‘Raising Awareness’ Isn’t Helping Much

“Awareness must be raised.”

“A spotlight must be brought to this crucial issue.”

“We must all think about our own culpability.”

These tired nostrums are repeatedly deployed in our politics to explain why someone complains about a broad problem or tells a specific story of victimization without accompanying evidence that would allow us to act. Accusations of institutional racism rarely come along with specific allegations regarding specific police officers. If allegations and names were included, we could all look at the evidence and determine whether or not to call for consequences. Stories of sexual assault and harassment at work are often told without naming names. If those names were named, authorities could investigate; the media could begin collecting data; and we could do something about it.

But that would be useful. We don’t want useful measures. We want to note how terrible things are generally. Why?

What drives us to ignore the obvious fact that most Americans oppose specific evils and would side against those evils when presented with evidence of them occurring?

Perhaps it’s our innate drive toward establishing a feeling of moral superiority. You don’t get to feel morally superior when you name someone who acts in criminal fashion; you’re just a witness, and witnesses are useful members of society, bettering society actively rather than criticizing it from the outside.

Or perhaps it’s the burden that comes along with evidence. It’s much easier to gain sympathy by telling a story about victimization without naming names — a story nobody can contradict, since you’re not getting specific. In fact, if you do get too specific about allegations of sexual assault, as actress Lena Dunham did, your allegations might be called into question. And if you do get too specific about allegations of police racism and brutality, as the Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett did, your accusations might be debunked.

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source: http://www.dailywire.com/news/22410/raising-awareness-isnt-helping-much-ben-shapiro

  • Armed Liberal

    Your article misses one important point – who has a camera or microphone when a woman is groped (Or has her pussy grabbed) or if an officer calls someone a racial epithet while pulling a person of color over? Are you a woman or are you black or hispanic? If not you have no way of understanding what is still a huge problem in this country. And when you add to it the presidents remarks about being able to sexually assault women simply because your a rich white guy… and they “let” you do it – then we still have a massive problem in this country. I wonder about all the female trump supporters… must be this lawless bad boy thing for them.

    It has nothing to do with feeling superior – I’d say just the opposite. So stop trying to justify your bias against doing something about these ills and find ways to make sure we can work to educate people and if we can’t lock people up who think they are superior to those they abuse.

    As for “naming names” ask anyone who has been assaulted just how hard that is especially if the accused is an authority figure, a boss, a politician and even a president. And Both Trump and Clinton are both culpable here. Clinton is old news.. Trump is still assaulter in chief. And keep an eye out for a huge number of claims to come to the surface about Trump… Now is the calm before the storm as heir trump likes to say. But not the one he is most likely thinking about.

    • cin19

      Oh, so let’s just start putting people in prison who think they are superior to ones they abuse. Now, that sounds like a real plan for justice. Better build some extra prisons.

      • Armed Liberal

        Yes. Abusers need jail time. Not sure why the snarky comment – are you pro abuser?? But – I agree, let’s build more prisons and make laws that are fair to the accuser and accused and if you sexually assaulted someone, even our president – then lets do it – throw them in jail to be abused by inmates who could care less about social status. After a fair trial of course.

    • ch

      Unfortunately, these women allowed it to happen to further their career. There are some that told Harvey NO and that was the end. Are you willing to compromise your morality for a career. As long as women allow this to happen, it will keep happening. That is not saying that what Harvey did was right. It is the same adage of sleeping your way to the top

      • Armed Liberal

        They either allowed it to happen – and said nothing for any number of reasons, or were too frightened to say anything as Harvey had all the power. As does Trump. Which is why I brought up education… we need to better teach our girls this is not acceptable and that they have power too. And society as a whole needs to see that this is truly despicable – which is why I consider so many trump followers and nothing more than enablers. Including the frigging so-called Christian right… they are not Christian and they are wrong on this issue. They know better but still support him anyway. The message to stop this kind of behavior needs to begin at the top… and trump is the current poster boy for a bully sexual predator.

        • ch

          While i agree with you on the education aspect, it is obamas and the liberals policies that are indoctrinating our children into a sexual revolution and that you can be any gender you want or think you should be. This is despicable. It is NOT the Christians that are allowing all this to happen and I can’t believe any of the loberal trash that is doing this in hollywood is Christian. I supported Trump and still do and since he just became President in Jan 2017 how can he possibly be faulted for something that has been going on in hollywood for 4 decades.
          I don’t where you can justify your statement that Trump is a sexual predator. Talk is talk, but actions speak volumes.

          • Armed Liberal

            No – so called Christians who support trump are what is despicable IMHO. To support a known sexual predator – a term that takes many forms… and unless you think it was ok for trump to talk about grabbing pussy and how women just magically let him do it (his words on video – actions) – or just walk up to women and kiss them… without asking if this is somehow ok… you are one warped christian. If trump walked up to you – ch – you sound like a woman though I might be wrong… and he grabs you by the genitals – I’m thinking this would be offensive to you.

            In fact it had been known for years (Ask his wives – one who said he raped her multiple times) as he cheated repeatedly on them, and that he thought so highly of himself that he felt he could get away with something as offensive as sexually assaulting a woman. I. E. Grabbing pussies and kissing them without permission. He has been know to invite women who were not his one of his wives to his suites as he traveled around the world. He bragged about this on Howard Stern numerous times – a close friend of trumps.

            As for Hollywood – sure – it’s called sin city for a reason. And there are good Christians there. But I can almost guarantee you they, for the most part, are thinking Christians – who have much higher standards than so called Christians who voted for and continue to support our sexual predator and chief. And one last thing – I’m not faulting Trump for Hollywood – this kind of behavior is as old as sin… Hollywood just somehow glamorized horrendous acts and now it’s rising to the public and it’s all very ugly.

  • Chuck Carter

    Love the double standard… the snowflakes on the right are quick to take seriously the accusations against a Hollywood executive when it’s convenient… yet when Trump admitted on tape to grouping and kissing women – crickets. When multiple women came forward and told people of the times he groped them, kissing them and invited them to his hotel rooms – all the while being married, nothing. Absolute silence. You know what we call people who use only one standard? Hypocrites. And the right wing are a bunch of snowflake hypocrites when it comes to the Sexual predator in the Whitehouse. It’s Disgusting. The right folks from the right wing, are disgusting.

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