Rob Reiner Pushes Racism Agenda

Actor Rob Reiner gave his opinion regarding the issues on the United States-Mexico border and children being separated.

Reiner claims Trump supporters are “frightened to death of the browning of America.”

“What we’re doing in the United States of America is inhuman,” Reiner said. “[Trump] launched his campaign basically saying, ‘Mexicans are rapists and murderers.’ That’s what he is still selling. It’s the only thing he can sell to that racist base of his.”

“The people who support him are frightened to death of the browning of America.”

  • mossycoves

    Bobby is a blind Racist, himself

    • Juanito Ibañez

      Robert “Rob, the Meathead” Reiner is too stupid to comprehend that “Mexican”/”Spanish” (or “Latino/Latina”) is an ethnicity and not a “race” (the basic race being Caucasian).

  • Brandy

    Meathead always was an idiot

    • M. E. Thomas


    • Ann

      Once a Meathead always a Meathead!!!!



  • Dan

    Naturally another insignificant has-been crawls out of the woodwork like a cockroach!

    • Charles Lagioia


  • Andrew Jackson

    He doesn’t know what color he is

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Color him STUPID.

    • JeanneD

      Probably RED !

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Ruck Fob Feiner. In his commie rass. Archie was RIGHT! John Birch was RIGHT! Joe McCarthy was RIGHT! Leftists must HANG.

  • SgtOIF

    Once a meathead, always a meathead!! Too dense to understand that it’s a matter of law, not race!

  • donl

    Commie Pr*ck!

  • Dan

    One of my closest friends is black and a Trump supporter, and he and many of his black associates say they have come to the realization after many years, that the sole intent of democrat/liberals is to continue control the black community and other minorities by making them dependent upon the democrat/liberals for the entitlements available, in doing so, the feeling of inability to do for one’s self is reinforced!!

    • M. E. Thomas

      This is precisely the Democrat Plan which goes on to divide our nation. Glad Black Americans are waking up. This is just one more reason to never vote for a democrat…..never. They destroy everything they touch.

    • dj007

      Omg thank you…Dems can continue enslaving minorities that way

  • Hey Rob, STFU!!!!

  • JeanneD

    How ridiculous to think that those who support Trump are fearful of “the browning of America.”
    I know some rather brown people who definitely support his agenda.
    They are Americans before they are brownish !
    Archie always said he was a pinko !!!!

  • John McComas

    These idiots (with meathead that’s a compliment) love to misquote Trump and then extrapolate to anyone who voted for him. Their utter arrogance is mind numbing!


    Put them up at your pad meathead.

  • gene smith

    MEATHEAD>>>>STILL…and as much as in the sitcom….what is wrong with these fools who actually believe they are smart when they so obviously are not….DUNCE !!


    Soooper Geeeeenius!

  • Ron Long

    When I saw the picture I wondered what Scrooge McDuck was talking about.

  • Stephen Serafin

    Hey Meathead, I support the browning of America as long as it is done LEGALLY. Let me spell it out for you–the word is L-E-G-A-L-L-Y. That means following The Laws of Immigration. But I doubt you understand the concept.

  • justdave

    This country can carry only so many unskilled, illiterate people. There are only so many positions available. What happens if we have another economic downturn? Will these illegals self deport? Or will we have to support them? The current population of the US is about 330 million. How crowded do we want to be? 500 million? A billion? It’s not the browning of America, it’s the drowning of America in over population.

    • Will

      Unskilled, illiterate people.?? know you’re describing “red”/ republican states, right? The largest users of govt welfare?

      • justdave

        So, this means that as long as the illiterate, unskilled people are going to vote democrat that they are better? We have enough leeches, no sense importing more.

        • Will

          Non citizens CANNOT and DO NOT vote. Federal figures, THIS MONTH, showed that undocumented pay approx 14 BILLION in taxes yearly , and have placed 100 BILLION into the Social Security system in the last decade that they can NEVER draw from. Undocumented can NEVER receive any kind of government welfare.Stop believing the lies

          • mlb

            Still prattling nonsense I see.

          • Will

            I understand. “Facts are not necessarily true” “fact checkers are scum” d trump

          • nancy watson

            Social Security is HARDLY considered WELFARE you moron…. and just WHERE IN THE HELL do you get these inflated bullshit figures??????????????????????????????????????????????/

          • Will

            Of course social security is not welfare. Who says that?

      • mlb

        Where do you get your facts from? How you feel it looks like or the fake news. You appear to be void of reality

        • Will

          Federal figures. “Google” any search engine you want. The social security figure is directly from a recent interview with the DIRECTOR of the program.

  • Charles Lagioia


  • lmorgan138

    Rob Reiner, your precious Obummer had the same policy but no one heard you speak up about him. You truly are a meathead. Just shut that hole in your ugly fat face and go away.

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    America-Has has Hispanics-Forever-Don’t think anyone is Scared-I live in San Antonio,Tx-But we are tired of Illegals bringing Drugs from Mexico-And People Crossing Our Borders-Illegally.We want America to Remain-America—Dont want Open-Borders-Democrates-Want Open-Borders-They just don’t say it.

    • robert kingdollar

      The wacky Left has Hi-jacked Them (Dems) and Fight Only because it’s Trump, hell the Dems have Not done anything for DACA when they had super-majority, why? keeping them around for a political-weapon. DACA= Democrats Against Citizen’s of America

  • Mike

    Why shouldn’t the White Christians in America be worried about their future existence. Is that only the right of Meathead’s tribe the Jews. Maybe Meathead lusts for an America more brown , more easily ruled by an elite group comprised of Meatheads.

    • Will

      “White Christians” worshiping a brown, desert dwelling refugee Jew. Check yourself

      • Mike

        The Romans exported slaves from Germania to Egypt so they could shoulder the load building pyramids. Little brown twerps didn’t build that stuff. The 13th tribe of Israel was really Nordic slaves. Thus a compassionate religion like Christianity was formed. Middle Eastern people never invented a religion with compassion. Why do you think they crucified him? He was an illegal immigrant. We don’t crucify our illegal immigrants. We let them go to college for free and not pay taxes. And yet libtards like you wail away anyways.

  • rottenrollin

    Such a good hearted fool.

  • robert kingdollar

    Funny how this jack-ass and other ‘like minded’ people who claim to care have no problem ignoring the pain & suffering of citizen’s Who are victim’s because of an illegal who is here ILLEGALLY, Soros Himself said Brown/Black people were preferable because They’re easier to manipulate, funny how the Lefty’s Have absolutely No Problem with taking this Guy’s money Despite being a Nazi sympathizer and Clearly a Racist!! And don’t think this guy isn’t protecting ‘white Supremacy’?? Him and Other Elitist Are Protecting Their own white supremacy, yeah They want a big-melting Pot-over-populated, Dependent on Them, Who BTW will Never Live among Us ‘serf’s’ and “enjoy” this forced “multiculturalism”, They will Remain Safely-tucked away from 3rd-world pandemonium that They Push for-‘God Complex’s’ to the Extreme.

  • The Rock

    Reiner is a jerk! He gained fame as a “The Meathead” now he is showing why he still is!

  • M. E. Thomas

    Hey Meathead, How many Brown people do you have living with you? Did you give them your green business card and tell them they’re legal now? Who’s doing your landscaping, you wouldn’t take advantage of brown people would you? Too bad Archie isn’t up in your face anymore.

  • tomsfordcars

    Another Hollywierd a** hole. I wonder how many immigrants he wants to house at his house.
    Like Brandy states below “Meathead was always an idiot”

    • Will

      Meat head was a character. Archie Bunker was an idiotic character that Caroll O connor hated to play because he was a far left liberal

  • dj007

    Trump never called them all rapist Meathead. Typical Hollywood w bullshit agenda. He said rapist and murderers we’re included w the illegals. Why is it our fault that illegals are coming here? Stick to making movies. No one gives a shit about your opinions. Easy to say when you’re wealthy. Most of us would rather put our tax dollars in our own country. Thx for confirming my Trump vote if he runs again…you dildo

  • Rex Stevenson

    Archie was 100% right. This guy is a MEATHEAD … and worse yet, he’s a lying liberal Socialist who should be tarred and feathered and then run out of town on a rail.

  • Will

    “Meathead” is a character portrayed by the brilliant actor Rob Reiner, who now is a multimillionaire, award-winning director and producer. He is 100% correct. Immigration, in general, and illegal immigration, in particular is WAY down. Spokesperson for the immigration committee of the Senate said, yesterday, that the border is more secure than it has been for decades. Trump is NOT deporting . this is ALL about “detaining” immigrants in private prisons that we, the taxpayers, pay up to $700 a detainee DAILY to investors in these private prisons. GUESS who owns the private prisons?? many in the Trump crime cartel and his buddies, Jeff Sessions is invested, also.

    There is NOTHING illegal in seeking amnesty. Entering without documents is a MISDEMEANOR; yes, a civil offense, NOT a criminal one. A “ticket-able” offense, like JAY-wlaking.

    As for the racism claim; all you have to do is read any pro-Trump thread. it’s all racist crap; that’s what he sold, that’s what was bought , that’s still what’s spewing from the mouths of his ignorant base who are all descended from immigrants.

    • 1_Eddie_1

      When entering the country illegally MORE THAN ONCE makes it a FELONY. If you seek asylum, you come into a legal port and then ask for asylum. Crossing a border illegally and asking for asylum does not cut the mustard, it is an illegal border crossing. Not all children that are being accompanied by adults are the subject adults children. Have you heard of human trafficking? Have you heard of “rape tree’s”? All forms of attrocities are happening to children during thier perilous sojourn to come into our country illegally. I consider this separation from adults to be more of a humanitarian rescue than an attrocity. Once legal parental status has been obtained they should be re-united with the parents on a bus ride back over to the other side of our border.

  • DJ_Megatron

    The only the Hollywood Elite want the illegals here is for cheap labor such as landscaping, house keeping, movie set workers and of course their drug habits. If they are turned away, they have to go elsewhere for all of the above.

  • weirdpeter

    Trump’s supporters are not frightened by the browning of America, we fear the Communizing of America.
    We are afraid of radical judges making sharia law the new law of the land. We are afraid of gangs of tribal loonies attacking Trump supporters in their homes and on public streets. In short, we fear the rule of the mob.
    We know that if Hillary had been elected POTUS the second amendment would be in shreds, free speech would be limited to political correct lefties, taxes would have been raised and the economy would be crawling along at 1% GDP growth rate.The Supreme Court would be stacked with social justice warriors. Justice Gorsuch never would have happened and who knows who would have replaced Scalia. In addition to Kennedy retiring, Ginsburg would would be in the Sunnydale Nursing home. And the Left would hold a 6 to 3 advantage on the high court’s bench. In other words, America would be toast.

  • John Blosser

    Funny how lefties keep objecting to Trump enforcing the law-who to blame for separation of families? The parents who bring their kids with them when the illegally cross our borders. Yes, let’s re-unite them-on the bus immediate taking them back to where they came from

  • gotcha1

    Rob Reiner…meathead deluxe! He doesn’t really know what he is doing but jumping on that old lib bandwagon! Keep it up Robby! You have convinced everyone that you are a shortsided, meathead!

  • Mark

    “Archie” was right. Rob Reiner truly IS a MEAT HEAD

  • Jim Wagenmann

    Robbie whiner is definitely not afraid of the browning of America. He and his fellow communist entertainers have permanent brown noses from having their heads up obamas ass for eight years.
    Meanwhile Trump and his supporters will continue to make sure blacks and other minorities have good jobs and can afford decent housing. Not the crap democrat/socialists force on them.
    We thank the whiner for informing the people who the racist/ bigots like him really are.

  • L Cavendish

    I want ALL illegals deported…regardless of race or religion…sex or age…or country of origin

  • David Drezek

    Archie was right still a meathead

  • Lowell King

    Brandy said it all

  • randolph.poole

    What a douche bag!

  • james oriley

    This idiot just found away to get back on tv since he’s been a has-bin ever since Archie Bunker got rid of him. He got on the view and said what whoopi told him to say he will be gone again soon.

  • cjjf

    Meathead doesnt understand law apparently. Not surprising, it seems most of hollywood is so used to breaking laws in one form or another and getting away with it from california judges, they have no clarity on the difference between legal and illegal. The browning of america has nothing to do with anything, its the constitution of the USA that matters.

  • sammy


  • robertleo

    How can truth be racist?

  • Tony N.


  • metheoldsarge

    Do people actually listen to this has been almost never was? In my opinion he isn’t even a has been but a never was. Just a legend in his own mind and the minds of his elitist peers. He has been under his father’s shadow all his life. From what I can see, he was nothing more than a bit player at best. Just another egotistical blow hard and a legend in his own mind. His only job is to entertain and he isn’t very good at doing that. He isn’t even funny. Makes me wonder what he wants to be when he finally grows up. The best thing he can do is go back into obscurity and just shut up.

  • Gail

    Archie Bunker had it right, he is a Meathead and always will be!

  • Friggin’ moron,,,, All our President is doing is following THE RULE OF LAW. He has not made a single new ruling, policy, law etc etc that is not already on the books. Countries have laws, and laws must be obeyed. Try breaking into Mexico “Meat Head” and see what happens to you!!!!

  • Rick Baugh

    Thats the dumbest thing I ever heard. You dont have to sell rape and murder to convince a racist to vote against illegal immigration.

    However rape, murder and illegal immigration is something everyone should be against.

  • Hauke

    I am a citizen of a “brown” country. I have a “brown” wife and “brown” children. I am also generally supportive of Trump. I suppose that means that I am “frightened to death” of my fellow citizens, afraid that they might go to American and contribute to its “browning”…No, but I am sick of morons like Reiner…

  • daniel

    That’s not fear of browning of America. Why should America opens it’s borders to every Tom Dick and Harry not knowing what they are.


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