Pelosi Calls Nunes The President’s Stooge

Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader was just interviewed on the CNN where she spoke about the recent decision to make public the private memo which exposes major FBI bias. Pelosi called Representative Devin Nunes a “stooge of the White House” and a vital part of the so-called “cover-up” the Republicans are involved in.

Pelosi stated, “I’m very proud of Adam Schiff and our House Democrats for protecting the integrity of the intelligence community. This is a very big honor that the leader gives to the ranking member, that the speaker gives to the chairman, to be deputized, to protect the intelligence. Intelligence for force protection of our troops, for fighting terrorism and the rest of that. Instead, Chairman Nunes has acted like a stooge with the speaker. A stooge of the White House, at the acquiescence, or maybe the guidance, of the Speaker of the House. This is not about one thing or another. This is about the integrity and the safety of our national security.”

She continued by claiming, “They have crossed from dangerously and recklessly dealing with intelligence to a cover-up of an investigation that they don’t want the American people to see come to fruition, and that is most unfortunate. Now, I have probably longer standing than anybody in the history of the Congress on intelligence. I’ve served there as a member. I was a ranking member in my time there, and then in the leadership as a member of the Gang of Eight. So I’ve had access to all of the intelligence, which Mr. Nunes could have access to, but has not.”

“I’ve seen it. I’ve seen not only the memo and the basis for the memo, but the underlying documents. What they’re putting forth is totally false. And they’re putting it out there as if it is factual and then saying, we’re going to show this to the American people, but we’re not going to show the rebuttal to it by the Democrats. Now, the Democrats have said rightfully. We shouldn’t be putting anything out unless it has been reviewed and redacted by intelligence.”

  • rick meek

    I’m tired of this ignorant beeech………..

    • Steven Earle

      Yea, her own party should tie and gag her and lock her in a closet, thank God the’re to stupid to do that though.

      • Mad Scientist

        Let’s just hope they pay for at the polls come November.

        • Steven Earle

          WE need to do more then hope we need to become activists and confront their lies.

    • Tony

      If Pelosi didn’t shave her beard every morning, you would recognize her as the sister of The Three Stooges.

  • Craig Apelbaum

    Nancy Pelosi retire being a senater.

    • David Koos

      She makes a developly disabled person look like an Einstein. Her Prozac isn’t working anymore. It’s time to put her out of her misery. She AND the rest of the libturds across the nation.

    • dagov

      Before you open your mouth you should go back to school and learn the difference between the House of Representatives and the Senate and then you should explore in which house Piglosi is a member.

    • Terry Bench

      She’ll DIE before she does that.

  • DaveyJ

    Nancy Pelosi is the Democrats Takes of the Crypt Stooge! Really she looks like death warmed over and never has anything good to say about anything! Retire you old hag! Stop pushing your Death Wish for America!

  • Greg Zonker

    Noone wants Pelosi–Not even some democrats. They know she is a liar and if anyone is covering up things it is the dempocraps.

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      Pooplousy is hard of thinking.

    • GoldenGirl2u

      Then why do they keep following her and Schumer, have they no mind of their own as to what is good for the nation or are they too only interested in power and greed?

      • Greg Zonker

        Most of them’
        do not have minds of their own. They will doi antyrthing the ghigher uos tell them do. They tell them what to say, think and do all the time with on,y one thing inb mind–power

  • RB

    Typical of Pelosi and all Democrats, if someone says something that you don’t agree with, call them some sort of derogatory name. Anything will do, “stooge”, “bigot”, or the ever popular, universal term “racist”.

    • pat

      They just have to attack the messenger and try and belittle them with their derogatory remarks. They are all self proclaimed geniuses.

  • Jose A. Jimenez

    Nancy Pelosi sucks on America……

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      That and everything else.

  • Freedom

    The only people trying to cover up this corruption is the FBI, DOJ and Democrats. Wray and his Cronies need to go !! Pelosi needs to be removed from Congress she is a TOTAL DISGRACE!!!

    • GoldenGirl2u

      As do most of the Dems, did you see the witch cracking her whip as she looked around at the SOTU Address to make sure no one was standing or clapping. She had her sheeple in line. There are no words to describe her and the Dems for their disgraceful words and actions.

  • Chuck Kelley

    She is a fine to talk about a stooge. She is Schumer’s stooge. And probably his bed buddy also.

    • Dick

      Even Schumer is not that hard up!

  • DEW

    It doesn’t take very much intelligence to definitly determine that PELOSI is “off her Rocker 95% of the time” In simple terms “NUTS” so WHY would anyone believe a word she says –I believe she thinks her hand and arm waving is “talking” but only proof her mouth and lips are NOT syncronized with the rest of her body ! If I were a REAL Democ— I would request she get the hell out and get some HELP ! dgl

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      I seriously think that her brain and mouth are not in sync with each other. Her brain wave pattern is all flatlined.

    • JohnB

      Put a couple of cymbals in her hands and she’d be like one of those battery powered monkeys from a toy shop.

  • E Scott Hollingsworth

    If I recall correctly, schitlery did more to divulge national security than Nunes ever thought about. Maybe pooplousy is worried that info about her is mentioned in that memo.

    • Gary Smith


    • RC

      Unlike those gutless wonders like McConnell and those Socialists masquerading as RINO’s, McCain and Flakey Flake, Nunez had the intestinal fortitude to at least try find the truth. Good for him! Those people whining and complaining about the memo really must have something pretty nasty to hide.

      • dasbunker

        Don’t forget the traitor the maverick.

  • Eddie

    Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Hillary Clinton should offer to go on a date with Harvey Weinstein. If these three b—— can’t cure Harvey of his sexual predation, no one can!

    • Gary Smith


    • Paul Gregory

      Brilliant ! LOL !!!

  • JC

    do we want this type of uneducated person having anything to do with our government?—NO

  • DonOldGuy

    Equating herself with any kind of “intelligence” shows how out of touch this freak is.

  • Tom

    I call Pelousey Obama’s slug!

    • Gary Smith

      ell said

  • terryreeveshanger

    Nunes was actually doing his job!

  • Fred

    Hey Pelosi, when are you going to get it to that dumb brain of yours, Trump is American’s President. Hillary lost, get over it and start doing the lob you were elected to. Why in the hell you were ever elected is beyond the voters. Since you have been in office you have done nothing for American, expect bitch and cry. You hate everything our American Constitution stays for. You never have and most likely never will support our government. You are to old to be in office, you are senile, arrogant and a bitch. Its’ time you carried your goat smelling ass home and let our government run our country, for the sake of our country.

  • atlcdn

    This woman is pathetic…she embarrasses herself every time she is in public. She is full of hate…I think there is seriously wrong with her mind.

  • Mystralfire

    I find it infinitely amusing to hear her whine that this is a breech of security, yet not one peep was made when Buzzfeed released the “dossier”. By all means, let’s see what their memo states. Please. I mean, it’s childish the way it came about, but I’m totally fine with it.

  • underthewire

    Can any man imagine going home to this woman and having a passionate exchange?

  • Robert Kahlcke

    I would expect nothing less from an operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

  • Bill Giles

    So says Obama’s hag! So what Pelosi is saying is that the people shouldn’t be aware of the unethical practices and deeds that are committed in the interests of the left-wing politicians. Why do the Democrats try to hide everything they are doing? They serve no good purpose to this country!

  • hermwe

    I think Pelosi should stay. She is the gift that keeps on giving! I believe she opens her mouth and stupidity comes out. I think she should run for president in 2020, along with Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, Debra Wasserman Shultz, Donna Brazil, Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Jane Fonda, Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep and a whole bunch more of the brilliant liberal women!

  • silvernotes

    I really am getting sick and tired of Pelosi and the childish tantrums and antics of the Dems. All they have left besides the racism card is attacking people (an Alinsky tactic). See 5, 8, and 12.

    All they are concerned with is trying to keep power…they clearly have no interest in doing what is right for our country. Vote them ALL out.

    • Dirty Dog.

      I agree this is all getting out of hand. They are like children in a playground that just can’t get along and this racism card has become sickening. If we are suppose to do away with racism why are we still using the phase Black and White when it comes to people? Someone needs to tell these people they need to grow up.

  • jim jones

    Nan, Nan you know you need to get back to your regular AA meetings before you start seeing the ghost of JFK again!

  • ARI101

    The more the Democrups protest, the more it is crucial to show it to the American people.

  • big KAhuna

    She’s gonna get her ass kicked big time- long overdue. She was OBamas hinchman in perpetuating the worst Socialistic healthcare scam ever shoved down the throats of the American people-Obamacare! Her finger prints and support for the Worst POTUS in American History ( OBama) will be her only legacy. Her power hungry journey and abuse of her position is about to end. A complete disgrace for her aid in dismantling our Republic and dividing our country. One of the most anti Constitutional supporters in Congress. A total Bitch and she would be wise to retire soon!

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    She is ridiculous as always. Nunes only wants to set the record straight.
    He is merely allowing Americans to decide for themselves where the truth is.

  • Jmanjo

    Somebody please put this jackass back in her pen. She is a liberal loon case!

  • Kent Powers

    Am I mistaken or is she not the Stooge sitting behind Odama & clapping like a not so bright child at all his speeches no matter what he read, There were 3 of them right? Pelosi, reid, Clinton?

  • gideonrockwell

    Pelosi doesn’t even know what decade she is in half the time. Between Crazy Eyes Pelosi and Psycho Waters either member of the Demotard Brain Trust could qualify hands down for Mayor of Crazy Town. Was just watching those lovely ladies on Fox going over the memo line for line, the one Libertard that was among them looked like she had swallowed an unusually large frog and was struggling with an answer for the disclosures. As an aside if you look at those brilliant and stunningly lovely ladies on Outnumbered and then look at those vile harpies on the View, and you were Old Teddy Kennedy, wouldn’t you stay in the bottle after having to deal with the likes of Joy B. and Whoopi G. But I imagine Demotard heads are exploding right now and Rosenstein and Comey are in a corner curled up in a fetal position.

  • Mileaway

    LMAO!!! This Obama race slave and puppet has the nerve to call anyone a stooge? The ENTIRE Democratic party has been a stooge to George Soros! Unbelievable!These people will say and do anything to maintain power over the people.

  • sandra


  • randolph.poole

    Pelosi brings a new meaning to the term, “Disgusting, dried-up old hag!”

  • PPTA

    As far as I am concerned, she belongs in jail for SEDITION. She swore to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States. She has forgotten her oath f office and ties to destroy the constitution. Ad she is not the only one. just read the Memo, Read the dossier that got the Fisa warrant. All about lies and total discard for the Constitution of the United States. If this is what the Democrats have turned into, George Soros has won their party The Democrats are a lost bunch of liars. But my biggest problem with that is, I knw a lot of good people who are Democrats, who have been totally brain washed by these low life beings which t me are not even part of the Huma Race.

  • TruthBeTold

    And you should join the rest of your proganda spouting miscreants in prison along with the media heads who went along with this. You are a terrible danger to all us freedom loving Americans. You are the PROBLEM!

  • Mileaway

    It is hard to believe the Dems can not find anyone better in their party to represent them than a bunch of old men and old ladies that have long since past the point of relevant cognisance.

  • TruthBeTold

    Its way past time for the Demo-gags and their conspirators to be tried, and prosecuted as the traitors and criminal thugs that they are and the party to be dismantled and go extinct.

  • John Richmond

    Dear Ms. Pelosi, I am certain you knew that the information was deliberately false, that what they did was treason. Be careful l Nancy you could get your day in court to defend yourself along with the FBI and DOJ as knowingly withholding information from the Court.
    You called Nunes a stooge well we know you were worse than a stooge for Obama and Hillary, remember your words “let hurry up and pass it so we can find out what’s in it”. Nancy if you did not know what in it were you prostituting yourself to vote it into law? Please retire you have done enough to wreck the American Dream, take you money grubbing and live on a beach.

  • Reggie Smith

    I can’t believe Nancy Pelosi actually said she has intelligence. The release of this memo shows that the deep state, including members of our FBI and DOJ, have been playing the Main Stream Media and American people for fools. The truth just came back to bite them. Perhaps the main stream media will now see how they have been manipulated by these deep state cronies that will do anything to stay in power, and start reporting the truth…..I hope.

  • Tk Matthews

    I think of heer as clinton/obama ‘s runt !!

  • Richard Collier

    She is a stooge of Shumer and also Hillary Clinton and she should resign from the senate

  • SL

    Throw her in prison…sick of Pelosi…..Oblama….and Clintons!

  • barbarakelly


  • pat

    pelosi should take her tired old face and go back to where she came from.

  • JohnB

    Pelotzi referring to someone else as a stooge is pretty rich.

  • RightVote

    Is the avg. age of the Dimms about 80 yrs old? Because that’s what they look like! LOL

  • pFeather

    Pelosi shows once again she is the democrat party stooge. The memo hasn’t divulged any American intelligence information or any intell personnel. The memo wasn’t based on intell info because the FISA warrants weren’t based on intell but on a political document bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton. Pencil Neck Schiff is Pelosi’s stooge and a dupe for Schumer.

  • Frick

    Somebody smack her!!! Would that be the same as calling ALL of the democrats obamme’s/hitlery/sorry soros stooges?????

  • Gail Davis

    Pelosi, stop attacking Nunes. He was Chairman of the Committee and did a great job for the American people. Since the memo came out it puts you and your dem communists including you guilty of trying to get Trump. You all need to be put in jail, then a bullet or hanging, you have your choice. Schiff is a piece of shit because he tried to protect the dem communist party by lying. Even came out with that the American people were too dumb to understand. No, we understand what corruption means and that’s your political party to a core! Nunes is a true American, unlike the nut case you are Pelosi!

  • Daniel Rhoads

    She should resign and become the star of the TV series, The Walking Dead, for she is perfect for the part! By the way has anyone taken her pulse to see if she truly alive!! Actually The Democrat Party should leave her there for it is the best excuse not voting for the Democrat Party and will cause them to lose voters and not keep them!!….

  • Dee

    Be mindful that this is the same addle brained old bit*h that said, of the passage of the deeply flawed Obamacare bill, “We have to pass this bill to find out what’s in it”
    And while politicians do say amazingly imbecilic things,that might be the pinnacle of stupidity.
    Old Nancy needs to check into a mental care facility.

  • bunster


  • tushambi

    I’ve met people who were being treated by a psychiatrist who weren’t as crazy as Pelosi appears to be. She should jump on her broom and fly home .

  • Robert Dimmock

    Pelosi never turns down an opportunity to show her ignorance and how far out of touch with the real world she really is.

  • Steven Earle

    This beach is more dangerous to the dumocrats then to Trump and you would think the leftist media would know it. But no, they just keep on putting more of her sewage out there.

  • ebenezeer

    Nancy why don’t you put out the Dimms side of the story and let the public make a decision on what is true and what is BS.

  • unbridled

    Where this wrinkled up, old war whore gets the nerve to call anyone a stooge is beyond me. She signed the bogus vetting certification forms for the HalfBreed before the 2008 elections. Who’s stooge does that make her? Lying slut!…

  • Mad Scientist

    Coming from Obama’s stooge, that’s pretty funny.

  • Steven Parker


  • Vern Taft

    SO! pelosi is the SKANK of the demoncrats, as is hilary, and her bro. sick ass schumer is tapping that smelly ugly piglet

    • Big K

      Probably true……trying not to get a visual….trying to keep my dinner down

  • Big K

    She’s the one for calling someone a stooge. piglosi needs to go on a 40 year cruise

  • Hans Heilig

    Pelosi please do everyone a favor and just go away. You Democrat got your hand dirty now you want to play the blame game.

  • Wade

    Larry, Moe and Curly combined are not as big a Stooge as briar mouth Pelosi!!!

  • yankee clipper

    And pelosi is the dumbocrats monkey!

  • dlmstl

    We can only hope that San Fran Nan and the likes of Granny Pants, Plugs Biden, Crazy Bern, SOS Lurch and Maxine continue hold the levers of power in the Democrat Party. This bunch plus POTUS Barry have left the DNC coffers thread bare. Unless fund raising makes a dramatic turn around, that hoped for ‘lock’ on the elections this fall may not materialize.

  • lorna shores

    since Obummer is gone, who’s stooge is she? she probably *#*#*# her way to the top!

  • John

    Dear Pelosi,
    Time for you and the traitorous Democratic Party to start saying your good byes. We are tire of your and Shumer. Tell Guteries to go back to Mexico. Your all done and their will be an uprising if your crap continues. We will put all you non constitutional pricks in jail or in Gitmo

  • gene smiith

    stupid stiff faced cud chewing dim witted jackass.

  • Paul Gregory

    This creature should have been committed a looooong time ago ! Desperately trying to cover up her pathetic involvement in it.
    Go Nunes lets have the truth ! Come to think of it …wouldn’t it be bliss if she led the Dems against Trump in 2020 ? Would be total carnage. The Dems buried for the next 100 years !!!

  • Michael Valgos

    Nancy is so demented that she would try to put such a bullshit story that she is trying to pass off. The democrats have been caught cheating the citizens of this country. These are the same people that would have illegal aliens vote, as long as it is a vote for a democrat. These are the same people that cheated Bernie sanders, not that he doesn’t deserve it. Seriously this old lady needs to retire to some sanitarium where she can get some professional help with her withering mental abilities. Maybe they can teach her not to lie.

  • GardenRich

    I think I would rather be associated with the President, than with a bunch of Congressional Stooge’s, like Nancy Pelosi who is a disgrace to our people and our nation. Tell me one thing Nancy Pelosi has done for the betterment of The American People???
    Every time she opens her mouth you never know what will come out. I wrote Nancy Pelosi when she was Speaker of the House about and issue I had with her stance on abortion but rather than justify her position and explain her views, she just sent me a letter stating I do not represent you.

  • James Lovin

    she is the stupid stooge of all Dem,s

  • Dave R

    She is EVIL. We the people need to remove her but California is so brainwashed that there is no chance of that happening. I was educated in a private school, those not so lucky received Brainwash 101. They don’t even realize this. Maybe we will get lucky and that dried up whatever she is will play froggee and croak. We should be so lucky.

  • Ron C

    Well while Nancy is calling out vile names…I’ll call her a whore for the globalist and the John’s on K street…and you may consider retiring Nancy because you are starting to look used up by them…just saying

  • patriot

    who really cares what this has been communist says one finger salute to you nancy

  • Gene Chapman

    Pelosi was the real stooge rember the pass it then will read it later - 2015 | Privacy Policy