Puerto Rico Voters Say Yes to Statehood

In a landslide vote Sunday, Puerto Rican voters approved a referendum that stated the Caribbean territory ought to request statehood.

The Wall Street Journal reported that 97 percent of voters who went to the polls said the island should become the nation’s 51st state. However, there was historically-low turnout for the vote; only 23 percent of registered voters cast a ballot amid a boycott from two out of three of Puerto Rico’s major political parties, which could hinder efforts for Washington to recognize Puerto Rico as a state.

“An overwhelming majority voted for statehood. Today we are sending a strong and clear message for equal rights as American citizens,” Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said, according to NBC News. “This was a democratic process and statehood got a historic 97 percent of the vote.”

However, Héctor Ferrer of the Popular Democratic Party — which supported the boycott — said that “statehood-ers shot themselves in the foot.”

“Eight out of 10 voters went to the beach, went to the river, went to go eat, went to go hang out, went to church, but they sure didn’t go out to vote,” Ferrer said at a press conference in San Juan. “Gov. Rosselló is now going to go to Washington and say this (statehood) is what people wanted. But we’re going too to say no, that’s not true and the numbers speak for themselves.”

The next step would be for the governor to put into what’s known as the “Tennessee Plan,” which is one method by which territories can lobby to become states. The governor will select two senators and five congressmen to travel to Washington to persuade the government to recognize it as the 51st state.

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source: http://conservativetribune.com/puerto-rico-voted-statehood/

  • Meg

    I vote no. We don’t need anymore people on the welfare rolls. They want to become a state so the American people will support them. The taxpaying people should be allowed to vote before anything like this is passed.

  • 4grands

    Say NO. They must show that they are a responsible state first…..and they are not showing any signs of being responsible for anything. Maybe in another age!

  • 23% of the PR eligible voters went to the polls. That is hardly a majority. 77% did not vote. That is significant.

  • Chuck

    Our National Debt is now 20 Trillion Dollars and Puerto Rico is bankrupt. We need to pay down our debt and balance our budget.
    Statehood, “NO”. Give them their independence and help them where possible, but don’t add to your financial problems.
    GOD Save The Republic!

  • David Renaud

    Say NO, NO, No……PERIOD> <<<<<< Puerto Rico is totally "BROKE"……. When they get solvent, they can petition again…….

  • NHamigo

    What about the rest of us non-Puerto Ricans? Don’t we have a say? We don’t need more Hispanics on welfare. Crime is out of control in PR and many “Puerto Ricans” are frauds with fake birth certificates. I SAY NO!

  • Johnnyboy

    NO ! we can not and should not be forced to bail out this land mass and group of people. There has to be a vote in a general election on whether or not to allow this to happen. This is just another Democratic scheme to get votes and the tax payers will get screwed again having to support all these poor people.

    • SmithWinston6478

      ‘democrat’ scheme

      • Wayne Peterkin

        You’re right. Puerto Rican statehood would put two more Democrats in the Senate, and that is what the Democrats are salivating over. Democrats will do ANYTHING for political power and that includes wasting ever more taxpayer money buying votes. And that is what this is. Bailing out with billions of taxpayer dollars wasted for two more Senate votes.

  • bryandale

    This is a good lesson in democracy for Puerto Ricans. Elections are won by the people who vote. Those who stay home have no say.

  • Wayne Peterkin

    Who cares? I vote “NO”. What Puerto Rico is angling for is a federal bailout of a fiscal disaster of their own making. In return, they offer nothing to benefit the U.S. except votes for more bailouts, meaning they will support left-wing politicians (Democrats). I would add that we cannot consider admitting Puerto Rico without also bailing out the neighboring U.S. Virgin Islands which are another fiscal disaster with most of the working (barely, if at all) population employed by the VI government on US Taxpayer money. I lived there for over thirteen years, love many of the people, but the USVI is an economic disaster just like Puerto Rico. If they cannot get their own house in order they need to suffer the consequences until they do. BTW, some of the PR politicians try to blame us for their problems. Don’t buy it. Same illogical argument as our politicians always blaming someone else for their failures (remember Hillary?).

    • SmithWinston6478

      Wayne has nailed it. If you want the inside on Territorial Protectorates, ask an expat who has lived there.

  • Ah nutz

    NO – THX.

  • donl

    OF course, they are broke, just like any other Democrat controlled state, city, etc.

    • SmithWinston6478

      operative word: democrat

  • DollyT

    No to Statehood until they can greatly improve their economy. We need to also resolve our own economy and halt All Immigration into this country and deport all Illegals and while doing this improve our Immigration laws to insure our internal security.

  • LittleMoose

    Maybe the people in the other 50 States should have a say in whether or not Puerto Rico should become a state. I’m not sure I want a bankrupt territory to become a state.

  • VirgoVince

    Good for PR, now GO find someone who gives a sh*t; WE the people in the USA DON’T want you!!
    WE WANT TO REMOVE ALL non-American garbage, NOT import more non-American garbage!!

  • Anvil6

    Puerto Rico bonds are rated as “junk” quality, which pretty much means that Puerto Rico is, financially, BROKE. College is “free” (i.e., GOVERNMENT-paid, check your wallet). Unemployment is sky-high, even WITH a ‘free college degree’. Crime is rampant. Legal residents of Puerto Rico are ALSO US Citizens, BUT pay NO US Federal Income Tax on income they earn in Puerto Rico.

    It is the US COMMONWEALTH of Puerto Rico, so travel to and from mainland US flows freely in both directions, passports and visas NOT required.

  • sandraleesmith46

    I wonder if they get that it means equal taxation etc too?

  • Sparkitus_Maximus

    Hayell NO!
    No more freeloaders!
    You made your bed
    Now sleep in it yourself.

  • 1937shirley

    JUST SAY “NO”!

  • SmithWinston6478

    Self-reliant American taxpayers say NO to picking up the tab for dependant Puerto Rico’s mistakes. We’ve propped them up longer than enough already. By and large, they don’t like us. Anybody with experience there knows that.

  • biilyjoe

    Let billionaires Obongo, Hildabeest, and Kerry support them. WE don’t need any more sponges and terrorists which the 3 latter demons bought off for their votes as demon-rats LBJ/MLK did back in 1965 when this disease all started.

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