Pro-ISIS Channel Urged Islamists to Use Trucks

Prior to the June 3 London terror attacks a pro-ISIS channel sent out a meme urging Islamists touse trucks to “kill the civilians of the Crusaders.”

The meme also urged Islamists to use guns and knives.

The truck attack on the London Bridge and the stabbings in Borough Market both appear to be the type of attacks urged in the meme. Moreover, taken together, these attacks may be England’s second deadly Islamic terror incident in as many weeks. The attack comes eight days into the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Details of the attack remain unclear, but CBS Philadelphia reports that the attackers ran through the restaurant at Borough Market after driving a van into pedestrians on London Bridge. Witnesses said the attackers entered the restaurant yelling “This is for Allah!” and stabbed random Londoners.


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  • Ischgabibble

    Why haven’t the governments of the west taken this channel and all others like it down?

    • donl

      Why do governments FEAR them? OIL ? Money ? Or their fkd-up religeon?

      • metheoldsarge

        Perhaps a combination of all three.

    • Gen11American

      Probably because they’re complicit.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    The problem with muslims is they fornicate with male and female swine instead of humans which causes brain cell damage.

    • Gen11American

      That isn’t what has made them dangerous dullards with even lower IQ’s than Blacks. The Koran sanctions inbreeding between 2nd cousins, and centuries of that has created hundreds of millions of soldiers willing to die for Allah and Islam, the largest Death Cult on the planet. That’s why the EU Fascists have been flooding them into Europe instead of keeping them out. They will use them to massacre all White European Christians, and once they’ve performed their duty, the elitists will eliminate them!

  • denoferth

    The only practicable filter for admittance to or continued residence in America must be the fundamentalist believe in sharia law. Even the most basic reading of its tenets demonstrates its total incompatibility with our Constitution and way of life. Common sense tells you that anyone who comes here to intolerantly convert us to their ways instead of to assimilate to our traditions is not an immigrant but an invader. - 2015 | Privacy Policy