service. They engineered and installed everything and it didn't cost me a cent. Considering I live in the NE, this has saved me a bunch of $$$.

          • FLHTCU

            Thanks for the info… I’m looking into it… I was using a quote from a ‘local’ source.

  • ahrcshaw

    Hmmmm, a establishment rhino agreeing? Maybe the GOP is waking up! I will have to say he took the wind out of this reporters sails. On top of that he did it without creating another issue which totally frustrated this reporter. Things may be looking up for the GOP if it can maintain majority in both houses.

    • ginger33333

      Rubio sticking up for Trump in an appropriate way, honestly, without creating another issue as ahrcshaw mentioned and frustrating the reporter who wanted desperately to pin Rubio and find a new cause or angle to blame Trump for – brilliant! I’m impressed, Thank you Marco for being real, I’m glad you’re on our team. So true, whether climate change is cyclical or man-made – I believe it is both, hours of discussion there, why does everybody point the finger at US to know and resolve, and for heaven’s sake why is this now Trump’s fault? The horse is beyond dead get on with your lives you silly DemoCrabbits.

  • jon

    co2 the building block of our ability to breath that with photosynthesis and you get oxygen

  • tdg54

    I think Senator Rubio addressed the issue thoughtfully. The EU’s carbon footprint EXPANDED in 2017, the US’s contracted. “…America’s not a planet.” So true, Senator Rubio, so true.

  • Aron Adler

    As a florida resident for 45 yrs I have visited cities and towns 100 years old as there wasn’t too much before that. The seawall in Tampa and the east coast have not seen a change in water level in any I have found. Homes built on a seawall in the 40s are still the same. Carbon isn’t created or destroyed it’s a cycle. Millions of yrs ago co2 was 600% higher and new York was tropical. Then came an ice age as trillions of tons of carbon was locked up in coal oil and such ftom living matter. We are still coming out if the ice age and warming cycle. The earth doesn’t operate in years or decades or even a century. Changes are long term and people can speed up a change but it would and has happened many times before. Foliation of streets and rooftop trees in urban areas has been shown to reduce LOCAL temps 3 degrees. Reforestation plans work better than plans to stop co2 release as they lock millions of tons of carbon up. Just need to get China and 25 other countries on board as they are the future of carbon emissions and deforesting so nailing the earth in both ends. We had massive hurricanes a century ago that killed 1000s and destroyed parts of the keys. Blaming a person or country for a storm is beyond stupid and ignorant. Will Trump be blamed if a volcano erupts and spews more co2 in the air than the entire us industrial sector? Change is normal…..taxing carbon has ZERO ZIP effect on planetary processes or storms. Electric cars won’t make a blip.

  • When mentioning climate change and Al Gore’s name comes up you have to dismiss it like we did him.

  • Gr8dane

    No one and especially NOT President Trump is denying “Climate Change” exits! It has been around since the dawn of time -Ice Ages, Droughts, mini Ice Ages, natural calamities, ice expanding, ice melting, volcanoes, hurricanes, flooding rain, no rain. It will continue to go on well after we are all gone in perpetuity1

    Man has been trying to control weather for decades – seeding clouds, sending chemical into the air, and a whole host of other experiments gone crazy. The latest has been the weaponization of weather (Google Controlling the Weather by 2025) and see how weather has been illegally manipulated in direct violation of treaties signed in the 40’s. John Brennan finally admitted to this on July 5th 2016 in explaining geo-engineering. The problem that this both poses and exposes is that with all the devastation attributed to geo-engineering comes to light, one has to ask – if they cant bring rain during a drought; or cant stop a hurricane when it strengthens – then they need to get out of the business of messing with the weather – because they suck at it!

    • ginger33333

      Thank you for your post – so glad to find intelligent life!
      We could discuss for hours the ever changing weather patterns of earth since the dawn of time which is fascinating, and even go further to speculate how many times the earth’s axis has shifted to shake things up, and when did rain actually start falling on our planet, and why is the Sahara desert supposedly only about 5 thousand years old? And the ozone layer holes, and the higher CO2 and methane concentrations due to over-population of people and livestock, less trees to convert CO2 to O2, and the even more disturbing… the weakening of our electro-magnetic field which protects us from harmful solar radiation, and the havoc that nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction testing wreaks on our atmosphere and environment and how just launching a satellite into our orbit of space tears away at the fabric of our atmosphere and increasingly contributes to the increasing temperatures in our atmosphere and planet, and the list goes on and on! This is on top of earth’s cyclic history.

      Now we demand a scape goat – we have to point a finger at someone, and talk about trying to fix it! for the last 40 years!- but those who may be responsible are untouchable, out of harms way, and we have no power or control to stop or mitigate it! We can point a finger at ourselves too as we all leave a carbon imprint – BUT the worst stuff is out of our hands.

      Then on top of all of that we are and have been guinea pigs exposed to this devastating global experiment, this reckless weaponization of our weather and seeding our clouds with aluminum oxides and dessicants which only cause further drought and places extremely harmful particulate matter into our air that we breathe! AND we have no way to control it no way to stop it and no where to go/hide!

      It is close, we are seeing end times – yes, I will thump my Bible at this point, I am a scientist at heart AND will wait upon my Lord, the one and only JC, its Rapture time! woo-hoo

      My wish in my life time is that I could’ve been someone smart enough to have the answers and the resources to reverse what we, what man has so greedily done to our mother earth and its inhabitants.

      At our level we can help our planet and generations to come (if there are any other generations to come) by doing the following: unplug all chargers and power strips, TV’s and cable boxes, appliances, fans WHEN NOT IN USE, use cold water to wash clothes, shorter showers, use or remove clothing to warm up or cool down, do whatever you can to conserve energy folks!

  • CWB

    Climate change the way the left presents it as fear mongering BS that is all the fault of humans is a joke. People who are gullible enough to not only listen to anything the lying scumbag left says, but also believe their climate change crap are sad little sheep.

    Earth has went through MASSIVE warming and cooling cycles, that would blow away anything in recent times, Im talking near Biblical stuff. And that was before SUV’s, factories, or even human beings. The left wing “scientists” already got caught lying through emails and making up data etc about their version of climate change. They lie about damn near everything else, why wouldnt they lie about climate change? Al Gore and many politicians make MILLIONS of dollars with this bogus climate change “green movement” garbage, milking the wallets of anyone stupid enough to fall for the fear mongering. Yes be aware of our earth, pick up trash when you can, dont litter, recycle, etc. But dont fall for the lefts climate change BS.

    Want to know the REAL facts about weather and human caused climate change? Here is a video with someone that unlike the leftists “scientists” actually knows what the hell he is talking about when it comes to weather.

    • ginger33333

      Thank you for your insight and intelligent contribution – climate change is naturally occurring, cyclic, but enhanced by man’s recklessness and greed as I have spouted throughout this particular post, but I also say ‘I believe’ I never assume to ‘know’ I will leave that to the ‘leftists’ lol!
      I will watch your clip a bit later and let you know what I got from it, thanks again Happy Friday to everybody!

  • jim jones

    ANY fool who would resist better fuel mileage is a total asshole and against the people, better fuel economy is good for the environment AND the wallet; as is the use of clean energy wherever and whenever possible. - 2015 | Privacy Policy