Rubio Doesn’t Want Teachers Armed

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) disagreed with President Trump’s idea of arming and training teachers. Rubio stated [President Trump] has issues with the idea and he himself as a parent isn’t “comfortable” with the idea.

Rubio said, “I don’t support that. And I would admit to you right now, I answer that as much as a father as I do as a senator, the notion that my kids are going to school with teachers that are armed with a weapon is not something that, quite frankly, I’m comfortable with. Beyond it, I think it has practical problems, and I’ll share what they are. And this is really about the safety of the teachers as much as anything else. Imagine in the middle of this crisis, and the SWAT team comes into the building, and there’s an adult with a weapon in their hands, and the SWAT team doesn’t know who is who, and we have an additional tragedy that was unnecessary. And so, I understand how some people are saying that, and I’m not belittling them, but as a father, and as someone who has talked to plenty of teachers, including the three in my family, and the assistant principal in my family, I don’t think that would be a good idea, in my view.” - 2015 | Privacy Policy