Pence Encourages Support For Chief Of Staff

Mike Pence was recently asked about the controversy currently circulating around the resignation of former staff secretary Rob Porter, who is tangled in domestic abuse accusations. VP Pence discussed his trust in White House chief of staff John Kelly.

Pence stated, “This administration has no tolerance for domestic violence, nor should any American. As I said, and as the White House has said, I think the White House could have handled this better. I still feel that way.”

Pence was later asked if General Kelly has been honest, where Pence replied, “There are very few Americans or American families that have served this nation more honorably or sacrificed more for this country than the family of General John Kelly. John Kelly’s service in uniform, his distinguished service at our Department of Homeland Security where we saw a dramatic reduction of illegal crossings at our southern border, and his distinguished service of staff gives me and the president great confidence in this good man. And I want the American people to know, not just John Kelly but family members in uniform here and gone have served this nation with a love and patriotism and passion that should inspire us all.”

  • Tk Matthews

    If it is not evident that what ever the Trump agenda is, there will be opposition from EVERY group to criticize and oppose in any manner and form his agenda.. If we want to continue the changing of the guard in this country we need to become energized and stay engaged for the long haul. Clinton,Bush, obama terms equal 24 years of attacks on our way of life. It will not change in one or two years but we will need to continue the work. We need to work on each congregational district and insure the people we elect will follow the will of the voters.Every two years we have the opportunity to cleanse half of our elected officials. This will make the Senate easier to be defined.


    • Steven Earle

      We have learned that these Dem’s are playing the Russians game of division and disorder to weaken our nation. We need to direct a severe punishment to both. To American cities and states that declare themselves sanctuary’s there election votes should be decertified and officials not seated into congress. For the Russians financial penalty’s and trade sanctions. Bite them hard.

      • Stevie, for starters, why don’t ya ask Trump to implement and enforce the congressional Russian sanctions that he is still sitting on…

        • Steven Earle

          Excellent idea coach, think I will. If enough of us do it might spur some action.

          • Appreciate much the reply and the contents in it, Steven…

  • GreyHairandGreyMatter

    Johns Hopkins and Fairfield Universities

    I agree with Mike Pence…Parenthetically…Completely solving this recent dastardly thorny issue in Parkland, FL seems to be perennially elusive. Personally, I reasonably think we could/should take more constructive measures with regard to gun control especially with regard to the constraint/possibly even the disallowance of AR-15’s, e.g., and/or other types of automatic weapons in the possession of [untrained] civilians. Plus, moreover we obviously need to have much more stringent profiling of the mentally unstable/mentally ill in our country to stem allowing them to purchase guns. Days later we’re still learning facts and integral peccadillos concerning the shooter, e.g., and the realistic conundrum we all face concerning the latter; however, is that purportedly the parents who adopted this monster inexplicably are on record that they were completely oblivious to his heinous gun-toting proclivities and his killing/maiming objectives.

    In this sad case there appears to be very little or no mitigating evidence concerning the actions/inactions of the FBI, and simply put in my opinion the FBI completely/utterly blew it! Conversely, throughout the myriad years of its existence members of the FBI have seemingly gotten it right and while it’s evident they weren’t impervious to glaring inexcusable mistakes in this case invariably historically they’ve been completely on top of things. Why?

    Anecdotally, very early in my career [during the early 70’s] when I was international marketing coordinator [Assistant to the Vice Present and General Manager] for Sundstrand now part of Hamilton Standard Aerospace/United Technologies Corporation together with a colleague we visited Amtorg which was a trading arm of the Russian Government in NYC to discuss a potentially mutually viable project of a constant speed drive for Russian aircraft. The Russians had some vital advanced technology that was superior to ours in another critical aviation technology area and our Sundstrand constant speed technology at the time was superior to their technology. The Russian TU-144, e.g., to the best of our knowledge at the time didn’t have a constant speed drive. In any event initially unbeknownst to us, the FBI was monitoring very closely all activities that took place with Amtorg. One of my colleagues and I met with Mr. Vasily Studeniken, e.g., who at the time was a VP of Amtorg and other top Russian Amtorg officials. Though we talked seriously at length [I recall two or three hours] nothing viable subsequently materialized between us.

    A few months later completely out of the blue I received a call from two Special Agents of the FBI and they wanted to talk with me about my visit to Amtorg which we did. Fortunately for all involved, I had made a detailed trip report of our discussions with representatives of Amtorg. Members of the FBI subsequently wanted me to cultivate a relationship with Studeniken. At the time I had a very young family and the FBI was somewhat cursorily aware I had been previously involved with “The Company” briefly behind “The Iron Curtain” and as a result they indicated I was potentially an ideal person for the assignment. For whatever cogent and compelling reasons I pooh-poohed the idea because I had had enough of essentially being a “spy who came in from the cold”… and moreover, I justifiably didn’t want to jeopardize our young family’s safety. I learned a number of months later that Vasily Studeniken had been [justifiably] deported because Amtorg among other things was unlawfully conducting a spy ring in NYC. Yes, thus it should come as no surprise the Russians have been meddling in our affairs for a very considerable number of years even possibly since 1917!

    Fred Harden III aka “GreyHairandGreyMatter”

  • nococidences

    The White House… the building itself talks? Amazing. Could these people be any more stupider? The person I elected is the person who spies on me. Probably because I won’t train him. He has humiliated America irreparably. So sorry. The next person elected with my recommendation has to swear in writing what they will do for me and my family and agree to kill themselves if they play me. That includes the dog catcher and his sidekick.

  • Berengaria

    A Hearty “Thank You” to Vice President Pence for supporting the Greatest Chief of Staff, General John Kelly. General Kelly is a Tower of Strength to both President Trump & to America.
    Rob Porter was on the Trump Team & had earned respect from his Superiors. General Kelly honorably supported Secy Porter as a member of his Team.
    The Private Life of Mr. Porter should not be used as a Weapon against Chief of Staff, General Kelly. The “Me Too “Ism” Women & their “FAKE MEDIA” Associates are on a Campaign to destroy President Trump, & are targeting General Kelly to further that Aim.
    I PROUDLY STAND WITH GENERAL KELLY, He is the BEST! - 2015 | Privacy Policy