Osama bin Laden’s son threat to the West

It was never about Osama bin Laden or Khalid Sheik Muhammad or Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi or any of the thousands of devout Muslim militias, terror groups or the millions of Muslims who support jihad. It’s not about any one man or any one Islamic group. It’s Islam. Period. And until we get a grip on that, the West will continue to lose this war on our freedoms.

Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza is poised to lead a stronger, larger al Qaeda and is “bent on avenging” his father’s death, according to a former FBI agent familiar with the personal letters seized in a dramatic US raid that killed the al Qaeda leader in Pakistan’s Abbottabad.

Look for 60 Minutes, CNN, MSNBC, etc. to avoid, censor or scrub this new story. That, or expect some profile puff pieces from them on Hamza bin Laden and Muslim grievances.


  • Hamza Bin Laden, now 28, told his followers to go on suicide missions in the clip
  • He said jihadis should go for ‘the jugular of the enemy’ in the chilling video
  • The son of Osama is now positioning himself as the next leader of Al Qaeda

By Omar Wahid For The Mail On Sunday,13 May 2017:


In the ten-minute footage, Hamza Bin Laden urges his followers to embark on suicide missions that cause most damage and go for ‘the jugular of the enemy’.

Bin Laden relays his message in Arabic with English subtitles, declaring: ‘This is advice for anyone who intends to carry out a martyrdom operation.’

As he speaks, the video shows pictures of terrorists who have launched successful attacks in the West.

Bin Laden, who is thought to be 28, goes on: ‘Be perfect in your choice of targets, so that you may damage your enemies more.

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source: http://pamelageller.com/2017/05/new-threat-osama-bin-laden-son-jihad-leader.html/

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  • sandraleesmith46

    It’s always been about Islam; but CAIR, especially, and many of the other MB offshoots in the US keep denying that Islam declared war on the rest of the world nearly 1400 years ago, and never called it off! The ideology of Islam is a cancer in the “body” of humanity, that MUST be dealt with as such; aggressively removed from the body!

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