Police Depts to Ditch Body Cams for Gun Cameras

Body cameras have made a positive impact on policing by providing evidence from controversial incidents… but now many observers are saying they don’t go far enough.

Some police departments are expressing interest in technology that would have been science fiction a few decades ago: Miniature cameras that mount on an officer’s firearm, and alert other police if a gun is drawn.

While body worn cameras are certainly valuable, there are also some serious drawbacks.

They can be easily blocked by objects or the arms of users, including when an officer grips a handgun with two hands in front of his body. Unfortunately, that critical time is exactly when quality camera footage is so important.

Gun-mounted cameras could help solve some of the problems.

“It’s kind of cutting-edge technology now,” Assistant Chief Michael Kovacsev from St. Petersburg, Florida told The Associated Press.

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source: https://conservativetribune.com/police-new-gun-cameras/

  • Niko

    The further we go down the technology wormhole the worse off we will be…
    That is why we have morons pushing against Christianity, Natural Laws and God. The powers that be want a godless, amoral, robotic existence!!!!!.
    I SAY NO THANKS, I’ll keep my humanity and my brain !!!!!.

  • art frewin

    i do not like this idea. it sounds to me like they do not want anyone to see what their officers are doing unless the have to shoot their guns. this is not good. if they want to do it keep the ones on their uniform. the police are getting to SS in their actions and they do not want to have to explain why they treated someone the way they did. not good. NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!

    • Chris Rasmussen

      Hi Art ~ That was my immediate take, as well, but the headline appears to be utter nonsense; they’re not ditching body cams, merely considering adding gun cams.

      • art frewin

        i hope your right. an extra camera will not hurt anything and will help. i hope it is integrated with a light. everything you add increases the weight of the pistol. every government employee should wear a camera. who knows we might get more done…

  • Bogiewheel

    The only advantage I see with this mistaken Idea is sales increase for holster and camera manufactures.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Not such a good idea; a body cam shows events that do not involve a drawn gun; which a gun cam would NOT show! Reposition the body cam so it’s harder to block if that’s a problem, but going to a gun cam can lose a LOT more than a gun cam would capture.

    • Niko

      You put it very well , and you are absolutely right. You cannot see the whole situation with horse blinders on… I’m sure somewhere down the future some person is going to make a wide-angle lens for those gun mounted cameras. They most likely will capture everything but who the hell knows. I would also like to thank you for all your past up-votes.

      • Terry Butts

        a gun camera will pointed at the ground 90% of the time as they do not pull their gun at every interaction with people.

        so unless they come up with a 360 degree all angle camera just one on the body or gun will never tell the whole story.

  • jon

    they need both not just the one on the gun . body cams tell the story up until the time the gun needs to be drawn and maybe used. that is the information that has in the past caused the most trouble and is most often lied about by the criminal perp.

    • Terry Butts

      Agreed as a gun cam will only show after the fact when the gun was drawn not what led up to the officer feeling there was enough of a threat to draw the gun in the first place. In simplistic terms it will show only the reaction afterwards not the cause.

      Many officers have been cleared of false accusations based on body cameras that proved the claims against them by criminals were lies to try and avoid prison time or to punish the arresting officer for doing their job.


    I agree with jon, most of the times when cops interact with people no gun is drawn. For those cases you need a body cam.The gun cam is good in cases like the BS hands up, don’t shoot case of Michael Brown. footage from a gun cam would have clearly shown the POS ape running at the cop and getting what he deserved.

    • STELLA62

      “…the POS ape running at the cop and getting what he deserved.” “APE”!? Rabid racism on display in your comment, bud. Feel better now that you’ve been able to vomit up that putrid hate. Be assured, you and those like you WILL ultimately be banished back into that sewer you crawled out of….tick tock

      • George L. Rivera

        He was a piece of shit ape. Stop pretending to feel empathy for creatures that deserve to die. The pendulum swings both ways.

  • Richard Z Apaez

    Why not make the individual commiting the crime wear a body camera? Seems to me that this would even out the playing field, as it stands right now the police officer is guilty everytime he or she makes contact with the general public.

  • Mark

    Agreed, they need BOTH cameras. That will provide the greatest amount of information and protection.

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