Pope Implores: Peace For Migrants and Refugees

During his New Year homily, Pope Francis urged his fellow Catholics to show peace, love and sympathy towards migrants and refugees they might be in contact with.

“Let us not extinguish hope in their hearts or smother their expectations of peace,” Pope Francis said at the Vatican.

He also reminded his followers that these immigrants are “ready to risk their lives in their search for a peaceful future “which is a right for everyone” and which everyone should strive to ensure for all.”

  • Wes

    The Pope is a puppet of the globalists, or more likely the globalists are the puppets of the Pope. One thing is for sure, he is anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic.

    • Richard Gieser

      Forgot to mention anti-Christ.

      • Wes

        Yes, indeed. The Pope is one of the many anti-Christs, a forerunner of the actual Anti-Christ himself.
        He is truly of his father, the Devil.
        The apple does not fall far the tree. He proves it by his evil fruit.

    • NC91

      You know SHIT-stoopid.

      • Wes

        No, I do not believe that I know you NC19.

  • Elly

    Let Pope Francis adopt all the refugees who are seeking “peace”. The Vatican is large enough to accommodate many of these migrants. He is not my Pope. He is too much of a marxist and would love to see a one world order.

    • RC

      You beat me to it with your post. The ‘Pope’ definitely is not the man Pope John Paul II was. He’s a Socialist from the word go and really has no business being the leader of the church.

      • SABER

        Who put him there anyway?

        • RC

          He was voted in by Cardinals from around the world.

          • SABER

            Catholics need to be speaking out against this. Maybe speak or write to those Cardinals.

          • RC

            I think so many are too liberal. Perhaps even somehow brainwashed.

          • jack


      • Elly

        RC – I feel badly about my position on this Pope because I am a church going Catholic but have never seen the likes of this Pope who has his nose in all the political business. How the college of cardinals ever voted him in is beyond my comprehension.

        • RC

          I feel the same. I’m not Catholic but was married in the church and attended mass regularly with my late wife. Personally I feel any church that becomes involved in politics and tries to influence people should have to pay taxes the same as anyone else.

          • Elly

            RC – So sorry for your loss. You were a great man to attend Mass with your late wife. I have to think she is in a much better place than we are here on earth. The world has gone crazy.

          • RC

            Actually I enjoyed going to mass. Father O’Shea and I became friends. And as it turned out, I was and still am a very lucky man. Met someone by chance I went to high school with in another state where we used to live. We became friends and later realized we loved each other. We were married a couple of years later and are living happily ever after. Fate really takes some strange turns.

          • Elly

            RC – that’s wonderful news. God bless you and your new wife. Life is good. When one door closes, another opens to find new beginnings.

          • RC

            Thanks for the good words. I know how lucky I really am. Have had two wonderful women in my life. Some men don’t even have one.

          • NC91


          • NC91

            lost your balls?

          • Still single NC?

          • NC91

            unfortunately a widower, after a 35 year relationship

          • jack

            man is suppose to be the leader in his house ,a women is mans helper not slave and the man should not kiss the womens ass to get along with her ,read in the BIBLE WHAT A MAN AND WOMENS DUTY IS IN THE BIBLE,

          • RC

            Obviously we all have our way of thinking. In our house it’s an equal partnership between my wife and myself.

            Of course, I might add that I have enough sense to just say, “Yes dear,” then keep my mouth shut. It helps to bring home some flowers now and then. It’s a wonderful way to stay out of trouble and keep from sleeping in the garage.

          • NC91

            I think we could change it easily-but no one talks any more.

          • NC91

            Yes, tax them out of existence. Instead we could worship capitalism, where employees of AT&T, T-Mobile, Blue Cross etc. will say ANY ridiculous phrase to keep a paycheck -what a miserable life .

        • NC91

          Most of the clergy just wants to fuck boys. Does he do that? I have heard from a good authority Jesus, that he does not.

        • larry harvey

          Elly–The church was ALWAYS in politics!

        • College of Cardinals is no different than any other political bureaucracy; except they are harder to get into than nearly any other form of government. And nobody gets to that level of the Church without being addicted to power.

      • NC91

        I agree with Bill Maher-ALL religious people are fucked up-still believing in fairy stories.

    • so Elly…ya claim that the Pope is a Marxist when your president will only lavish praise on Putin (who mind ya was once a ranking KGB official) while he condemns the U.S. media as America’s worst enemy and only chastises and whines about America’s intelligence agencies. Now how is that not an hypocritical proposition ya represent…

      • Elly

        Texancoach – My President rightfully condemns the mainstream media, which is always spewing out hate and fake news. He is truly an American patriot who cares deeply about making America great again, unlike our previous illegal Muslim president who almost brought America to its knees, and is still acting like he is still the king of the world. Obama was the worst thing that ever happened to this great country of ours. He will have to face the Creator one of these days.

        • NC91

          Now what severe personal inadequacy makes you a racist? Don’t worry about it -you ARE shit.

        • tomsfordcars

          You are a true and patriotic American. God bless you!

          • Elly

            tomsfordcars – thank you and I’m sure you also are a true and patriotic American. God bless you too.

          • tomsfordcars

            Yes I am and ThankYou!

        • OK Elly…if ya feel as such quit spewing out baseless rhetoric and start giving some substantive facts to back up your inept claims…I could just as easily spew forth nasty comments, but without substance they will never be taken seriously by anyone with a reasonable mind…so exactly how is Trump a true American and not Obama. How is Obama acting like he is “king of the world” when Trump will not admit any mistake and is defiant like a king to whomever questions his actions and authority…even to former members of his administration like Bannon, who by the way is in the clear and Trump is not.

          Fire away cowpunch and enlighten us…

          • Elly

            Texancoach – Obama is not an American. Hates American and all it stands for. He stood up in front of the American people and claimed that he had an 8 year scandal free administration. I guess he has a very short memory. What about Fast and Furious, the IRS, TSA, Benghazi, the Iran deal, funneling billions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, and many more. If you believe in that fake birth certificate that he presented, then you are naive. It has been scrupulously been examined by experts and claim it is false. Why was he listed as a foreign student while attending college here in the US? His own paternal grandmother in Kenya states she was at his birth in Kenya. He’s a pathological liar, a narcissist and plain out fraud.

          • OK, Elly, again you’re only spewing out nonsense and stating nothing to back up your bogus claims. What about ‘Fast and Furious’ as…that was a program that started with the Bush administration as ‘Operation Wide Receiver’ and Obama ended it. Whatever came of the IRS…nothing…besides a president has no control over the IRS. Benghazi was simply a donation scam for Republicans, Darrel Issa even said so. Yes four Americans died, but what about the 54 folks who died during the 13 terrorist embassy attacks under the Bush administration, where’s all the outrage of those folks who lost their lives. Point is, Dems didn’t make it a political issue like Republicans did with Benghazi.

            You are totally wrong on the birtherism you’re hung up on…He never was listed as a foreign student, the student ID was outright forged…it was fake and easily proven as so. I guess the Hawaiian hospital that offered his certified certificate was in cahoots as well, huh…even Trump begrudgingly finally admitted that Obama was born in America.

            What a hypocrite…if Cruz, who actually was foreign born and lived his first nine years as a foreigner in Canada, you would’ve voted for him anyway if he had won the Republican primaries. Don’t say ya wouldn’t have, for ya certainly wouldn’t have voted for Hillary…

          • Elly

            Texancoach – Once again nothing was done about Fast and Furious when Obama issued guns to the cartels and a border patrol agent was killed. Nothing done about the IRS because there has always been a double standard when it comes to Democrats vs Republicans. Nothing done about Benghazi when many calls for more security were requested before the tragedy. You are such a brainwashed liberal. Where are all the documents about Obama’s transcripts. How was he able to have everything about his life sealed permanently. We Americans never really knew anything about this man. He was a total fraud and still is today.
            You are right about one thing. I would never have voted for Hillary, a pathetic psychological freak who would have carried on Obama’s agenda to ruin this country. All previous presidents generally move on after their term and let the new President carry on. But Obama has moved to his new residence only blocks from the White House. He’s also a hypocrite. He was against a border wall, yet constructed a wall around his residence. He is an evil man, along with his wife (?) Michael. He even referred to her as Michael a few times.

          • Elly, Elly, Elly…where art thou thoughts…in the trees, the meadows, the bushes…it’s really a good thing ya got such a good handle on all these events and that ya can’t see any wrong with this current and soon to be gone president…ya certainly got all your bases covered…not…

            Considering Obama’s administration Fast ‘n’ Furious actions:
            Fast and furious was only one program in a series of sting operations called gun walking, essentially, which began in 2006 as Operation Wide Receiver and ended in 2011. So it was part of the umbrella would be Project Gunrunner, and it was supposed to stem the number of firearms that were leaving the United States and going into Mexico, into the hands of drug cartel members, largely because it is much easier to obtain guns in the United States than it is in Mexico, which has some fairly stringent at least legal, ya know, ways to get guns, it’s fairly stringent gun-control laws.
            December 12, 2012 – The DOJ announces that a gun trafficker, Jaime Avila has been sentenced to 57 months in prison for his role in buying weapons that were found at the site of Terry’s shooting death.
            February 10, 2014 – Manuel Osorio-Arellanes is sentenced to 30 years in prison for first-degree murder, in connection with Terry’s death.
            November 3, 2014 – Under court order, the Justice Department turns over nearly 65,000 pages of Fast and Furious-related documents. The documents were previously withheld under the Obama administration’s claim of executive privilege.
            October 1, 2015 – Two additional suspects in Terry’s death, Jesus Leonel Sanchez-Meza and Ivan Soto-Barraza, are found guilty of first-degree murder and other charges. They later receive life sentences.
            April 8, 2016 – The DOJ releases additional documents pertaining to Fast and Furious, as ordered by a federal judge.
            April 12, 2017 – Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes, a fugitive cartel member wanted in connection with Terry’s death, is arrested in Mexico.

            This is about as close as it gets in calling an Obama scandal…now if ya want to talk about and not ignore the Trump scandals, well be my guest.

            The IRS back then not only scrutinized conservative registered charities, but also liberal ones as well. A federal watchdog investigating whether the Internal Revenue Service unfairly targeted conservative political groups seeking tax-exempt status said that the agency also scrutinized organizations associated with liberal causes from 2004 to 2013. The exhaustive report, which examined nine years worth of applications for tax-exempt status, comes after a similar audit in 2013 found that groups with conservative names like “Tea Party,” “patriot” or “9/12” were unfairly targeted for further review.

            The report found that the I.R.S. was also inappropriately targeting progressive-leaning groups. While the investigation does not specify the political affiliations of the groups, names that were flagged included the words “Progressive,” “Occupy,” “Green Energy,” and Acorn — the acronym for the now defunct Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. However, the left didn’t whine about it. “This report shows the I.R.S. deep scrutiny of political groups is in fact bipartisan, it is liberal and conservative groups that the I.R.S. has been targeting,” said Craig Holman, a government affairs lobbyist for the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen. Besides all these 501 (c) groups right and left weren’t really charities and were political in nature…

            In fact they did carry on conversations with Benghazi emails and explicitly told them their were no monies to fund security for outposts…Benghazi was not an embassy and were told to stay away. The Republican Congress had cut embassy security funding the Hillary had begged for and Ryan in Oct.12 even cut more out of embassy security after the Benghazi episode . When asked during an interview if he voted to cut embassy security spending, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) even bragged about in saying, ” Absolutely. Look, we have to make priorities and choices in this country.”

            Still on that ever lasting Obama is not an American trip, huh…carry on in your little bubble world life, I’ll not try and pop it anymore…although ya must really like him to keep bringing him obsessively up…

      • NC91

        You are wasting your breath talking on this page-only moronic racists are regulars here- ALL STOOPID.

        • I do see your valid point, but however, NC91 I’m gonna try anyway in attempts of just why they think a so-called billionaire has solely their interests at heart when he has packed his administration with more billionaires than the last four presidents combined…thanks much for the tip though…

          • NC91

            I do not understand what is going on in America at the moment. A suggestion-companies have induced such fear of firing that employees will now say ANYTHING their boss wants-and this must be stressful. An example: A doctor at Univ Of Ca San Diego mismanaged my care leaving me at risk for a stroke. Of course I complained. Two staff I talked to agreed with me and said they would see I got the necessary care. When I called a few days later they were BOTH suddenly on vacation-and had left no notes. I smell a UCSD rat. Sorry this is slightly off point-but maybe it explains why no one objects to government outrage.-they dare not.
            Best wishes.

          • First off, sympathies for your medical troubles and I do sincerely hope that ya get back to being healthy again.

            The thing is, NC91 on what’s happening in America is corporate greed, they run the show. It wasn’t Republicans who wrote the new tax bill…it was corporate lobbyists. Republicans merely voted it into law, as they are the puppets to their big corporate donors…the likes of the Koch Brothers. Republicans like to negate that fact by insisting Soros gives to Democrats, but when ya compare what he donates to the Democrat Party pales in comparison what the Kochs, Mercers and ALEC members donate to individual Republicans.

            When ya have 84% of the nation’s entire wealth in the hands of just 1% of the population that is no longer a Democracy…that is an oligarchy.

            I am not a Dem, but certainly am not a Refib…I am a West Texan liberal, but one redneck one at that. I grew up where if someone needed a helping hand and I mean anyone, ya’d better be the first in line to offer yours with no questions asked. Republicans have stolen that mentality away and use scapegoating (damn the immigrants, the refugees, the ethic minorities and the American Muslims) to achieve their goals. Republicans are full of hate towards anyone they deem unlike them.

            I’ve tired a tad bit in this nonsense and as ya point out, they have no substantive facts as to why they are in dividing this country…they just offer plain ol’ bigotry and spewage from the mouth in their whining…

            Get well, cowpuch…

    • cjakobsson

      When Jesus gave the Great Commission to the disciples, He was speaking as a globalist. If you doubt that Jesus was – and still is – a globalist, take a look at the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 28, Verses 19 to 20. Jesus was also in favor of hospitable treatment of refugees and others who found themselves facing adversity.

      • NC91

        you are talking heresy. Christians are hypocrites.

    • NC91

      Tell me what a Marxist is -if you have ANY idea.

    • larry harvey

      ELLY–When Communist was at its greatest threat. the Catholic church was its strongest enemy. Elly you do not know what Marxism is and use the term to apply to anyone whose opinions you don’t like.

  • Alibaba

    How many of those ” peace lover” migrants did he accepted in his vast apartments?

  • Richard Gieser

    This guy is obviously not concerned about my family, myself or my country.

    • Mary

      You are right, not concern with us at all.

  • Richard Young

    I implore to the Pope. BUTT OUT! Not all those migrants and immigrants are peaceful people. They can be bad people who want nothing more than to blow you up. How naive can this pope be, anyway?


    Have him say that in Minneapolis where the Somalians are raping and stabbing the white women there.

    • RufusVonDufus

      Minnesota brought it all on themselves. Franken and a pro wrestler and who or what is next? I think they all suffer from the FBS, Frozen Brain Syndrome!

      • SABER

        Maybe. It never froze my brain when I lived there. Just my hands and feet a little. haha

    • Wes

      Maybe they need to resurrect the spirit of the Viking Warriors, not the football team, up there in Minnesota and teach the Somali invaders a real lesson or two about how not to violate their women. Send them savages packing back to where they came from.

      • SABER

        Haha! That would be great! Get Ragnar, Floki and Bjorn to kick some butt, and even their shield maidens could get in on the fun too. Odin would be proud.

  • Michael McKibben



    To sum up his words>
    Peace and love from you to the enemy, but no peace and love for you.

  • unbridled

    Yo, popey! Disarm your body guards and walk into the “NO GO” zones and talk to your adopted constituency about your feelings for them and how you are asking others to show similar compassion for them. Suggestion: Leave your valuables at the Vatican and wear a suit of armor….

  • Jmanjo

    It would be proper if he could insure the refugees and migrants would not rape the wives and daughters of those that give them refuge or blow up their towns and property! Now that ISIS is being defeated why not just encourage them to go home or change religion!

  • RufusVonDufus

    Come on, Francis, call a spade a spade. Not migrants, but rather muslim invaders. Why the hell don’t you take them all in and pay for their keep? Too cheap? Practice what you preach.

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      You’re right, he should auction off some of those staffs that he likes to carry around, and maybe a couple Goofy hats, and throw in a couple rosaries to sweeten the pot, not to mention all of the artwork they have. I’m sure just one of his staffs would go for $1 million plus, and he could turn them out by the dozens and sold to the fools that would buy them. I’m sure he got at least $1 billion worth of artwork. You should rent the movie, ( The Shoes of the Fisherman ), with Anthony Quinn. He just might get inspired to follow in his footsteps. But I doubt it, you’re probably laugh all through the movie.`

    • NC91

      Let’s spend ALL of our GDP on bombs-then we would feel safe-and we couldn’t afford to take care of immigrants.
      You sound VICIOUSLY CRUEL.

  • Steve Sturrock

    this poe is a liberal piece of shit. the catholics should be ashamed of him

    • NC91

      don’t worry, all the rest are cruel bastards.

  • Ischgabibble

    Are you sure the Pope is not a Muslim? Does he realize he is being played for a fool by these degenerate monsters? They would murder him as fast as they have murdered our people all over the world. There is no God but Allah and Mohamed is the only Prophet. You sir do not stand a chance with people like them.

    • SABER

      Maybe they are using him to make a mockery out of the Bible and Christianity. This Pope is not so bright at best. He could be a prop.

      • Ischgabibble

        A prop for what? Stupidity?

        • SABER

          A reason and an excuse to do away with the Bible and Christians.

          • Ischgabibble

            Ya know what they say. One rotten apple spoils the barrel.

    • NC91

      but America has murdered people al] over the world-IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, VIETNAM. Heard of those countries?

  • Girlie58

    Peace comes from the heart. Throughout history, america has been a country that offered peace which is why everybody in the world wants to come here. Why not open the borders of the vatican snd allow migrants and refugees in, and maybe the pope can convince the refugees not to blow anybody up? That can start peace in the world, not only in america!

  • rick meek


  • robert kingdollar

    Why isn’t He imploring Peace From the “Migrant’s” would be The Question…..Look up Crime Stat’s Recently Released in Germany….

  • CCblogging

    This pope is definitely a false prophet and he may be the false prophet of Revelations. Watch the pope and his Muslim friends launching the One World Religion at the Vatican in the video below.


    • SABER

      Watched it. That was spooky.

  • Terry Butts

    The headline must be in error after all it should be calls for “PEACE FROM migrants and refugees” as they are the ones being caught ATTACKING people and trying to impose sharia law punishments upon the NON ISLAMIC citizens of the nations they have been allowed entry to without any attempt to ensure they are not actually the terrorists the “refugees” claim to be fleeing.

    ““Let us not extinguish hope in their hearts or smother their expectations of peace,” Pope Francis”

    Definitely confused driving a vehicle into a crowd on purpose to kill as many “infidels” as possible is not an EXPECTATION of peace attacking places in France using weapons banned EVEN IN THE US is not an expectation of peace.

    Demanding we stop trying to protect citizens of nations that are under siege by violent “Refugees” out of hope they will suddenly stop attacking people who are not of the same race or RELIGION as them is ignorance. Demanding that even CUSTOMS laws be ignored and they be allowed to enter searched carrying who knows what banned items into a nation is ignorance at best COMPLICITY in the violence several so called refugees plan at worst.

    The height of ignorance is knowing that even if the number was as low as 1 out of 100 that came in with the intent of DESTROYING the nation and harming its citizens they still allowed them in without even checking to see if they were actual refugees instead of terrorists infiltrating the nation.

    Then to cover up their complicity in the deaths of hundreds trying to conceal the fact they criminals are in fact from the refugees they allowed in by punishing those who report the truth including details about the criminal. Remember even the obama controlled justice department demanded the 911 tape where the criminal stated his motive to be his islamic beliefs and support of isis to be edited to delete those statements meanwhile obama went on national television blaming CHRISTIANS and their beliefs for the horrific crime.

    Remember several of these so called REFUGEES murdered the Christian refugees traveling with them for nothing more than being Christians and when certain nations refused them entry because they murdered others the same ones that THREW A FIT because one nation refused to allow entry to any who did not go through their standard customs process threw a fit again as if the murders were supposed to simply be ignored because in the TERRORIST controlled nation they supposedly fled it was LEGAL to murder people who are not of the OFFICIALLY accepted government imposed religion.

  • the American

    And how many have to die??
    how many have to give up their culture and their sovereignty to make the extremely naive pope happy?
    F*** this piece of third-world socialist crap!!

  • Walter Harvey

    The Pope should implore the migrants be peaceful, rather than come across borders killing and raping!

    • the American

      The DOPE doesn’t care…
      anything to maintain his ignorant third-world constituency at the expense of innocent lives.
      F*** the dope

  • captainmvh

    there are spare bedrooms at the vatican, use them

  • Philip fabiano

    Maybe you think that you have a right to refuse a person in need. And that you have the right to protect yourself. Well, we do have the right of self-protection. But refusing the one in need because you want to protect yourself, especially when the other is in desperate need and obvious danger, is not what Christianity is about. It’s about the opposite. It’s about helping the stranger, even if it carries some risk. That’s the Parable of the Good Samaritan in a nutshell.

    “I was a stranger and you did not welcome me.”
    President Trump has announced that he will order the construction of a Mexican border wall, the first in a series of actions to crack down on immigrants, which will include slashing the number of refugees who can resettle in the United States, and blocking Syrians and others from what are called “terror-prone nations” from entering, at least temporarily.
    These measures, which mean the rejection of the stranger, the rejection of the person in need, the rejection of those who suffer, are manifestly unchristian and utterly contrary to the Gospel. Indeed, last year, Pope Francis said, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the Gospel.”
    But maybe you don’t want to listen to Pope Francis. Maybe you think that he was being too political. Or maybe you think Pope Francis is too progressive for you.
    Maybe you think that you have a right to refuse a person in need. And that you have the right to protect yourself. Well, we do have the right of self-protection. But refusing the one in need because you want to protect yourself, especially when the other is in desperate need and obvious danger, is not what Christianity is about. It’s about the opposite. It’s about helping the stranger, even if it carries some risk. That’s the Parable of the Good Samaritan in a nutshell.
    But if you still don’t want to listen to Pope Francis, then listen to Pope John Paul II, St. John Paul II, who wrote dozens of times about refugees and migrants. “Seek to help our brother and sister refugees in every possible way by providing a welcome…Show them an open mind and a warm heart,” he said. And as if predicting our current situation, he said, “It is necessary to guard against the rise of new forms of racism or xenophobic behavior, which attempt to make these brothers and sisters of ours scapegoats for what may be difficult local situations.”
    For this is an issue of life or death. Migrants flee from profound poverty, which causes suffering and can lead to death. Refugees flee from persecution, terror and war, out of fear for their lives. This is, then, one of the church’s life issues, so dear to St. John Paul II.
    But maybe you don’t want to listen to St. John Paul. Maybe you’re not Catholic. Then listen to the voice of God in the Book of Exodus, speaking to the people of Israel: “You shall not oppress the resident alien [i.e, the refugee] for you aliens yourselves once, in the land of Egypt.” Every American heart should be stirred by that. Other than the Native Americans, all of us are descendants of immigrants. We were aliens ourselves once.
    But maybe you don’t want to listen to the Old Testament. Then, in the end, listen to Jesus. In the Gospel of Matthew, he provides a litmus test for entrance into heaven. At the Last Judgment, he will say to people, “I was a stranger and you did not welcome me.” And people will say, “When were you a stranger and we did not take care of you?’ And he will say, “Truly I tell you, just as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.”
    Jesus himself is speaking to you from the Gospels. It is Christ whom we turn away when we build walls. It is Christ whom we reject when we slash quotas for refugees. It is Christ whom we are killing, by letting them die in poverty and war rather than opening our doors.
    “Today,” St. John Paul II said, “the illegal migrant comes before us like that ‘stranger’ in whom Jesus asks to be recognized. To welcome him and to show him solidarity is a duty of hospitality and fidelity to Christian identity itself.”
    So, reject these measures and welcome Christ. Call your local legislators and tell them to care for Christ. Write to the White House and ask them to protect Christ. Show up at town hall meetings and advocate for Christ. And pray for our brothers and sisters who are refugees and migrants.
    Because if you do not, and you reject Christ, then it is their prayers that you will need.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Then let them return to their own homes in the middle east and fight for their freedom there.
    In America we fought for our independence and won. The minutemen were farmers, not military either.
    This pope must be the false prophet spoken about in Bible prophecy.
    He is attempting to marry Islam with some form of secular catholicism.
    It will not work. Islam and Christianity are polar opposites!!
    Please tell me how at one point this pope overtook the other one.
    I have never understood how he got into power.

  • DonRS

    Charity begins at home! Pope Francis, bring a bunch of Muslim refugees into the Vatican!

  • dasbunker

    Fuck you your Holiness .
    Why don’t you put up these miserable ,filthy Moslims up in the Vatican ?
    I am sure they wont rape all of the Nun’s so what could go wrong. ?
    I am sure the religion of peace would fit right in with your world view.
    I am sure the Vatican can accommodate thousands of these military age moslim men. Many escaping warfare in there homeland, abandoning there women. Filthy cowards.
    Moslims should not be allowed in to western society They will not assimilate. Allah FUBAR

  • robertleo

    Sir I admire your interest but as a religious church leader instruct them to do the legal right thing as Jesus has already instructed in His Word to enter this country legally and with a clear conscience.

  • EC

    The pope is nothing more than a leftist coward, much like Obama, who demands that the common man show acceptance, all the while hiding behind his walls, surrounded by bodyguards who will make damn sure he never has to deal with the ramifications of such ill advised acceptance. It’s do as I say, not as I do. Guess what, pope – you can stick your head further up your ass, because we’re not listening.

  • Richard Collier

    good let the vatican take them in

  • disqus_rzTFAbNVji

    Here’s a good Idea Bring them all to Rome. Try to convert them so they won’t cut your head off.

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