Pelosi is Not Backing Down

Nancy Pelosi, the gift that keeps on giving, has not relented with her generosity and vows to continue gracing all of us with her presence in politics for many years to come.

Since Hillary lost the presidency to Donald Trump last year, much of the Democratic base has been calling for Pelosi to step down from her position as House Minority Leader. Just earlier this month, Rep. Linda Sanchez called for the resignation of Pelosi and other Democratic leaders to make way for some young blood. Up-and-coming Democrats have also made ousting Pelosi one of the focal points of their campaigns for Congress.

Thankfully, Pelosi has not caved to the pressure and has vowed to fight on, even though her approval rating stands at a dismal 8% and is basically a treasure trove of butts for political jokes. Her reason for staying: she’s a woman.

“I was ready to go if Hillary won,” Pelosi said, but then asserted the need to “have a woman at the top of the table, protecting the Affordable Care Act, which is to me similar to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.”

Earlier in the month, Pelosi also said the Democratic Party has no divisions in their ranks.

“There is not a fracture in our party similar to what’s happening to the Republican party,” she said. “Our party has always been a dynamic party. It is not a rubber stamp. It’s alway been a dynamic party.That’s the vitality of it.You can name one or two people that want me to step down and I can name you an overwhelming number of people in my caucus.”

63 House Democrats voted to potentially oust her from her leadership position last November 2016.

Pelosi also denied earlier this month that any culture war exists in the United States, as if all those anti-abortion protests, calls for religious freedom protections, and wishes that our kids be left alone in the bathroom corresponding to their gender was just a made-up fantasy.

“Well, I don’t really subscribe to the fact that there’s a cultural war going on in our country,” she said. “There are divisions. There are disagreements and the rest. I think there’s plenty of opportunity to bring people together.”


  • richard black

    Pelosi also said the Democratic Party has no divisions in their ranks…..nancy….better look again !!!

    • 4Pip

      Pelosi is delusional,or one of her many memory lapses. The D’s really do need to get rid of all the dinosaurs,it’s time for someone else. They must be so addicted to power they can’t give it up,but this job shouldn’t be for a lifetime.

      • richard black

        the demoncraps are like a dog that dont either leave it on the porch or take it out and shoot it…just to say…i really love dogs !!!

  • Dixie Collins

    She needs to steep down. It is very clear she is not for the American people.

    • kbmiller

      Dixie, the longer she stays, the longer the DumbA$$o CROOKS look like FOOLS.

  • Kenj

    She’s as big a liar as Hitlery! Cmon Californians, can’t you just vote her out, or are you all in agreement with her? She says she wants to “protect the affordable care act which is (to her) similar to SSI, Medicare, Medicaid.” Then why does she want to shut down the gov so no one gets their SSI income? We give that money to the gov to use, now when its time to give it back the millionaire bi*$# wants to keep it. Typical dem.

    • richard black

      too many fags in her district !!!

    • bobvelon

      Vote out a Democrat and just get another to take her place. This communist hell hole is full of Democrats and they need to be culled out…

      • Kenj


  • rick meek

    Me thinks that the american people might have something to say about this…..but gather firewood and have a stake ready anyway….

  • Alibaba

    Of course! I don’t recall an orangutan to willingly leave the Zoo! It’s so cozy there, and food is for free! Doesn’t matter you’re a spectacle by yourself!…

  • monongahela

    How did she get out of her coffin again?

    • Alibaba


  • dlmstl

    Only way she leaves is feet first at room temperature. Same goes for former POTUS BJ, Granny Pants, Feinstein, Hoyer, Clyburn and a host of other aging boomers. Political power is the ultimate addiction.

  • Harold Sammons

    With Pelosi in such a leadership role, it’s no wonder the democRATs are in such a rut; she really inspires the other Dem’s to show a good example to the world; stumbling, bumbling, gibberish, lost train of thought, forgetful, rambling,decietful,lyeing, devious: I’m quite sure i’ve only scratched the surface of her obivious qualifications!

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Nancy – Nancy you have come a long way! Your old north beach days you were known as Barbary Bobo. Since then you have given new meaning to the words affordable & deplorable. The ink is still on your fingers and they wont wash.

  • apzzyk

    Right now her main role in the Democratic party is to be the lightening rod – the one who attracts the most attention from Trumps base, and while she would have no problem being re-elected, I think that she will wait until the last possible minuet to announce that she will not run in 2018, leaving the Trumpites scrambling to find another lightening rod without which they will not be able to hold many house seats. This is something like being in the military and making the tough decision on who is going to stand up and draw enemy fire so that the others can see the source of the fire and maybe get a few of the enemy. I happen to be personally to the left of her and think that more people are coming toward agreeing with me all of the time. However, with good contact with reality, I do not expect that many who actually agree with me more than her will actually seek public office. But, on the other hand, living in the Western and Liberal fringe of CO 4th district where we are offiially represented by Rep Buck, a member of the ‘freedom coalition’ which is actually pro slavery, I might take a shot at running as a Socialist just to take the heat off of the Democrat who I will support in the election. Buck has only represented the money interests (the swamp) that has bought an paid for him. He is worse than his GOP predicessor or about 20 years who spent most of her time in office being anti-abortion rather than actuallly representing the best interests of the people in the district. The one who Buck succeeded, now Sen Cory Gardner, is not going to make it when 2020 rolls around because of his unequival support of Trump. The rural people have concluded that the ACA and the expanded medicare is really in their best interests, and do not like Trump’s EO attempts to take it away from them. During the final full term of FDR the conservatives in congress tried to repeal the Social Secuity Act, based on their belief that it was bad for the recipients, so my Conservative grandparents changed parties became democrats and never voted for republican again. Grandma died about 20 years later and still a registered and voting democrat. It is much harder to take away benfits from people after they have actually benefited from them than it is than if the rights had never been granted at all. Trump is shoveling shit against the tide.

  • Tom

    You stay Nancy, your doing a great job for the Demo-Rats!

  • Kim LaMela

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    New York Usually Smart and Strong, Until we had a Mayor and Governor Who Got on TV and Invited all to come to Our Sanctuary City, Thanks to our Liberal Majority, and our last President Obama and the Democrats who Invited Sleepers into our Country. Here is another Reason Americans need to be Aware of,

    Obama Allows Immigrants to Skip Oath of Allegiance to America and Pledge to Defend America

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  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    What is happening in Washington with the Demoncrats?
    It appears they are all going senile at the same time.
    Just look at them, Pilosi, Waters, Wilson, Hillary, they are all wacky!
    Now the Rinos are telling on themselves, like McCain, Ryan, Kaisich, etc.
    Let’s not forget Boener! Must be some heavy duty Kool Aid.
    These are our leaders/lawmakers? Now wonder we are in a mess!

  • Bruce Kellar

    Please stay Nancy. More public speaking would be nice. Those balloons you wear are just perfect and enhance your figure immensely. I just love that stutter stammer thing you do. Stay with it girl, America needs you.

  • kbmiller

    This bird-brained floozy is a great fit for the DumbA$$o CROOK Party. I hope she stays, in fact I’d vote her as Chairwoman of the Party

  • Jmanjo

    She is nothing but a witless witch that has no desire to help Americans! Everything she has ever done was to enrich her and her husband’s business. No one will miss her!

    • Jokel

      She has stolen more than her share. What are the up and coming Democrats going to have to steal? Warren now has millions on a senators salary, figure that one out? They all get there share of rip-offs on a regular basis.

  • Joseph Morgan


  • Independentrd

    Keep Pelosi! She is the best help conservatives can get. Like Hillary, pelosi’s rantings are the Dem’s worst nightmare.

  • James Ruddy

    I love it when a real reporter asks her a real question and see that ‘deer in the headlight’ look on her face when she realizes she can’t reuse one of her talking point statements (that have no meaning) to answer. Stay with it Nancy, we’re all rooting for you!

  • Godswitness

    She is mentally incompetent. She is getting too old and delusional.

  • Joecolt

    Who Better to represent the Democrats then someone with Dementia and Insanity.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Its early but next year they will have a Chia pet to put in your kitchen window. It will grow ferns out of the ears its a Palosi Plant naturally! - 2015 | Privacy Policy