Rubio Shows Support To NATO

Sen Marco Rubio (R-FL) is claiming that NATO is “still a good idea,” however it has to be “modernized.”

When asked about Trumps opinion of NATO, Rubio stated, “First of all, NATO is still a good idea. It has to be modernized, so it has a new purpose and a new meaning in the 21st century. I continue to believe and support NATO.”

“This notion that our partners are not contributing enough is not new. If you go through history, you’ll find that administration after administration had the same complaint. So that’s not a new complaint. There’s a big difference saying I don’t think that our partners are doing enough, which is valid and saying, you know, what some are claiming the president is saying that we should get rid of NATO. I haven’t heard him say that. He questioned the arrangement. If you want to question whether they are doing enough, that’s a valid question. Other administrations have done the same.” - 2015 | Privacy Policy