Suspect Caught After Failed NYC Bombing

Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old Bangladeshi citizen from Brooklyn, has been identified as the individual who tried to set off a self made pipe bomb at New York City’s Port Authority bus terminal, at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue, only a short distance from Time Square.

Police have released that Ullah had multiple “low-tech devices” on his person, which included a 2nd smaller bomb just like the one he earlier that day.

Ullah, along with three other victims were taken to a local hospital after suffering minor injuries.

Ullah was “ISIS-inspired,” and possessed several dangerous materials including a “five-inch metal pipe bomb” with batteries attached.

  • TexRancher

    Stabilize him and send him back where he came from! Why should we care for him, feed and clothe him take care of his every need? We can’t kill him until he’s too old to care so deport him now and let his fellow terrorists take care of him with their 7th century methods until he croaks!

    • Terry Butts

      If only that would ensure he would not sneak back into the nation anyway to try again once he healed. Many of the places these kind of terrorists originate actively encourage such terrorist activities against the US.

  • william g munson


    • Terry Butts

      In America it is “prove they are guilty” in this case the evidence is irrefutable the only problem will be liberals trying to make out that some PAST event that happened to him or even hundreds or thousands of years ago to some ancestor of his somehow excuses his actions. Despite clear laws on the subject of the crime he committed in an attempt to commit an even worse crime.

      The media especially when it comes to conservatives are pushing the false doctrine that ACCUSATION equals guilt and the accused must prove they are innocent.

      If America is to survive we can not allow this twisting of US laws where they expect people to PROVE they are innocent and the most HORRIFIC actions are somehow acceptable to retroactively punish long dead people for REVISED History labeling them criminals.

      We also know that if the police had shot him dead while he was trying to kill many others the “no justice no peace” zombies and the media would be there demanding the POLICE be prosecuted for having stopped him with their false claims that if he was “white” they would not have done so as if race has anything to with stopping someone who is actively trying to kill people.

      Besides according to the philosophy of the ANTI GUN groups (including mainstream media) he could not have had any bombs as they are already banned nation wide without SPECIAL government permission to prevent such crimes and he had no such permission. - 2015 | Privacy Policy