Piers Morgan Leaves London Mayor SPEECHLESS

Not long after the recent London Bridge terror attacks, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to savage London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s weak response to terror. In the past, Khan has said that terrorism is just “part and parcel’ of living in a major city,” and liberals do indeed seem to be stuck in the “acceptance stage” when it comes to dealing with these tragedies.

Khan responded to the first tweet that he was taken out of context, and that he meant people shouldn’t be alarmed over an increased police presence because they were responding to a terror attack. Khan has since told Channel 4 News that the UK’s government should cancel Trump’s visit to their country.

For as much as Khan would like to ditch the “weak on terror” image that Trump has branded him with, he continues to lend credibility to The Donald’s observations.

As the Daily Wire reported, speaking with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, London’s first Muslim mayor struggled to give coherent answers pertaining to the safety of his city from radical Islamic terrorists.

Morgan specifically asked Khan what London was doing about the reported 400 jihadis who have taken up arms, actually fought for the Islamic State, then journeyed back to city. 

“I can’t follow 400 people,” answered Khan, before listing budget cuts as a rationale for these potential killers to be on the loose, unfollowed. 

“What could be a bigger priority than people coming back from a Syrian battlefield with intent to harm British citizens?” Morgan pressed. “Why is it not the number one priority? Why are these people just allowed to come back in in the first place, and then the London mayor doesn’t appear to have a clue to where any of them are? No disrespect to you, but where are they?”

Khan: “That’s one of the questions that, obviously, police —”

“But you’re the mayor!” interrupts an irate Morgan. 


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source: http://www.allenbwest.com/matt-palumbo/londons-muslim-mayor-left-speechless-piers-morgan-asks-one-question-want-answered

  • Don Ror

    The English are obviously brain dead to elect a filthy Muslim as mayor of London. I guess you have to ask “Have the English lost their minds?” That mayor has run with the Muslim filth and terrorists for years!

  • Patriot

    Wow you know London is in trouble when Piers Morgan is the voice of sanity in a debate with the Mayor of London

  • redhandpaddy

    Just like Obama a friend an enabler of ISIS,

  • A_patriot

    Unbelievable. No wonder these people need “Safe Spaces”. Face/palm WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    All these muslim pigs have mental issues, caused by them fornicating with swine.

    • Gen11American

      Actually, it’s from centuries of inbreeding, which is sanctioned in the Koran! The average IQ of Muslims is 70, which isn’t high enough to be anything but puppets of whoever is telling them what to do. That’s why they can be convinced that 72 virgins await them in Paradise if they martyr themselves to kill others. Even Muslim mothers strap on exploding vests on their own children. No Death-Cult religions should be allowed to flourish, yet the UN has picked Islam to be the majority religion!

  • N.McDaniel


  • irene mccallister

    Mayor of London is Muslim. Quran promotes lie to non Muslims

  • glock 19 fan

    I live in Florida but weneed to prepare for the the worst blizzard/ice storm of all time. Piers Morgan said something that I actually agree with!!

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    I hope that England gets EXACTLY what its liberal, Communist, leaders have positioned it for! And when the terrorists are slitting English throats on the Tube, on the way to work, I pray that the English Patriots, finally rise up and kill and destroy every Muslim terrorist and their families, and every LIBERAL, COMMUNIST IN THE UK!!

  • David F Lanphere

    In this one case, I will give Mr. Morgan the praise he richly deserves! As a British Citizen, he asks a very simple question, and the Mayor of all the citizens of London can’t answer him. Why weren’t these people arrested as soon as they returned to England? Everyone knew they had been fighting in Syria, and they just let them back in without even a second glance? I would have capped every one of them and sent their parents a bill for the bullet.

  • James Stevens

    London does not need a Muslim for mayor. How did this happen?

  • Rix Seacord

    Never thought I would say this but Morgan is right. Another item is that hasn’t anyone noticed CITIZENS of the uk are not allowed to carry weapons to defend themselves?

  • 1937shirley

    Come on Londoners, wake up!

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