Pelosi Says Trump Policies Are Inhuman

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated President Trump’s immigration policies were “outside the circle of civilized human behavior.”

Pelosi claims, “The Democrats have taken full responsibly for securing our borders. We know that that is a responsibility that we have. But we don’t think that we have to put children in cages to do it. There is a better way.”

“The president is either not knowing, not caring, delusional, in denial about his own policies being outside the circle of civilized human behavior.”

  • Spunky

    Some folks think you should be in a cage !

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      I know I do.

    • Bandit

      You are right nasty pislouai belongs inthe a cage that is 6 ft. square


    You deserve prison bars you two faced ugly bitch.

  • gene smith

    This woman is justawful and her ranting and raving is groundless and hypocrital.
    Her Party will ruin absolutely ruin this Country if allowed the power. They must be stopped until they wise up and return to the human race.

  • DEW

    I doubt IF Pelosi belongs in the Human RACE–suggest she register for a MENTAL Exam and LIVE in the District where her votes come from ! How the LEFT can put up with her tells me she is also “crooked” and/or her voters are !

  • dlmstl

    Sit back and enjoy the show. San Fran Nan’s incessant, inane rants provide great ad material for the November elections. She and the Hunchback for Chappaqua will remain the face of an ossified, out of touch Democrat Party until they assume room temperature and leave feet first in a box.

  • Voice of Reason

    In what fantasyland does Pelosi dwell?

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      Must be Obozoland.

      • Bandit

        That is just it she belongs in fantasyland.

  • Jeffrey Trapp

    It funny how Pelosi and Schumer and all the rest of the dumbocrates in office. Forgot the made the laws that President Trump is enforcing. He took action because the obstructionives party is not doing what they where elected to do which is make laws that benefit the American people. They were not put there to do spread bullshit and flip flop on issue that need to be taken care of, the main issue right now, right this moment is immigration.

  • bobwhite1935

    Pelost, Trump is trying to rectify the situation & you democrats are fighting against him. The child separation from their parents at the border was ignored by barack hussein obama while he was potus he spent most of his time on the golf course & thinking of ways he could ruin the USA by fundamentally change it to a world sh*t hole, he almost succeeded but along came Trump & he is MAGA, 3 cheers for Trump, Hip HIP Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, MAGA is on it’s way, Thank You, POTUS Donald J Trump.

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      My sincere wish for Felosi: Death by MAGA MAGA.

  • sammy


  • Hollif50

    OH? you’re one of Capital hills dinosaur and have been around forever – seemingly ignoring the illegal immigration issue and the will of this country’s people.. Did you call it out as inhumane when Bush and Obama were doing the same thing?

  • Paul Ronn

    This woman can’t seem to get anything right. It’s not Trump’s policy. These laws go back to the Clinton era

  • Irene M

    The dumbocrats are so obviously afraid of President Trump that no matter what he does, they’ll disagree with him, even IF they get their way, they’ll disagree with him! Lol!!! Obviously, it’s NOT what the President DOES or NOT DO, they’re on a WITCH HUNT to protect their crooked THEFT that the SWAMP has arranged for them to RIP OFF the public! They thought that IF all these THIEVES protected each other with their LIES to us, that no one would discover their MASSIVE RIP OFF and they’d continue to line their pockets with OUR MONEY! It NEVER occurred to them that Trump would win and blow them all out of the water and focus on their THEFT of the average tax payer! They’re DESPERATELY trying to find something AGAINST Trump to cover their own BUTT! This is NOT about ANYTHING else EXCEPT trying to do away with Trump and the MORE they keep digging, the bigger the HOLE is getting and they’re digging will only result in THEM FALLING into it!! The public has opened their eyes and awaken from obama’s mesmerizing influence!

  • Art Hock

    Pelosi belongs in a cage in the circus for idiots!

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Exalting the murder of innocent; defenseless and voiceless babies inside their mother’s
    wombs is inhumane and dehumanized. The USA has murdered 60 million babies since
    1973. This represents +25,904.30% more babies murdered in (447.72%) less
    time than all the USA lives lost in all major wars ever fought by the USA from 1776
    to 2017. Every 11.12 months [that’s 47.48 times] since 1973, the USA has murdered
    as many babies as lives lost in all major wars ever waged by the USA since 1776.

    Piglosi is a moronic; malevolent and a Marxist myrmidon who is lacking in a
    functioning conscience and invulnerable to regret but also intellectually insolvent;
    academically anemic; and historically deprived…

  • tomsfordcars

    Obama, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the left wing, liberal, dumbocrap liars refuse to admit that the cage deal was created way before President Trump was elected. Why don’t the NBC, CBS, MSNBC, etc. get a live interview with Obama or the other Hillery supporters and just asked them if while Obama was in office was the caging thing going on? What about the speeches made by Obama, the Clintons, etc.a few years ago stating that illegal immigration was causing the U.S. a huge problem and must be stopped at all costs? I would love to see an interview like that and see how any of them would try to squirm their way out of that.

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      They’d lie about it. It’s what they are good at doing.

    • Bandit

      When bamba boy was in office his mantra was it is Bushes fault, bamba boys new mantra is “it is TRUMPS fault”. The democrats just cannot get their story straight, the DEMONcrats will blame anyone and everyone but themselves

  • Spunky

    Oh now she is upset – this is what the democrats came up with years ago – now blaming Trump – Your political game is not going to work

    • Terry Butts

      They even tried to use pictures from as far back as 2014 as PROOF Trump was doing this I guess they could not read the date imprinted right on the photos or expected people to just ignore it and believe the fictional story it was presented with as the proof against Trump.

  • Nancy simply HAS TO GO!! She is too elderly, and demented to be in her position! She has proven this MANY times! She must be stopped from continuing! Some people think its humorous, and say things like, “every time opens her mouth, she makes the Republicans look good”! While this is true, it is NOT funny, she is a detriment to the functioning government!!!

  • Richard I Ellis

    THE only thing INHUMAN HERE is this BOTOX SENILE BITCH of no real substance! She spews enough CRAP to fill 10 MANURE SPREADERS! ” A DAMN DISGRACE TO THE HUMAN RACE “!

  • Brabado

    Have always wonder how Jurassic Witch Rep. Nancy Pelosi treats her field hands, in her vast Pine-Apple Plantation in Hawaii and how many illegal migrants helps her make all her Million$… How about sending a good investigative reporter to her AgroPlantations, and interview some of her workers, and their living conditions…
    Semper fi

  • Albert L Biele

    Pelosi, a multi-millionaire described Trumps tax cuts as “CRUMBS:” an insult to the struggling mom, and families that suffered through Obama’s high employment rate, and 1% GDP. Trumps tax cuts replaced Obama’s food-stamps, free cell phones and medical plan with 4 to 5 thousand dollar deductibles, with full employment and thousands of dollars more in their pay checks. Vote in November to bring American back to it’s former glory.

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    The most inhumane thing here is, not taking Nancy Pelosi to the nearest veterinary emergency facility.She not only needs her shots but a muzzle too ! She needs to be put in one of those no kill sanctuaries.

  • Bill

    THis Batshit Crazy “B” was singing a different tune on Obamas watch ……

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Puck Felosi. Leftists need to be put down.

  • Terry Butts

    How is it Trumps policy?

    All he did was restore following the existing laws that previous administrations chose to ignore they simply released anyone who had any child (without even proving they were the parent not a kidnapper) with them Trump ended this because few if any ever showed up for their court date the rest vanished and in many cases abandoned the child as they were just using them to get released under that past policy.

    It has never been the policy of this nation to imprison children alongside their parents but liberals and those whining about the separation are apparently demanding that we do so.

    First DNA tests would need to be done to be sure they are in fact the parent not some human trafficker that just grabbed some kid off the street to abuse the no longer followed “catch and release” policy of the past administration.

    Second a COURT RULING prohibiting jailing children beyond a certain time would have to be overturned.

    Until then UNDER US LAW children who were forced across the border illegally can only be sent home not put in jail alongside the ones who forced them one a potential death march across the desert just to “keep families together”. By the way that is the same lame excuse Child Protective Services uses every time a child gets killed under their watch by parents they were TOLD were abusing them to the point the child’s life was in danger. In one case they had removed and returned the child to the abusive parents at least three times before they killed the child.

    So where is the outcry from these same people who are now whining because the president refused to JAIL CHILDREN just to keep them with whoever dragged them into this nation in violation of US law?

    As far as the CAGES claim the only photos even close to that came from 2014 Trump was not even elected much less in office at that time.

  • robertleo

    What is inhumane Nancy is Planned Parenthood that separate children from their mothers never to be seen or be placed in their mothers arms but into in a disposal container.

  • wayne waldack

    The Borders have not been enforced as required by numerous presidential administrations. The Border Issues grew much more serious during the Bush and Obama administrations due to failures in other parts of the globe and with the spread of terrorist activities. We have had (in place) rules and procedures written into our laws governing immigration policies. The U.S.A. Invites people from around the World to immigrate here leagally with reasonable processing. That is the way most immigrants came from around the globe.

  • Albedamned!

    It defies any reasoning. Is this all the liberals can do is protest, resist and whine? This is the reason this country has rolled down a slippery slope. Things do not get done without action. Action speaks louder than words. This disfunction, liberalism must stop. They cannot even talk the talk, impossible for them to walk the walk. I work for dysfunctional NYC, keep pouring good money after bad and do not do anything. NYC is run by overpaid incompetents and ex-cons. The more incompetent, the higher up the ladder you will go. The bigger liar and thief, the higher up the ladder you will go. The bigger the ex-con and I use the term loosely, more corrupt so on and so on.

  • wayne waldack

    I was a registered Democrat in Chicago until they started trying to buy my vote. Last I heard they keep the deaceased on the voting records long after they are buried or cremated because they are somehow able to still get to the voting booth and vote.

  • Fry

    She is beyond stupid

  • wayne waldack

    Children were separated, removed and put in protective custody (CAGES) during both the Obama and G.W. Bush administrations. At that time it was for the Safety of the Children. Seperation was Not really Cages, try Chain Link Fencing. SAFETY of the Children has always been considered paramount and that holds especially true with the TRUMP Administration. Unfortunately the Problems created by the Failures of the Obama and Bush Administrations are being used against the 1st President (Trump) that is proactively trying to solve the problems created by prior administrations. Legal immigration (YES). Illegal immigration (NO).

  • Kenneth Fichtl

    Nancy and Maxine are going on the Road with an insult tour

  • George Reed

    Her face is inhuman

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Palosi Galore should be sent to the country she would do the most good. Anywhere south of our border.

  • Angelika K Griffin

    AND the way all of the HOMELESS people in her State are being treated is HUMANE….??? They are living OUTSIDE, on the Streets, DON’T even have real TENTS, it’s more like SELF-made CLUTTER that these people have to live in……!!!!! The ILLEGALS are living BETTER, much BETTER than that, in real BUILDINGS with meals prepared for them right there, real BATHROOMS, etc……So, THIS is what ILLEGALS “deserve” BUT “not” the OWN people, the CITIZENS of this country and/or the VETS who live OUT on the STREETS……!!??!!

  • Angelika K Griffin

    AND her MESSIAH OBUMMER held them all in CAGES too…..!!! So, WHERE were YOU then PELOSI…..???????????????????????????????????????????????? Or as these so called “democrats” voted FOR this law to SEPARATE the kids from their parents at the border…..!!!! Just more and more EMPTY, HOLLOW “BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…………………………………………………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steven

    Nancy Pelosi is a liberal progressive KUNT, who made millions of dollars form insider information.
    Like her sister Hillary Clinton, she will never see a day in jail.
    Until the educational system is changed or the people revolt nothing will ever change!
    The liberal progressives say they what a Civil War, I say the sooner the better.
    The people need to revolt with their dollars by sending their children to private schools or homeschooling and not let them go to liberal progressive colleges.

  • Marty Koval

    It is obvious that Nancy Pelosi is being controlled by Satan, The Father of Lies and Deception. When her lips start moving about President Trump, lies start to flow from her mouth to deceive the ill informed public. What she is accusing President Trump of doing is keeping the rule of laws about illegal aliens.

    What President Trump is doing is the exactly the same thing that President Obama did about illegal aliens, which Nancy Pelosi never criticized when he was in office. You know she is lying about President Trump because when she does, her weird facial expressions such as scowls, grimaces, pursed lips, rolling eyes and scowling become very evident.

    When you see these facial expressions, you can see the evilness that is going on in her mind. This is a sign of derangement and being controlled by Satan. Nancy Pelosi is one sick person and should not be representing her electorate.

  • Thomas

    Big Mouth. Small Brain. Minority leader of Stupidity.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I find it laughable when she and Schemer are obstructing any progress forward. Progressives?
    They attempted to high jack the President when they held the summit on DACA a long time ago.
    They wanted total amnesty in their proposed bill, and President Trump rightfully, said NO.
    They have been butt hurt ever since, and went out for revenge. They tried to start a media
    frenzy which blew up in their faces back then. So, now, Schumer said he won’t even try to get an
    immigration bill done. Demonrats are being stubborn and stupid, as usual. They are hypocrite, losers!
    Pelosi said and did nothing when Obama put children in cages. Then it was perfectly acceptable?

  • kybob

    Nancy needs to put her “money where her mouth is” and take about 50 mothers and children into her home.

    • Rubio’s Amex Card

      Uh. How far did you get in school, Jethro?

  • Cecilia Gast

    It’s the law, a law she was involved in making. If she thinks Trump is so bad for enforcing said law, she needs to consider her own actions. Maybe someone should invite the illegals to move in with her until the situation is resolved.

  • Jmanjo

    Pelosi is inhuman herself! She looks it too!


    When You need a smile, Just listen to Pelosi and her ranting of non-sense. Now she believes that all our immigration regs from pre-Trump times are the fault of our current President. Where does this woman come up with so much crap???

  • Berengaria

    How dare Nancy Pelosi call Our President Trump’s Immigration Policy INHUMAN, when he is just Enforcing US Law? Nancy & her DEM Party are quite pleased about being the Party of the MS-13 ANIMALS. That is Certainly an Inhuman Policy, for DEMS to welcome a Murderous Gang to carry their Banner of Inclusion! I wonder if Nancy will have these Hisplamic Thugs work as Poll Watchers in 2020? - 2015 | Privacy Policy