Race War Hoax Exposed

Inner-city blacks are rejecting calls from a Chicago pastor to tear down a local George Washington monument and change the name of Washington Park. For one community organizer, the attacks against our nation’s historical monuments are an attempt to manufacture a race war that won’t help anyone in the black community.

In the fallout of the Charlottesville, VA, rally over the removal of a Robert E. Lee monument, Bishop James Dukes, a pastor, is calling for the name of Chicago’s Washington Park to change and for the removal of the park’s monument to our nation’s first president, George Washington.

Chicago community organizer Paul McKinley invited my co-producer, Andrew Marcus, and me on a tour of the south side neighborhood surrounding Washington Park to hear from him and other residents their feelings on the media manufactured debate to erase our nation’s history.

McKinley, along with area residents we encountered during our shoot, disagree with Dukes and say George Washington should be left alone.

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source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/08/22/exclusive-video-race-war-hoax-exposed-black-chicagoans-say-leave-washington-statue-alone/

  • 2broke

    Cant fix Stupid and Bigotry..

  • Rightleaning

    Paul McKinley is a smart man with a lot of common sense. Evidently he didn’t follow community organizer Obama otherwise that statue would be long gone. The Democrats are making war out of everything they can because the cannot believe they lost the election.
    Russia, statues, color, religion, next it will be the Revolutionary War. Anything to kill the US Constitution and the free will of it’s people.

  • terry burley

    what a racist jackass


    Let the left keep pushing this total bull$h1t narrative, I love it. The RINOs must be ecstatic, this is the only thing that might make their infuriated base even madder at the Dems then at them.

  • Junior Sampals

    According to the A$$ Wipes on the Left, all of the Mercury Head dimes should be seized and destroyed because of two very good reasons:

    Reason number one is that the front of the Mercury Head Dime has a likeness of a god on it, Mercury. Mercury BTW is also an element on the periodic table that is poisonous in large quantities and no school child should be forced to handle a Mercury Head silver Dime to buy a big gulp sugary soda from a non-sustainable vending machine.

    However, the best reason to destroy all of these coins is found on the backside or tails of these dimes because each and everyone has a large Fasci, the symbol of the national socialist party of one Benito Mussolini, a.k.a. el Duchi. Incidentally, Mussolini was the inspiration for Adolph Hitler and it is IMHO no accident that this symbol of the Fascist Party of Democratic President Thomas WOODROW Wilson was adopted by the US Mint in 1916, the same year that Wilson ran for his second term..

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