Restaurant Decorates Transgender Bathrooms

It doesn’t take much to trigger and upset liberals these days, but a restaurant in Texas clearly isn’t concerned with being politically correct.

According to the Daily Dot, Dodie’s Place, in Allen, Texas, came up with a clever way to distinguish its men’s and women’s restrooms.

The eatery used two different pictures: one of Bruce Jenner winning the decathlon in the 1976 Olympics that made him a national hero and a household name; the other of “Caitlyn” Jenner from in the 2015 Vanity Fair interview that made Jenner a household name once again (if not exactly a national hero).

Most people could probably guess which restroom door got which picture.

Dom DiFurio, who uploaded the photo to Twitter, told the Daily Dot that Allen, Texas, wasn’t a friendly spot for LGBTQ members.

“Collin County, where Allen, Texas, is, as a whole is considered a conservative bastion in North Texas,” DiFurio said. “I wouldn’t consider it a particularly great place to be LGBTQ.”

No doubt, Allen, Texas, would be crushed to hear that.

But seriously?

It’s a restaurant that’s using two of the best known pictures in contemporary American pop culture to differentiate the men’s room from the women’s room. Normal people get the message immediately. Normal people with a sense of humor might actually laugh.

While some may find the bathroom posters offensive, they were just pictures explaining basic biology — nothing more, nothing less.

While plenty of oversensitive liberals will presumably disagree, the message is effective.

With the bathroom debacle getting out of hand — especially given Democrats essentially want men and women to use whatever restroom they want — this Texas restaurant satirized transgender bathrooms and gave the rest of us a laugh at the same time.

Dodie’s Place nailed it.


  • RufusVonDufus

    Can’t stand kweeyuhs!


    Should have installed about 50 cameras and have them displayed out in the restaurant so all the perv’s can see.

  • ClarenceDeBarrows

    I’m not laughing. The problem, as I see it, is this whole bathroom door debacle makes a sick mentality, as personified in Bruce Jenner, a little more acceptable to a society which is growing ever sicker itself as it moves from its once Christian foundation to an anything goes 3rd world trash heap. Such a sad scenario to play out in our once unique Constitutional Republic.

    • mustangsallyann

      As we were warned in the Bible, good would become bad, bad would become good. G-d knows His children and as long as we allow Him to guide us, they can all lose their minds but we’ll still be good. I agree, this demented humor is no laughing matter. It just shows how much evil now resides here.

    • Holy Joe

      You got it right – the ultra left Democratic Party has long succeeded with its debasement policies of the Immigration laws and former standards of eligibility by reducing the United States of America to the status of a Third World Country – almost becomig a larger version of a State controlled “Paradise” like Cuba or Venezuela. But the Democrats will only cease their ridiculous immigration policies and preferences when they have turned America into one new vast huge Haiti.

  • Estoban

    I find no humor. There are hundreds of recorded cases of rannies murdering, raping and molesting people. Most recent was the sicko in Wyoming found guilty of molesting a 10 year old in the bathroom. He or it faces up to 70 years.

    • jackieray

      that was in a privet residence not a public restroom

      • Estoban

        That was a TRANNY molesting a CHILD in a BATHROM. Are you an idiot?

    • Pat Enery

      More proof of the fact that they are mentally ill.

  • Estell Newton

    They need to go back to mens and womens. I refuse to go into a bathroom if there is a man in there. If it’s a one stall bathroo,m, as many establishments are, that’s different. But no men in there while i’m in there. That’s final. I would walk out first.

  • John Centonze

    Hey folks, I’m not a transgender but for years I have been using the ladies’ room.
    Let me explain. If I have to answer nature’s call and I stop at a convenience store that has a men’s room and a ladies’ room and if they are not stalled and the door on the ladies is ajar and the men’s room is occupied I will often use the ladies’ room. Let’s face it. It all ends up in the same place.
    Oh yes ladies, I always put the seat back down!

    • Patriot068

      I did the same was a funny experience n got some laughs out of it n my coffee paid for ( by a woman!) Lol

  • Joel WS

    Take a ‘black light’ into that bathroom and you might find the the transgenders have done some decorating of their own.

  • Pat Enery

    The “Caitlyn” Jenner Poster on the women’s bathroom is a sad comment on how low our moral compass has sunk. It is not a representation of a natural female. It is a representation of what was once classified a mental illness that was declassified, in 1973, by a plurality vote of the American Psychiatric Association. Had Jenner done this before that date, there was a good chance that he could have been cured & remained the masculine icon that he once was.

    • DonOldGuy

      I just find it odd that only males, imagining themselves female enter the land of women smells. I have yet to find a woman in my room of choice (and natural being) backing up to a “wall hanging” or adjusting her bra as it comes out of a stall. The “Caitlyn” picture is about as insulting to women as anything I have seen.

  • Wayne Buck


  • Wes

    If you cannot make the distinction between male and female, you are hopelessly lost, void of reality and science.

  • Patriot068

    Love it! LOL
    I Find it highly amusing ! Tough it’s sad our nation which has survived for over 250 yrs on Christian values comes to this! ( THOUGH it benefited me recently & I got a TON OF LAUGHS AFTER).FROM WOMEN & MEN!)
    I was coming from a Dr appt.( in a Veteran) so had my jacket on ‘ Boots my Blue EMT pants AND A GUN! IM ALSO FULLY TATOOED!
    ANTWAYS I had drank like 6 cups of coffee the long drive! To & driving back home! STOPPED at a gas station to fill up! Went inside after to use the BR & the men’s was ( occupied ) ( sounded like he was?giving birth) after 5 min ( crossing my legs) & NOT another soul in SITE! I went into the LADIES ROOM! Took my jacket off did my business/ washed my hands & exited while putting my jacket back on ( only now their were men / women lined up) just a few ppl and I was in their maybe a few minutes. upon exiting ! I got some stares because my gun had held my jacket back! ( has my name branch of service patches were form my time in the FD !+ military & disabled vet hat! Anyways upon exiting I said ( hey it’s ok @ I’m feeling kinda gay today! ) everyone chuckled becsuse they knew I was joking & the same guy was in the Other BR n j suggested to the other guys to claim they were feeling gay or confused should use it to! It’s acceptable now! Everyone laughted n they took turns using the ladies room! Everyone took turns and all I heard was laughter from them as I was getting ANOTHER coffee! Then as they were exomiting n shaking their heads smirking n also thanking me for my service & one lady paged for my coffee. That was in line for me and also thanked me for the humor because she needed a good laugh. As I was leaving a guy exited the store! Breathing hard weighing 300+ lbs then I overheard another guy say to the manager ( you got a huge problem in the men’s room! As I exited the store thanking the lady for paying for my coffee I saw water flowing out of the men’s room !
    Yeah guess that guy gave birth alright!
    But it was a funny humorous experience! & NOW it’s TOTALY LEGAL! I’m not condoning going into a ladies restroom that has numerous stalls! Just a single toilet type! Which is what this was! But the posters on Jenner are [email protected] only ppl with humor will appreciate it!.
    I know I would n the person taking the photo took it with humor intent I believe! LOL - 2015 | Privacy Policy